Wrist tattoos for women are some of the most popular tattoos and placements that girls tend to go for. Are you a fan of sentimental placements and smaller tattoos? Do you like wrist concepts? Most women find this placement to be delicate and personal, perfect for showing off cute and sentimental pieces. It is also very popular as placement, and a ton of women tend to opt for it. Are you intrigued by it yourself? If so, keep on reading and browse through these 30 options that will suit any girl.

If you don’t know where to begin just know that wrist tattoos are so universal, and their meaning can vary. For a lot of women, adding a name print, an important date or a cute symbol is a good candidate for a wrist tattoo option. You should go for something that truly makes you happy and try out something sentimental. In the end, it is a visible tattoo after all, perfect for those who wish to show it off with confidence to the world!

Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

A piece of information that plenty of you will not like is the fact that wrist tattoos are painful and uncomfortable to go for. There is not a lot of skin around this area, and the ink is disposed right on your veins. For a lot of people this can be unpleasant, so heads up if your skin is sensitive or if this is your first-ever tattoo.

1. Small Flower Wrist Tattoo


Cool and quirky, give this one a go if you like red and yellow fun flowers or cherries.

2. Artsy Black Lines Tattoo


Women who like historical pieces will enjoy this black tattoo. Want to try it out?

3. Green Floral Wrist Tattoo


This green flower tattoo will show your will to grow, learn and try out new things.

4. Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


Butterflies symbolize your fun side and will to travel and see the world.

5. Heart Wrist Tattoo Design


Go for a couple of heart tattoos and dedicate them to someone special in your life.

6. Artsy Magical Wrist Tattoo


This black and white mystical mandala arm tattoo will look great on creative women. It won’t take too much time for you to get it either.

7. Feminine Floral Wrist Tattoo


If you fancy small and quick and simple tattoos give this flower a go. It will symbolize your feminine and pure side.

8. Bird Wrist Tattoo For Women


A bird tattoo and a pop of green will show that you’re someone who likes nature. Does this sound like you?

9. Number Wrist Tattoo


Numbers can symbolize a ton of important events and dates that happened in your life. Want to give this a go?

10. Sentimental Wrist Tattoo


If you’re a family person and someone who respects your closest ones consider this heart print tattoo.

11. Crown Wrist Tattoo


Show that your close person is like a literal queen by adding a crown detail on top!

12. Black Rose Wrist Tattoo


Cool black rose such as this one is for women who like feminine and powerful symbols.

13. Purple Flower Tattoo


This crimson tattoo on your wrist will stand for equality and vibrancy. Show your cheerful personality with this print.

14. Funny Wrist Tattoo


Who doesn’t like ice cream? Show off your fun and quirky side with this wrist concept.

15. Ghost Wrist Tattoo


If you’re a little daredevil and someone who likes cool horror-inspired tattoos why not give this ghost a chance?

16. Matching Wrist Tattoos


You can go for matching wrist tattoos and show your love for sentimentality. If you like tasty foods, this is it!

17. Moon Wrist Tattoo


Cute moon wrist tattoos for those who enjoy celestial concepts.

18. Elephant Wrist Tattoo


Get this little elephant tattoo and dedicate it to your special one!

19. Purple Flowers Wrist Tattoo


A pop of color and these flowers will show that you enjoy staying connected with others around you, along with nature.

20. Numbers Wrist Tattoos


Specific numbers can have their own unique reasons for you. What numbers come to your mind when it comes to a wrist tattoo?

21. Bird Wrist Tattoo


Show how much you love to travel and that you wish to explore the world with this bird print.

22. Black Heart Wrist Tattoo


If you believe that love is straightforward and black and white try this wrist tattoo.

23. Funny Cartoon Wrist Tattoo


Those who were true fans of Lilo and Stitch will like this retro cartoon tattoo the most. Are you still a child at heart?

24. Bright Hearts Wrist Tattoo


Go for several different bright-colored hearts to represent different emotions and love that you have for your close people.

25. Gnome Wrist Tattoo


The gnome wrist design will be super funny and funky. Try it out if you fancy retro ideas.

26. Cat Wrist Tattoo


Cat lovers and animal lovers should give it a go with this tattoo. Want to show your love for your furry pal?

27. Flamingo Wrist Tattoo


Flamingo done in bright neon ink is super fun and cool to go for!

28. Cool Dog Wrist Tattoo


Dog outline tattoos such as this one will look great on minimalism lovers. Do you like retro outlines?

29. Family Wrist Tattoo


Show how much you value your family by getting this wrist tattoo.

30. Lipstick Wrist Tattoo


The cheeky little kiss print is for women who want to look seductive and romantic. Show your sensual side with this red print.
Are you ready to get on with your tattoo? Looking for something that suits you and your soul/preference? This list will help you narrow down your selection and your options. Once you find the perfect design and get past the pain factor, everything will fall in place! Let us know which one out of these options is your favorite, we can’t wait to see what you fancy!

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