If you’re looking for a small tattoo, but not sure what to get, we’ve got you covered. We’ve collected some of the most popular tattoos for men that we could find. They’re all small enough to fit on your arm or wrist, which means they won’t take up too much space. But they’ll still make a statement!

In fact, according to a recent survey we conducted through Instagram and Twitter, the most popular male tattoo designs are those that cover just one or two square inches of skin. These include small tribal designs and images of animals like lions and tigers. The second most popular type of male tattoo is an image that represents something important in the person’s life—like their family members—but doesn’t have any significant meaning beyond that. And the third most popular male tattoo design is something that represents their personality or interests (such as an animal they love).

If you’re interested in getting a small tattoo but aren’t sure where to start with your design ideas, check out our gallery below!

1. Small Tattoo Optimist Design


If you’re a positive person and someone who is naturally optimistic consider this black ink tattoo.

2. Yin & Yang Tattoo


Yin and Yang are some popular and common tattoo concepts that guys tend to go for, as well as those who believe in the power of balance.

3. Small Neck Tattoo


This neck tattoo will show your love and dedication to the love of your life and your child!

4. Quote Tattoo For Men


Sometimes you got to be quirky and quite blunt “this tattoo means nothing”, yet you probably thought of it as a quirky design to go for?

5. Bull Tattoo For Men


Show your dominance with this leg quad tattoo. Perfect for men who work out.

6. Small Leg Tattoo For Men


If you’re a tarot lover and someone who believes in magic why not consider this tattoo?

7. Small Dog Tattoo


Those who have a pet will enjoy this small yet sentimental tattoo of their puppy.

8. Date Tattoo For Guys


Cool, sentimental, and geometrical, give this forearm tattoo a go if you’re into meaningful ideas.

9. Small Wolf Tattoo


Show that you believe in your inner power and that you see yourself as a wolf with a beating heart with this tattoo.

10. Diamond Tattoo Design


Cool gemstone design that will show how you perceive yourself and find yourself to be a real gem among people.

11. Nature Arm Tattoo


Nature lovers will like this forearm piece.

12. Small Tattoo On Leg


Show that you have a perspective for anything that comes your way and that you know how to deal with tough times.

13. Pop Of Color Tattoo


This lighthouse tattoo will show that you’re always driven and aware of what’s going around you.

14. Dog Tattoo For Guys


Cute black and white ink dog tattoo which can be so meaningful and personal!

15. Black Outline Dog Tattoo


Go for this outline concept if you’re a fan of mysterious tattoos.

16. Small Music Tattoo


Guys who like and live for music will enjoy this pair of headphones!

17. Zodiac Tattoo For Guys


Anyone who is a zodiac lover and fanatic will like this wrist tattoo.

18. Small Name Tattoo On Chest


Dedicate a tattoo to your special someone by adding a name print and placing it across your heart to show your closeness.

19. Small Finger Tattoo For Guys


Small and subtle, yet this finger tattoo is so powerful in its own way!

20. Stomach Tattoo Small Design


A samurai tattoo done in black ink is for anyone who likes mini and simple art, yet wants to show power in their own way.

21. Small Crown Tattoo For Men


Show your mom how much you love her and appreciate her with this crown design!

22. Funny Small Tattoo


If you fancy funny tattoos and retro ideas this is for you. Show that you still have a sense of humor and that you will forever be a goofball!

23. Boat Tattoo For Guys


A paper boat will show that you still have childish dreams that you wish to follow and that you’re happy with your life and childhood.

24. Behind Ear Tattoo For Men


Get this behind ear tattoo and have it knowing that it has a personal meaning which is unique to you.

25. Small Lion Tattoo


If you are big on loyalty and you want to show it to the world consider going with this tiger print.

26. Ladybug Small Tattoo For Guys


Ladybugs bring happiness. Give them a go if you want to get luckier.

27. Mandala Tattoo For Men


Small and retro, this mandala tattoo is for those who enjoy precision.

28. Cat Tattoo Design


If you’re a cat person you’re going to like this quirky tattoo the most.

29. Small Neck Print For Guys


Neck tattoos are sentimental and showy at the same time. Dare to do them?

30. Funny Colorful Tattoo For Men


Funny squirrel tattoo that can stand for your funny side and will to have fun and stay a child at heart.

31. Quote Tattoo For Men


Fear nothing and stay a tough person throughout your life.

32. Turtle Tattoo For Guys


Sea and earth lovers will enjoy this quirky turtle tattoo idea.

33. Anchor Tattoo for Men


The anchor tattoo is a symbol of hope, stability and peace. Let’s show your love for the sea with this tattoo.

34. Dice Tattoo for Men


Are you fond of gambling or do you like the idea of it? One of the best ways to show it is getting a dice tattoo.

35. Triangle Tattoo for Men


A triangle tattoo is believed to represent the trinity of man, body, and soul. Go and get it.

36. Small Acorn Tattoo for Men


An acorn tattoo is a great way to add a little bit of nature to your body and show off your love for the outdoors.

37. Minimalist Dinosaur Tattoo for Men


Are you looking for a perfect tattoo to show your love for the Jurassic era without getting something too ostentatious? Give a shot to a minimal dino.

38. Small Couple Tattoo


Here is a great way to symbolize your love and commitment to your partner: A couple tattoo with a heart!

39. Small Tattoo for Photographers


Especially if you are a photographer and you love taking photos, this tattoo will cheer you up.

40. Waves Tattoo for Men


Your connection with nature or your need for peace and quit can be shown with sea waves tattoos.

41. Small Four Leaf Clover Tattoo for Men


The four leaf clover is believed to bring good luck to its bearer, so what are you waiting for to get it?

42. Wine Glass Tattoo for Men


Sometimes all you need is a glass of wine after a tiring day and a tattoo to remind this.

43. Small Mountains Tattoo for Men


A mountain tattoo will make you realize your inner strength and perseverance. Let’s get it inked on your body.

44. Stabbed Skull Tattoo for Men


Here is a stabbed skull tattoo that can be used to represent death or loss. You can also get it just because you like it.

45. Small Lion Tattoo for Men


The lion is a symbol of royalty, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement about their power.

46. Small Ganesha Tattoo for Men


Being a Hindu god of wisdom and abundance, Ganesha can be a fabulous tattoo idea for you.

47. Small Trippy Skull Tattoo for Men


Wanna turn your wrist into an art piece? A trippy skull looks quite unique and eye-catching.

48. Small Cigarette Box for Men


A small cigarette box may be all you need to show your love for smoking on your body.

49. Dumbbell Tattoo for Men


Do you enjoy fitness, weight lifting or bodybuilding? If your answer is yes, go and get this tattoo.

50. Arrow Tattoo for Men


An arrow may represent forward movement or growth, which makes it a great tattoo.

51. Small Owl Tattoo for Men


Being a wise creature that bring good fortune, an owl is a great tattoo to get.

52. Bee Tattoo for Men


A bee tattoo is a perfect choice for anyone who loves the buzzing insect and wants to commemorate their love of bees.

53. Small Diamond Tattoo for Men


Wanna get a tattoo to represent wealth, success and prestige? A diamond tattoo is waiting for you then.

54. Summer Tattoo for Men


Sea, sand and sun are all you need from summer, right? Combine these three inside a heart and rock with your tattoo.

55. Small Maa Tattoo for Men


Getting a unique tattoo can help you express yourself better. Let’s do it by a maa tattoo.

56. Small Paw Tattoo for Men


A paw tattoo can be used as a memorial for a lost loved pet. In this way, your pet will always be with you!

57. Patience Tattoo for Men


Patience is one of the most important things in this world to not to go crazy. Get it inked on your body to remember it.

58. Paper Plane Tattoo for Men


The freedom to travel, to explore, and to spread your wings can be best shown with a paper plane tattoo.

59. Small Astronaut Tattoo for Men


Do you like space and the stars? Then give a shot to this astronaut tattoo.

60. Small Crown Tattoo for Men


Why don’t you go for a tattoo design that is a representation of power and authority? A crown tattoo will make you feel it.

61. Small Rose Tattoo for Men


Being a symbol for love and beauty, a rose is always one of the best tattoo ideas.

62. Lightning Bolt Tattoo for Men


If you want to portray a sense of empowerment and invincibility, go for a small lightning bolt tattoo.

Want A Small and Minimalist Tattoo?
Those who prefer smaller, simpler, and more affordable tattoos will enjoy this article. Let us know which one is your top pick? All of these can be customized and worn with confidence. Go for the one you like the most and that suits your character, we can’t wait to see what you fancy.

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