Lotus flower tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos out there, and it’s no surprise why. The lotus is a beautiful flower that grows in murky, muddy water and still manages to emerge clean and vibrant. For many people, having a lotus tattoo symbolizes the ability to stay pure and clean even in the most challenging circumstances.

Lotus tattoos can be worn by anyone, but they are particularly popular among people who want to show their capacity for resilience — the ability to overcome hardship, grow from it, and still stay true to themselves.

Symbolism and Meaning of Lotus Flower?

Can you believe that the lotus has been around for thousands of years, and what a long journey it’s had?

The lotus was used in ancient China as an important symbol of purity—something that doesn’t stink and is a symbol of fidelity. The lotus was also used in Egypt and India as a symbol of everlasting life. In Greece, the lotus was seen as a sign of fertility.

The lotus flower is native to the Nile River delta region, so it’s no surprise that the flower became such a popular symbol at the time.

It’s hard to believe now, but the lotus flower was once very controversial in history. Ancient Egyptians viewed the plant with suspicion because of its ability to grow even in waterlogged soil. They believed that it could be used as a way to outsmart their enemies by growing underwater, then popping up and terrifying them when they least expected it. The sacred writings in Egypt claimed that anyone who picked one would be cursed with suffering.

Even though there are still some people who fear the lotus flower today, we think there’s hope for everyone—you can use our lotus flower tattoo to remind yourself that no matter what obstacles come your way, you’re stronger than you think you are!

Where To Place A Lotus Tattoo?

Placements are pretty much an individual choice and can vary from one person to the other. If you’re into noticeable and big tattoos that are easy to spot you’re going to enjoy chest, back, or leg tattoos. People who like minimalistic ideas will want to stick to arm, calf, or ankle placements. Although pretty individual and different for each person, you can’t go wrong with your next lotus tattoo design.

How Pricey Are Lotus Tattoos?

Lotus tattoos will vary in their price depending on your placement, size, color, and the expertise level of your tattoo artist. In the end, you’re looking at prices of $100-$350. Your tattoo artist will bill more for complex work and bigger tattoos, while they will charge a bit less for small and mini designs. Make sure to find the one who can meet your budget and criteria.

Black & White Lotus Tattoos

1. Black Lotus Tattoo


Soft and romantic, this lotus tattoo is for those who like delicate ideas.

2. Calf Lotus Tattoo


If you prefer smaller tattoos that are somewhat hidden, consider this calf tattoo.

3. Delicate Lotus Tattoo Black Ink


A black & white lotus tattoo such as this one will take 2-3 hours to achieve.

4. Giant Back Lotus Tattoo


Dramatic and dominant, this lotus tattoo will show that you’re a bold yet honest person.

5. Feminine Shoulder Lotus Tattoo


Show your feminine side and sensuality with this ink idea!

6. Underboob Lotus Tattoo


The perfect underboob tattoo for women who aren’t afraid of the needle.

7. Wrist Lotus Tattoo


Show the world that you’re ready for a change with this cool wrist tattoo.

8. Black Feminine Lotus Tattoo


A Black and white tattoo such as this one is filled with details! Give it a go if you dare and trust your tattoo artist.

Small Lotus Tattoos

1. Pink Ankle Lotus Tattoo


Women will show their pure side with this bright pink lotus concept.

2. Artsy Pastel Lotus Tattoo


Cute light pink tattoo that is going to symbolize your self-reflection and pure intentions.

3. Hot Pink Lotus Tattoo


A bit quirky and different, why not give it a go with this lotus tattoo concept?

4. Light & Feminine Lotus Tattoo


Show enlightenment with this cool tattoo. Perfect for those who like colorful pieces.

5. Lotus Tattoo On The Back


Delicate back tattoo that you’re going to like only if you’re a fan of showy pieces.

6. Artsy Pink Lotus Tattoo Idea


Artsy pink cartoon-like lotus tattoo that you will love if you’re a fan of unique & noticeable ideas.

7. Shoulder Lotus Tattoo


Super cute and feminine, this tattoo will take you only 1 hour to do + it is not pricey either.

8. Blue Lotus Tattoo Design


Cute, colorful & retro, this tattoo will suit those who want to show off their love for flowers and embrace their inner child.

Big & Colorful Lotus Tattoos

1. Colorful Shoulder Lotus Tattoo


Big and colorful, this giant tattoo is for men or women who want to show off their love for nature.

2. Golden Lotus Tattoo Design


Symbolize wealth and manifest richness with this unique lotus design.

3. Mandala Print Lotus Tattoo


Cool and covered in little details, this print is for anyone who likes mandalas.

4. Pastel Color Lotus Tattoo


Retro pastel lotus tattoo that shows great wealth, happiness, and inner peace.

5. Lotus Tattoo With A Name


Dedicate a lotus flower tattoo to someone special and important in your life. Perfect for sentimental people.

6. Purple Lotus Tattoo


This purple lotus will show your great mystery, inner magic, and independence.

7. Dragon & Lotus Tattoo


Add a dragon print along with your favorite lotus power. Perfect for showing your true power.

8. Light Pink Lotus Tattoo Idea


This pink lotus flower will show your romantic and soft side.

9. Artsy Lotus Tattoo Idea


If you fully trust your tattoo artist book this design and give it a go.

10. Colorful Back Lotus Tattoo Idea


Colorful and dramatic, this pastel lotus flower will take you 5-6 hours to achieve.

11. Mythical Lotus Tattoo Print


Dedicate this mythical tattoo to someone special in your life, perfect as a wrist placement.

12. Back Lotus Tattoo For Women


A watercolor lotus tattoo such as this one will look amazing on both genders.

13. Budhha Lotus Tattoo For Girls


Show that you’re in peace and in tune with yourself through this design.

14. Black & Gold Print Lotus Design


A black lotus tattoo with a pop of gold will suit those who wish to attract looks and are all about elegance and dominance.

15. Red & Blue Lotus Tattoo


A pop of red and blue will stand for your inner power. Show that you’re brave, bold, and sensual with this tattoo idea.

16. Lotus Tattoo On Chest


Gorgeous chest tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re into pastel and feminine colors. Perfect for those who like elegant ideas.
Ready For A Lotus Tattoo?
Show off your love for flowers and cute tattoos with one of these options! All of these ideas are going to look amazing for both genders. In the end, it comes down to knowing where to place a tattoo and finding a color combo that works well for you. So, are you ready to give it a go?

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