Tebori tattoos are a traditional Japanese hand-poked tattooing technique that dates back thousands of years. Unlike modern tattoo machines, tebori uses sharpened bamboo or steel tools to manually insert pigment under the skin. This ancient method creates delicate designs full of soft gradients and artistic impressions. The meditative process honors the deep roots of irezumi, or traditional Japanese tattooing.

Getting a tebori tattoo is a meaningful way to connect with old world culture and timeless artistry. The designs frequently depict natural imagery like koi fish, dragons, or floral arrangements. Since tebori requires expertise and time, these special tattoos are more expensive than machine tattoos. The cost depends on the size and detail of the design, but expect to invest at least a few hundred dollars for a basic tebori tattoo from a skilled artist.

Tebori tattoos look beautiful on large areas that showcase the flowing strokes, like the arm, back, thigh or chest. This also allows for bigger, bolder imagery that suits the Japanese style. If you resonate with Japanese art and want to honor a centuries-old tattoo craft, tebori is for you.

Now, scroll on to see 30+ stunning tebori tattoo designs and find inspiration for your own meaningful piece!

1. Half Sleeve Sparrow Tebori Tattoo


Starting from the chest and extending to the upper arm, this is a Tebori tattoo with a background of grey spirals. In the foreground, there are two sparrows and a bunch of autumn leaves. It sounds like a beautiful and meaningful piece of art!

2. Dragon & Flowers Tebori Tattoo


Dive into the timeless allure of a traditional Japanese dragon tattoo with intricate red floral details. It’s bound to grace your body in a truly magnificent way! Plus, it is placed on the thigh and it stretches to the side rib.

3. Small & Cute Neko Mask Tebori Tattoo


This neko mask, shaped like a cat’s head, is a fantastic tebori tattoo option for those who want a small and adorable tattoo. It’s perfect for tattoo enthusiasts looking for a cute and unique ink choice on their arms!

4. Sunflower & Cat Tebori Tattoo


If you’re a fan of cats and sunflowers, this tattoo might tickle your fancy! In this adorable design, the top part of the sunflower forms a cute and humorous cat face. Also, the black waves below the flower adds a bold touch.

5. Flower and Necklace Tebori Tattoo


In this tebori tattoo design, pink and purple flowers have been added to both sides of the chest, and a dragon-headed design that resembles a necklace has been incorporated. We know that it looks a bit complicated one but you’ll shine with it.

6. Cai Shen, Tiger and Dragon Tebori Tattoo


Are you ready to get an epic tattoo on your shoulder? It features Cai Shen in a vibrant red costume, handing food to a tiger, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. And there’s also a majestic blue dragon looking out from inside a vehicle. Go for it.

7. Flowers & Waves Tebori Tattoo


If you’re a nature enthusiast, give this tebori tattoo a chance. Let your love for nature shine through with vibrant red flowers and dark waves. It’s a beautiful way to express your deep connection to the natural world!

8. Tiger Tebori Tattoo on the Forearm


Look at this green-eyed tiger tattoo on the forearm! Done by using Tebori style of tattooing, this tattoo also includes a vibrant sun image on top of the tiger. Give a shot to this majestic beauty.

9. Phoenix Tebori Thigh Tattoo


If you’re looking to step away from the usual dragon designs often found in tebori tattoos, this colorful phoenix tattoo, with its intricate wings, is an excellent choice for you! Its pinky and blue wings are also amazing.

10. Koi Fish Tebori Upper Arm Tattoo 


This koi fish Tebori will transform your arm into a true work of art, especially with its wave like design. It covers most of the arm and the color combo is truly gorgeous.

11. Cute Samurai Tiger Tebori Tattoo


Looking to add a small and cute tattoo to your body? This adorable samurai tiger could be a fantastic choice! Just the portrait is drawn, so it is a minimalistic one. Get it on your calf and shine out.

12. Tebori Cat Back of Arm Tattoo


Have you ever thought about carrying a dancing cat tattoo on your back of arm? This tebori tattoo, with its charming stance, will not only amuse you but also bring a smile to others’ faces!

13. Sleeve Tebori Swan Tattoo


A black background was drawn on the upper arm area with a swan spreading its wings in both directions. Also, there’s a red dot above the swan’s head. Give it a try!

14. Raijin Tebori Thigh Tattoo 


Created for lovers of Japanese mythology, this Raijin (the god of thunder and lightning in Japanese folklore) Tebori tattoo will look fantastic on the upper part of your leg! Plus, a god who plays drums sounds so cool!

15. Shark Tebori Tattoo


If you have an interest in marine life, especially the more dangerous ones, this shark tebori tattoo might be an excellent choice for your guilty pleasure! It looks like there are flames coming out of its mouth.

16. Full Body Judo Myoo Tebori Tattoo


For tattoo enthusiasts looking to cover their entire back with the unique essence of Japanese culture, this tebori tattoo is a fantastic source of inspiration!

17. Flower & Snake Tebori Tattoo


Though this tebori tattoo uses primarily black ink and extends from the wrist to the shoulder, the snake and red flower details look absolutely stunning! Sometimes two contrasting elements can come together to create a harmonious design.

18. Tiger & Dragon Tebori Sleeve Tattoo


This tebori tattoo looks insanely realistic! Wild tiger, green dragon, sunsets, pink flowers, and dark clouds paint an amazing scene. This sleeve tattoo is definitely worth trying!

19. Half Torso Tebori Tattoo


Covering half of your front torso, this tebori tattoo is an excellent choice for those seeking an eccentric tattoo design. The blue Hannya mask and snake details add a touch of intrigue and create a mysterious look.

20. Cute Tiger Tebori Tattoo


Check out this super cute meditation tattoo! It’s perfect for your upper arm and symbolizes inner peace and tranquility. Express your mindfulness and serenity with this charming body art!

21. Colorful Koi Fish Tebori Tattoo on the Shoulder


Love big, eye-catching tebori tattoos? This orange koi fish ink is a stellar pick! Its detailed scales gracefully wrap around your shoulder, making a bold and captivating statement!

22. Hannya Mask Side Rib Tebori Tattoo 


Check out this cool tattoo on the side ribs! It’s got a black Hannya mask in the center, rocking yellow eyes and teeth, perfectly vibing with a green dragon swirling around. If you’re brave enough, go get this ink!

23. Champion Tebori Tattoo on the Back


This tebori back tattoo is worthy of a protective hero. It’s a fantastic choice for enthusiasts of mythological Japanese folklore, paying tribute to the rich stories and legends of the culture.

24. Dragon Tebori Thigh Tattoo


If you’re looking for a tebori tattoo on the thigh, this meticulously chosen color palette and detailed dragon design is definitely worth considering. It’s like a scene is taken from an animation, right?

25. Black & Red Snakes Tebori Tattoo


How about turning your chest into a work of art? Experiment with two snakes, one black and one red, placed side by side, surrounded by fiery red flames! Give it a go now!

26. Full Back Dragon Tebori Tattoo


This tebori tattoo, designed to cover your entire back, is a unique masterpiece of shading and coloring techniques. Isn’t this tattoo so epic? The combination of red, black, and orange colors is amazing!

27. Tebori Sleeve Flower Tattoo 


If you want to combine colorful flowers with Japanese style wave details, this tattoo is an excellent choice for you. There are red and orange flowers accompanied by green ink leaves, which make this tattoo super traditional.

28. Half Leg Tebori Tattoo


Drawing spirals on a black background, with vibrant and striking Hannya masks in front make this tattoo amazing. It also features one mask looking upward and another facing a different direction. Go for it.

29. Munewari Tebori Tattoo


You don’t need colorful inks to make tebori tattoos look stunning. With just black ink, you can get a symmetrical and detailed design like this one. It’s like your upper body is divided into two sections and munewari tattoo design is applied.

30. Wild Tiger Tebori Arm Tattoo


In this sleeve tebori tattoo, striking colors like golden for the tiger and purple for the koi fish have been used to make a bold statement. It starts from the chest and goes up to the upper arm and the tiger looks like it’s approaching its prey.

31. Green Dragon Tebori Tattoo


If you prefer vibrant colors over pale ones, tebori tattoos with lively shades are always a great choice for you. In this tattoo, the vibrant colors such as green, red and yellow are used enhance the dragon and flower details, making them truly unique.

32. Mother Tiger & Cub Tebori Tattoo


This sweet tebori tattoo featuring a tiger mother and her cub not only looks adorable but also serves as a heartwarming reminder of the significance of motherhood. The mother is standing and holding her cub. Aren’t they so cute?

33. Artistic Dragon & Tiger Sleeve Tebori Tattoo


The timeless favorites, tiger and dragon, are featured in this tebori tattoo. If you’re a fan of these two wild animals, this is an excellent choice for you. It’s like they stare each other and get angry.

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