Pin-up tattoos are quite the common theme when it comes to getting a colorful and quirky design. Are you looking for a fun and unique symbol that represents a woman in all of her glory? If that is the case keep on reading and discover your best pinup tattoo down below!

What Does A Pin-Up Tattoo Symbolize?

Pin-up girl tattoo designs have generated a lot of interest and controversy throughout the years. In most cases & for both genders, pin-up tattoos symbolize feminine energy, beauty & sex appeal.

Where To Place A Pin-Up Tattoo?

You can go for any placement that suits you that is within your comfort zone. Most people prefer forearm or leg placements when it comes to their pinup girl tattoo. However, it would look good also over your chest or calf placement ideas.

1. Giant Shoulder Pin-Up Tattoo

Great shoulder tattoo for those who wish to stand out and show off their chosen unique arm pinup girl tattoo.

2. Retro American Pin-Up Tattoo

This old-school pinup girl tattoo will suit those who like simple and common tattoos that are representative of that era.

3. Fiery Pin-Up Pink Lady

This big and funky shoulder tattoo will suit women a lot more than men. If you like the color pink and you’re looking for a feminine symbol that represents youthful and brave females – this is going to work well!

4. Dramatic Pin-Up Tattoo

Do you dare to wear one funky and funny tattoo? Foot placements are only for those who like to stand out with their chosen design. If you’re a fan of unusual placements and your pain tolerance level is high, give it a go with this placement and print.

5. Army Pin-Up Tattoo

Go for this old-school pinup marine vibe if you’re someone who enjoys historical pieces. This tattoo will take you around two to three hours to achieve.

6. Powerful Pin-Up Lady

This pinup tattoo is for anyone who likes a bit of color. You don’t have to wear something too complex or big to get noticed with your pinup design.

7. Bright Red Pin-Up Tattoo

Do you enjoy promiscuous tattoos? If so, try out this one that is sexy and flashy, ideal for those who wish to stand out!

8. Scary Red Devil Pin-Up Tattoo Ideas

How about you go with this little daredevil tattoo? This pinup creation with a devil element will show your naughty side. Do you have it?

9. Old School Pin Up Tattoo

If you like black and white ink and you’re into old-school Marilyn Monroe tattoo-like designs, try out this print. It is perfect for old-souls who live for black ink and pinup ideas.

10. Martini Pin-Up Design

This pinup lady will suit you if you enjoy and like funny tattoos. Show your love for a good beverage with it as well.

11. Black & White Ink Pin-Up Tattoo

Thicker pinup ladies can also look good! Test this tattoo design if you’re into your own representation of pinup!

12. Simple Pin-Up Tattoo

Pinup tattoos in this black concept won’t cost a lot of money. If your budget is strict and you’re not too sure what to go for, try out this pinup.

13. Old Hollywood Pin-Up Tattoo

A bit of Playboy vibe to your tattoo can’t hurt! If you’re someone who likes classical tattoos you’re going to love this pinup.

14. Scary Ink Pin-Up Lady

Show your mean daredevil side with this pinup print at any given moment!

15. Loud & Colorful Pin-Up Tattoo

Colorful tattoos such as this one will suit women who enjoy retro old-school ideas. Show your love for color with this pinup.

16. Pin-Up Retro Lady

If you’re a strong and independent girl who likes to show her elegance with our chosen tattoo, this is ideal! Let everyone see your beauty through one dominant tattoo.

17. Feminine Pin-Up Tattoo

This nude-like tattoo will look the best on those who dare to wear “flashy” ideas.

18. Giant Shoulder Pin Up Tattoo

If you prefer black and white ink stick to this tattoo. It will look magnificent over your shoulder.

19. Elegant Feminine Black Ink Pin-Up

Large thigh tattoos are for those who prefer to stand out at all times with their chosen design.

20. Leg Calf Pin-Up Tattoo

This pinup tattoo over your leg will seek and attract looks. Show that you like powerful female characters with this design.

21. Sensual Girly Pin-Up Tattoo

Legs for days! Who wouldn’t enjoy this pinup over their arm?

22. Hollywood Glam Pin-Up Tattoo

The ultimate pinup beauty that most guys and girls are going to appreciate. Stick to black ink since simplicity is in this design!

23. Cat-Like Pin-Up Tattoo

This black ink forearm tattoo will look elegant and sexy at the same time!

24. Watercolor Pin-Up Tattoos

If you want one cute tattoo give it a go with this pinup. Perfect for women who want a delicate design.

25. Pin-Up Tattoo For Men

This large shoulder tattoo will suit guys who work out the best. Show that you like pinup ideas with this dominant creation.

26. 60s Inspired Pin Up Tattoo

This cute pinup girl is a beautiful, quick, and retro design that one can go for.

27. Bright & Colorful Shoulder Pin-Up Idea

Women can also wear sleeve or shoulder pinup tattoos, as you can see yourself with this print!

28. Black Elegance Pin-Up Tattoo

A bit of black magic and elegance will look so lively and lovely in this pinup form!

29. Old Retro Glam Tattoo

This retro beauty and this boohoo pinup will look so elegant and artsy on most women who want a black and white tattoo.

30. Navy Pin-Up Lady Tattoo

Show your retro pinup side with this cute idea. Women and men of any age can rock this tattoo.

31. Marine Pin-Up Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos and black ink designs are playful and ideal for women who enjoy true pinup creations.

32. Colorful Old-School Pin Up Tattoos

This pinup retro tattoo will take you 2 hours to place on your body. Why not give it a go?

33. Pin-Up Lady Shoulder Tattoo

This pinup with a flower image will represent your elegance and pure feminine power.

34. Black Ink Large Pin-Up Cartoon

Make sure that your tattoo artist is skilled enough when it comes to giving you similar pin-up creations.

35. Colorful Shoulder Lady Pin-Up Idea

Lastly, consider placing this shoulder tattoo if you’re a fan of drama. Let the world see you as a creative individual.

Men and women can both rock such unique and beautiful tattoos. Let us know if you’re ready to get any of our recommended designs, we can’t wait to see you rocking a pinup tattoo sometime soon.

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