Butterfly tattoos are a gorgeous masterpiece that you can go for. In fact, these tattoos can be worn by both genders and they’re ideal for anyone who wishes to show off their gentle and calm personality and enjoy its deep meaning and spiritual aspect. You can customize and adjust your tattoo based on your style and preference. The truth is that different colors will stand for different emotions. Keep on reading and discover some of the best ideas down below!

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a ...
What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a Butterfly?

What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Symbolize?

Historically, butterflies have been associated with freedom and liberty. While humans do not have wings, many cultures around the world consider butterflies to be the personification of freedom and flight. Butterflies begin life as earthbound caterpillars and later develop wings. Many cultures have a special meaning associated with butterflies, including Chinese culture, which views two butterflies as a sign of love. In India, some believe that the butterfly symbolizes the spirit of the deceased, which transforms into a butterfly after death.

As beautiful as butterflies are to look at, they can have a symbolic meaning. In addition to being beautiful, butterflies can represent many aspects of life, from freedom to change and love. These traits make butterflies a popular choice for tattoo designs. However, you should remember that a butterfly tattoo design does not have to have a deep meaning. While butterflies are an elegant, feminine design, many of its meanings are purely personal. As with any tattoo, it is important to consider the meaning behind the design and choose a design that is appropriate for you.

Where To Place A Butterfly Tattoo?

Placements vary from one person to the other and their personal preference. For instance, guys prefer bigger designs and those that are placed all over their thighs or backs. Women tend to go for something simple and delicate, as well as minimalistic. This is why you’re going to like placing your butterfly design on your ankle, arm, or leg. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference.

How Pricey Are Butterfly Tattoos?

The price of a butterfly tattoo will depend and vary on your tattoo artist and his or her level of expertise and experience. If you’re aiming for a big, bright, and colorful tattoo you’re looking at a price of $200-$500. Smaller tattoos that are done in black ink will go for $80-$200. Talk with your tattoo artist to get accurate rates.

Black & White Butterfly Tattoos

1. Rib Butterfly Tattoo


Cool and edgy, this side rib butterfly tattoo will suit women who like delicate and sensual placements.

2. Black Butterfly Tattoo


Simple and straightforward, this tattoo will look great for both genders. Give it a go if you’re into black & white gorgeous outline.

3. Forearm Butterfly Tattoo


Women who like cute and feminine tattoos will like this detailed tattoo. It stands for your pure sensual spirit.

4. Simple Butterfly Tattoo


Go for a detailed outline and enjoy the minimalism of this cute butterfly tattoo. Perfect for those who dislike the tattooing process.

5. Foot Butterfly Tattoo


Not a lot of people dare to go for a foot tattoo. Do you? Heads up since it is a painful placement to consider.

6. Feminine Butterfly Tattoo Idea


Feminine and detailed, this black ink tattoo will look amazing on creative guys or girls.

7. Neck Butterfly Tattoo


Heads up when it comes to this giant neck butterfly tattoo, it is a time-consuming piece to go for.

8. Small & Simple Butterfly Tattoo


Cute and delicate, this tattoo is perfect for men or women who dislike the feeling of needles.

9. Butterfly Tattoo With Flowers


Artsy and feminine, this butterfly will symbolize your inner & pure energy.

10. Arm Butterfly Tattoo Design


Such a gorgeous tattoo that can have a powerful story to tell. Heads up since it is a painful design to go for.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoos

1. Pop Of Blue Butterfly Tattoo


The color blue symbolizes peace. Give it a go with this tattoo if you’re cool, calm, and optimistic.

2. Big Orange Butterfly Tattoo


Orange color stands for power and warmth. Show your ”true colors” with this design.

3. Pink Butterfly Tattoo


Small and petite, this pink butterfly tattoo is for women who like minimalism.

4. Green Butterfly Tattoo


Go for a butterfly tattoo and add an important quote to it to make it even more personal.

5. Feminine & Floral Butterfly Tattoo


If you’re an artsy person this mosaic butterfly tattoo will suit you.

6. Yellow Butterfly Tattoo Print


Yellow color is a color of sunshine and positivity, perfect for naturally cheerful guys or girls.

7. Blue Neck Tattoo Butterfly Design


Make sure that you have 3-4 hours to spare when it comes to this gorgeous butterfly.

8. Artsy Butterfly Tattoo


This artsy butterfly tattoo is going to look the best on women who like feminine ideas.

9. Aqua Butterfly Tattoo


The color of water and nature, this print is a must-do for women who like aquatic experiences.

10. Chest Butterfly Tattoo For Men


Bright, colorful, and fun, this chest tattoo is for anyone who likes tribal prints.

11. Colorful & Artsy Butterfly Tattoo


Make sure that you fully trust your tattoo artist before giving it a go with this bold print.

12. Butterfly Tattoo On Arm


Feminine and creative, this small butterfly tattoo is fun and creative, and can suit both genders!

13. Realistic 3D Butterfly Tattoo


Cool, different, and truly realistic, this pink butterfly will look unique and 3D-like if you give it a go.

14. Pastel Butterfly Tattoo


Light pastel butterfly tattoo, perfect for gentle souls!

15. Black & Red Butterfly Tattoo


This tattoo will symbolize your freedom and inner spirit, perfect for both genders.

16. Colorful Big Butterfly Tattoo


Colorful and magnificent, this giant back tattoo is for souls who have their own unique story to tell.

17. Giant Butterfly Blue Tattoo


Blue is a color of freedom. Show that you’re looking for it in your own way.

18. Light Green Butterfly Tattoo


Nature-inspired and delicate, this tattoo will take 2-3 hours to do.

19. Artsy Outline Butterfly Tattoo


Artsy prints and unique outline designs are for creative souls who wish to stand out!

20. Bright Neon Butterfly Tattoo


Cool, bright and loud, this tattoo will take some time to get, but it is more than worth it in the end.

Want A Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo?
Which butterfly you can’t wait to wear and try out yourself? Are you more so into small or big tattoos? Either way it may be we know that you’re going to find one must-have out of the bunch. Let us know which one is ”the one” out of these gorgeous butterfly options. Book your appointment and start rocking it as of today.

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