Tattoos are on the rise again, but some people don’t want to make a huge statement with their ink. Women especially are opting for a smaller and more minimal look that is elegant and not too oversized. These small tattoos are great for women who don’t want to show their tattoo off or can’t because of where they work.

Small tattoos are a great idea, especially for first-time tattoo getters. If you’re interested in these trendy small tattoos, here are a few of our favorites that can help give you a little inspiration.

Whatever it might be, let your inner flame show.

Music Note
A music note by the ear seems fitting and delicate.

Carry a small clover with you wherever you go for luck.

Third Eye
Let love and all the good energy in with a third eye. The outside of the wrist is also a popular spot for these smaller pieces.

Not all tattoos have to be serious.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?


Paw Print
Let your furry friend always be near.

Delicate Script
Small script is a very popular tattoo to get.

Butterflies are always a winner when it comes to a tattoo, they look perfect when small and minimal.

Lady Bug
Have the prettiest of bugs inked on you.

Show your love in the smallest of ways.

A small cat outline is easy work but looks stunning.

Thumb Prints
Two thumbs creating a heart makes a remarkable tattoo.

Japanese Writing
Japanese language is popular in the industry, make sure you know what you’re getting.

Moon tattoos are on the rise and we can see why this pretty tattoo is popular.

Harry Potter
Let your inner bookworm soar a little.

A number can represent anything to anyone.

A fun snake tattoo can be just as delicate as any other tattoo.

Minimal flower tattoos have become increasingly popular.

Star Wars
You can declare your love for Star Wars in a small tattoo.

An abstract piece is perfect for a smaller tattoo.

Arrows can have a lot of representation and mean something to everyone.

Realistic Heart
This takes a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Dream Catcher
Have fun with your small tattoos.

Your tattoos don’t have to be images, they could be lines.

Show your love for your favorite recording artist with a small tattoo.

Nature and its disasters are all around us.

You can always grab a super rad tattoo.

A small cross is a beautiful tattoo.

Pet Portrait
Become the ultimate dog mom with a small portrait.

Puzzle pieces have a variety of different meanings when it comes to a tattoo.

Stars are fun and small, perfect for a minimal tattoo.

Smaller tattoos are great to start with and as you can see, there is a variety of options you can choose from. Never worry about how big a tattoo must be, you can have your dream one in a smaller form.

Underboob Tattoo
If you like detailed underboob tattoos this will suit you.

Amore Word Tattoo
If you like Spanish words consider this tattoo.

Cross Neck Tattoo
Small and perfect for women who are religious.

Cartoon Tattoo
If you are still a child at heart this will suit you.

Angel Wings Wrist Tattoo
Perfect and minimalist, ideal for feminists and religious women.

Medusa Print Tattoo
Anyone who likes Greek mythology will also like this tattoo.

Funny Print
If you are a quirky person and you have a sense of humor this will suit you.

Family Portrait Tattoo
Show your closeness to your loved ones with this tattoo.

Wolf Image Tattoo
Women who are naturally fierce will like this duo.

Butterfly Tattoos
The perfect thigh tattoo.

Small Back Tattoo
Go for your favorite quote across your back.

Two Fingers Tattoo
Show your closeness and love with this duo.

Arm Butterfly Tattoo
Black and simple ink tattoo that you’re going to like over your forearm.

Small Shell Tattoo
If you’re a sea lover this will suit you.

Rose Ear Tattoo
Minimal and simple, perfect for those who want to hide their design.

Present Tattoo Design
Show that you’re always present at the moment with this tattoo.

Purple Flower Tattoo
If this is your favorite color consider this tattoo.

Two Bear Tattoos
Show that you’re close with your other half through this bear tattoo.

Owl Tattoo
If you are an animal lover this will suit you.

Paper Airplane Tattoo
Cute and simple, as well as fun to get!

Sculpture Tattoo
If you’re into old-school historical tattoos this one will suit you.

Cleopatra Tattoo
If you loved old Egypt this tattoo will suit you.

Fearless Neck Tattoo
Show that you are fearless with this ink.

Cartoon Blue Bird
If you are a bird lover this is cute for you!

Society Kills Artists
Show that you’re aware of your surroundings with this tattoo.

Frog Tattoo
Small and quirky, perfect for creative souls.

Lemon Line Tattoo
Show that you like fruit with this tattoo.

Serendipia Tattoo
Simple and straightforward, who wouldn’t like it?

Quote Tattoo
Let the world know that your soul can never die!
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