If you’ve ever set foot in my Etsy shop or scrolled through my Insta feed, you know I have a soft spot for traditional Japanese art. Lately, the one design that’s got everyone talking is the Hannya mask tattoo. It’s got this intriguing blend of history and symbolism with a punch of visual drama, making it a real showstopper in the ink scene.

These Hannya masks come from old Japanese theater, where they were used to show a woman turning into a demon because of jealousy or obsession. But don’t worry, it’s not as dark as it sounds. It’s about the power of emotions, the struggle, the transformation – real deep stuff that everyone can relate to. Lots of people getting inked with a Hannya mask have gone through some heavy life stuff, and they wear it as a badge of honor, showing their tough-as-nails spirit and how they’ve pulled through.

What’s cool about the Hannya design is how it’s been reimagined in so many different tattoo styles. One day I’m doing a bold, red Hannya in a traditional style, and the next, I’m switching it up with some soft watercolor or detailed realism. That’s the beauty of this design – it’s old school, but it’s also ever-changing, just like us. Whether it’s a gnarly, full-color piece or a softer, subtler black and gray, a Hannya mask tattoo is always a conversation starter.

1. Colorful and Floral Hannya Tattoo


This mesmerizing tattoo design celebrates the power of color, as it infuses the Hannya mask with life and energy. Showing a female demon, the tattoo uses red color to create a more powerful image. However, cute pink flowers brings a beauty to balance out the intensity of the hannya mask.

2. Hannya Tattoo with Koi Fish


This hannya mask looks like it’s coming out of a dark sea. This powerful and terrifying image is combined with another Japanese culture item, the koi fish. Orange color illuminates the dark image, doesn’t it? Place this tattoo on your arm and shine.

3. Half-Face Hannya and Knife Tattoo


The focus of the half-faced Hannya tattoo is on capturing the haunting and expressive nature of the demon. The design depicts a knife and Hannya’s half of face on one side of the knife. Also, the leaves surrounding the knife are a nice detail.

4. Red Hannya Tattoo on Thigh


Placing the red Hannya tattoo on the thigh allows for a larger canvas to display the intricate details and vivid colors of the design. The color palette and its vibrant colors make the tattoo shine out. Although the Hannya is big, it look awesome on the thigh.

5. Blackwork Hannya Tattoo


This is a striking and bold design that draws inspiration from Japanese folklore. By using black and grey inks, Hannya mask was drawn with a snake surrounding its face. It seems like the tattoo got a darker look with it. Go for this realistic tattoo!

6. Artistic Hannya Tattoo


It’s a tattoo design that features a realistic gray Hannya mask. To add some extra flair, there’s a red light splash on the mask’s face, giving it the appearance of fire. It creates such an impressive look!

7. Cute Cat with Hannya Mask Tattoo


The focus of the cute cat with Hannya mask tattoo is on comparing the innocence and playfulness of a cat with the enigmatic nature of the Hannya mask. The design depicts a cat with wide eyes, a whimsical expression, and a small, intricately detailed Hannya mask adorning its face. Get it on your leg.

8. Hannya Mask & Flower Back Tattoo 


In this unique tattoo, the Hannya mask which is placed inside a big sized flower portrays a captivating sense of passion, while the entwined flower symbolizes growth andrenewal. With its vibrant colors of red and gold, this tattoo brings together the mystique of the ancient mask and the elegance of a blooming flower.

9. Noodles & Hannya Mask Tattoo


The Hannya mask and a steaming bowl of noodles intertwine, representing the fusion of two distinct worlds, the mystic and the everyday. On this noodle cup, Hannya looks so scary with his yellow eyes and angry expression. Go for it if you want to have fun with your tattoo.

10. Traditional Black Hannya Tattoo


Imagine a really cool and colorful tattoo on your upper arm. It’s a cartoon drawing of a traditional Egyptian woman wearing a mask on her head. The design is inspired by the beautiful art and culture of ancient Egypt. It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate Egyptian history and add some personality to their arm.

11. Blue Hannya Mask Tattoo


Here is a Hannya tattoo that embraces the symbolism of the Hannya mask while adding a touch of serenity and depth through its blue color, creating a captivating piece that invites everyone to explore the depths of their own emotions.

12. A Lady with Split Hannya Mask Tattoo


In this tattoo design, a mysterious and elegant lady wears the Hannya mask, symbolizing a complex blend of beauty. This complex blend is also shown in this split mask. As a final touch, the red color create a unique fusion of femininity and enigmatic power.

13. Purple Hannya Mask Tattoo


There is no need to use red ink for all Hannya mask tattoos, right? With its striking purple color palette, this leg tattoo creates a visually captivating piece. In this captivating tattoo, green, red, yellow and purple colors harmonize well.

14. Geisha and Hannya Mask Leg Tattoo


We adore the realistic technique used for this hannya tattoo. The imagery is truly unique, with the artist enhancing the feminine qualities by giving her long and fluffy eyelashes. The lustful expression in her eyes adds to the overall charm of this tattoo.

15. Hannya Mask with Dagger Tattoo


Here is a colorful dagger with some pretty pink flowers around it. And guess what? On the blade of the dagger, there’s a unique twist—a half face of a hannya! It’s like a fusion of different elements that make the tattoo stand out. The vibrant colors and the combination of the dagger, flowers, and hannya create a striking and eye-catching design.

16. Floral Hannya Arm Tattoo


The half floral and half hannya mask tattoo invites contemplation on the delicate balance between fierce determination and the temporary beauty of life, as the Hannya mask embraces the temporary nature of emotions, mirrored by the transient blooming of flowers.

17. Dotwork Hannya Mask Tattoo


In this tattoo, the Hannya mask comes to life through a meticulously crafted dotwork technique. There are dots of varying sizes and densities, forming a visually stunning and textured composition. With its big size, it covers most of the upper arm but you can easily hide it since it is placed on the inner part.

18. Traditional Art Hannya Mask Tattoo


Just a small tattoo can make you look adorable! This red Hannya mask tattoo is done on arm with a traditional art technique. To add a touch of uniqueness, the tattoo design includes yellow eyes and teeth, which can give it a striking contrast and make it stand out even more.

19. Minimal Hannya Mask Tattoo


Do you believe in the power of minimalism? If your answer is yes, this Hannya tattoo is for you as it utilizes clean lines and space to emphasize the Hannya mask’s expression. One side of its face is seen and it creates a thought-provoking image. Plus, it is done on the leg.

20. Neo Traditional Art Hannya Mask Tattoo


Starting from the shoulder and extending to elbow, this tattoo rocks. It’s a design featuring a geisha wearing a vibrant red Hannya mask. The geisha represents grace and beauty, while the Hannya mask symbolizes a complex and often conflicting human emotion.

21. Split Hannya Tattoo


It may be painful to get this Hannya tattoo on foot but it’s worth a try. The imagery is incredible and the split hannya mask placed symmetrically on each foot is a definite standout. The bold and strong line work beautifully honors its traditional roots.

22. Black & Grey Hannya Tattoo


This is a striking and timeless design that showcases the Hannya mask using a black and grey color palette. In this tattoo, there is a beautiful woman inside the mask and all the shading techniques make this tattoo look realistic. Plus, the flames around rock.

23. Hannya Mask Tattoo with Katana


Wanna combine elements of Japanese culture and art in one tattoo? This arm tattoo is truly amazing! It’s a tattoo design featuring a girl’s face with a red Hannya mask. The mask has a fierce expression, with sharp teeth and intense eyes. On top of her head, there’s a katana, which is a traditional Japanese sword.

24. Leaves & Hanya Mask Tattoo


The color saturation of this tattoo may blow your mind! It’s like a unique combination of nature and culture coming together because there are vibrant orange fall leaves surrounding the mask and a black snake slithering around. Get in on your inner arm and shine!

25. Spider and Hannya Mask Tattoo


We have an absolutely stunning twist on a hannya mask tattoo, complete with captivating spider imagery! This tattoo truly catches your eye with its incredible line work. The way the spider’s body forms the shape of the hannya mask is absolutely brilliant, right?

26. Full Hannya Mask Tattoo on Back


We know that only the brave ones can get this tattoo done. Maybe that person is you? This tattoo covering the back features a huge henya face. It looks great with its colored inks and its pastel colors makes it not stand out too much. Because its size makes the mask shine out more than you think!

27. Dragon & Hannya Tattoo


Hannya tattoos are amazing but in this tattoo, things get even more awesome since a dragon is placed! The dragon is coming out from the Hannya mask’s body and these two elements are done by using blackwork technique. The red ink is also used in some parts of the tattoo and it gives a touch of intensity and creativity.

28. Little Girl with Hannya Mask Tattoo


We have never seen a tattoo even more weird than this one! In this arm tattoo, there is a sweet little girl wearing a pretty dress. But here’s the interesting part: she’s also wearing a big mask called a Hannya mask. The mask gives her a unique and mysterious look!

29. Hannya with Snake Tattoo


In this tattoo, side profile of the vengeful female demon, Hannya, is drawn by using the sketch technique. The color palette is amazing with all vibrant colors. The green snake surrounds all over its face and creates a scary look.

30. Colorful Hannya Knife Tattoo 


The way the hannya is incorporated into the knife blade is incredibly creative and bold! In this back of arm tattoo, the vibrant turquoise and pink flowers add a delightful tropical touch to the overall artwork, which we absolutely love!

31. Fine Line Hannya Mask Tattoo


This arm tattoo rocks. What sets it apart from others is the use of a fine line technique, which we really like! The split hannya mask is such a powerful symbol, representing the dual nature that exists within all of us. It’s like a reminder that we never know which side will come to the surface!

32. Small Hannya Mask Tattoo


The mask is small in size and has a captivating red color, which adds to its allure. It just shows the half of the face and this makes the tattoo be different from the others. Get this tattoo on your arm to explore the rich heritage and mythology of Japan in a compact and visually striking form.

33. Bizarre Hannya Tattoo


This tattoo done on the upper inner arm is definitely a work of art. Created using the dotwork technique, the Hannya tattoo looks amazing with its red teeth and textured horns.

So, if you’re looking to make a statement and connect with a tattoo that’s steeped in history, but flexible enough to match your style, a Hannya mask design could be just the ticket. It’s more than just an impressive piece of art; it’s a personal emblem of overcoming struggles and showcasing resilience. And in my book, that makes it one of the most badass tattoos you can get.

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