Are you an Aries? Or maybe you know of an Aries? The truth is that a lot of zodiac fans and lovers tend to get this image. It is often worn by big-energy Aries, but you can also give it a go if you wish to show your love and appreciation for your important person. First when it comes to its chronological zodiac range, this sign is all about having fun and forever being childish. If you want to know some fun facts about it and you want to browse through your tattoo options, keep on reading and find more.

What Does An Aries Tattoo Symbolize?
An Aries is used to symbolize and describe your inner wild child and dramatic side. Aries are often playful and wild, which is what makes them so fun to be around, as well as super playful. Guys and girls of any age can give this tattoo a try. In the end, an Aries will describe your true side + you can also use this tattoo to describe your rising sign, in case this isn’t your moon sign.

Aries Tattoos For Men

1. Black Aries Tattoo Design

Try out this arm tattoo and stick to black ink. If you’re a fan of detailed tattoos and straight-to-point kinds, this will suit you. Guys and girls can both try out this Aries concept.

2. Fire Around Aries Tattoo

Did you know that an Aries is a fire sign? If you want to show your love for these bright and fierce fiery signs, why not do it with this tattoo? The Red and orange fire symbol will stand for your determined and wild side, as well as your attempt to show courage and dominance everywhere you go.

3. Aries And Rose Tattoo

If your loved one is an Aries, consider getting this tattoo design. Go for an Aries drawing and add a name detail right underneath it. This will let your other half know that you’re close and serious with them, always ready to talk about your inner emotions and let the world see your intentions.

4. Forearm Aries Tattoo Idea

A forearm tattoo such as this one can look amazing on both men and women. Make sure that you book an amazing tattoo artist who knows how to provide you with precision. This Aries tattoo looks great on black ink, a must-try for those wanting a medium-sized design.

5. Back Aries Tattoo

This type of back tattoo will look great on most guys. Do you work out and wish to show off your physique? This design will look great over your shoulder or back. You will also look like a little daredevil with this creation with big horns.

6. Detailed Back Aries Tattoo

Big and detailed tattoos can be quite pricey to go for. Can you handle them? If your budget is not limited and if you fancy larger ideas, this will look great on you. Heads up since it is a pricey tattoo in the long run, with several tattoo shop visitations.

7. Small Calf Aries Tattoo

Small calf tattoo such as this one is for guys or girls who enjoy minimalism. Not the entire world has to know what your zodiac sign is, right? If you wish to stay true to yourself in one way, this is a good starting point.

8. Aries Tattoo For Guys

Your next tattoo doesn’t have to be too big, bold, or loud. Sticking to defined black lines and a proper outline of your Aries can do all the magic! Cool tattoos such as this one will take 2 hours to do and will look nice when placed on your forearm.

9. Bright Cool Aries Tattoo

Do you want a pop of color? Not a lot of people dare to stand out with their chosen design. Do you? If you want something bright and creative, this circle with an Aries is for you!

10. Aries Tattoo Idea

If you’re not too picky and you enjoy smaller and more precise tattoos, this design will suit you. Try out a black Aries symbol and put it on your forearm. Guys and girls who are all about expressing their character and their wild emotions through a design will like this approach.

11. Cool Neck Aries Tattoo

This neck tattoo done in all black ink will attract looks. It is showy and cool, perfect for guys who wish to show off their smaller or more-so sentimental pieces. Heads up since it is an uncomfortable tattoo to go for.

12. Black And Red Aries Tattoo

Black and red is a fierce color combo to consider doing. If you wish to show that you’re all about fire, this will suit you and your sign! A true masterpiece that will represent your inner and wild side, don’t you agree?

13. Cool Chest Aries Tattoo For Guys

Chest tattoos are super bold and dominant. Guys who work out will also enjoy this creation. If you want something that is secretive and that you don’t wish to show off to the entire world, this is for you. It will determine your fierce and strong-minded spirit.

14. Black Tattoo Of An Aries

The arm tattoo of an Aries and this smaller concept is for those who are afraid of the needle. Are you? If so, try out this tattoo and show it off in black ink. It is super inexpensive to go for as well.

15. Aries Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Just these horns will tell a lot about you + they are super straightforward. Guys who are determined and men who work out will also enjoy both the meaning and size of this design. It is not a time-consuming tattoo to go for either.

Aries Tattoos For Women

1. Cute Aries Forearm Tattoo

Creative and artsy, this arm tattoo is for women who like minimalism. If you’re someone who likes cute ideas and you’re a person who is driven by details, this Aries is a cute print to consider.

2. Aries Tattoo On Arm

Decorate your Aries tattoo with some simple leaves. Women who like elegance and those who are all about fun and pretty tattoos will like this minimalism and leaf decoration. In the end, it will look amazing on your dominant arm.

3. Cool Black Ink Aries Tattoos

Back tattoos are fun and elegant. The truth is that most women can try out this design. Give it a go if you like bigger ideas. It is a time-consuming and sentimental design that will look amazing on those who are fully spiritual and driven by their emotions.

4. Aries Tattoo On Arm

You can always try out something small and cute. Women who want a forearm tattoo will like this cute idea + everyone will always ask you for the meaning behind it, so be ready to tell your story.

5. Colorful Aries Design Ink

If you enjoy a pop of color to your tattoo try out this design. It will look super feminine and elegant just with a super pop of color and these light pastel elements.

6. Aries Constellation Tattoo

An Aries constellation tattoo is for those who wish to stay a bit more mysterious and creative with their design. It is super easy to do and achieve, just book a tattoo artist who is known for his or her precision.

7. Giant Thigh Aries Tattoo

Giant thigh tattoos are super fun. This design is a statement to go for. Girls who like their legs and want a bigger masterpiece will like this pink and blue color combo. Show that you are creative and fun with this tattoo.

8. Cartoon Aries Image Tattoo

A stomach tattoo of an Aries is for those who like secretive ideas. You can show that you’re forever creative and playful, as well as a little child in your heart.

9. Aries Word Tattoo Idea

Just the word Aries can tell a lot about you. Girls who like feminine and creative tattoos will want this one. It is quick and easy to go for, perfect for those who are afraid of needles.

10. Nature Inspired Aries Symbol

If you’re a spiritual and sentimental person who loves plants and planet earth, this will suit you. Show that you’re in tune with your emotions and that you’re creative with this forearm tattoo. It is super affordable to go for.

11. Cartoon Aries Tattoo Ink

Who doesn’t love funny and cute cartoon characters? Women who want to have a retro design and those who are super creative and playful will enjoy this tattoo. Show your little Aries with this small and feisty Aries symbol knowing that not everyone is going to have this cool tattoo as you.

12. Aries Lettering Tattoo

Go for Aries words and letters to make your tattoo super creative. Girls who are natural fighters and those who love to have fun will like adding fire and spicing up their design in this creative way. The perfect tattoo for your wrist as well.

13. Cool Arm Aries Tattoos

Women who like creative and spiritual tattoos will enjoy this symbol. Place it on your arm if you enjoy black ink. The final result shows a person who is driven by precision, elegance, and dominance.

14. Aries Outline Arm Tattoo

Go for an Aries head and just know that this symbol is such a bulletproof option. When you’re ready to rock something that defines you and your wild creative spirit, this is it. Make sure that you stick to simpler black outlines for its full look.

15. Aries Tattoo On Stomach

Lastly, this stomach constellation tattoo is for those who like to have fun with their chosen tattoo. It is a small and secretive piece, perfect for those who like the power of stars and constellations, as well as elegant minimal art.

Want To Embrace Your Inner Aries?
Which one of these zodiac tattoos did you enjoy the most out of the bunch? The truth is that sometimes you can be overwhelmed by these options. However, both men and women can find a design that suits them. Let us know what you plan on trying out in the near future, and where you wish to place it on your body. We can’t wait to see it on you!

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