Patchwork tattoos are a popular choice for those who want something that’s both unique and colorful. This type of tattoo has been around for a while, and has always been associated with rebellion and independence. A patchwork tattoo is usually placed on the chest or arms, but it can also be found on the back or face.

The most common themes for patchwork tattoos are flowers, animals, skulls and tribal designs. The suitability of a particular design will depend on your personal taste as well as how many tattoos you already have in total. It is important that the artist has experience customizing all sorts of designs so that you get exactly what you want from your patchwork tattoo.

If you are ready, keep scrolling because we’ve listed some of the best patchwork tattoo designs for you!

1. Traditional Art Patchwork Tattoo

Trad is all about creating a living piece of art on the body. With this trad tattoo that involves an eagle and playing cards, you’re gonna shine.

2. Skeleton and Flower Patchwork Tattoo

This tattoo is a unique look that’s sure to get you noticed. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd of tattoo designs, but still wants their tattoo to be stylish and fun.

3. Nature Theme Patchwork Tattoo

Owl skull tattoos are usually used to represent death or the afterlife, or to symbolize wisdom. If you want a patchwork tattoo, add some details like flowers and butterflies to give your tattoo a nature effect.

4. Upper Body Patchwork Tattoo

Wanna cover up your upper body with a gang patchwork tattoo? A gang tattoo can mean a lot of different things, depending on the culture and history of the gang you’re looking at.

5. Darth Vader Patchwork Tattoo

Here is a very common and popular design choice for Star Wars fans, who love the idea of combining their love for the classic sci-fi franchise with their passion for tattoos.

6. Black & Red Traditional Patchwork Tattoo

It’s a fantastic blend of traditional and modern influences, and the design is so unique. A tiger, lady head, snake and dragon will make you look super cool.

7. Flower Patchwork Tattoo

Here is a great design because it’s subtle, but still has a lot of detail. The flowers are all different sizes and shapes, and they’re all laid out in a neat way.

8. Coffee Injection Patchwork Tattoo

Coffee injection is a type of tattoo where the artist uses a syringe to inject coffee into the skin, creating a dark and gritty tattoo.

9. Angel Patchwork Tattoo

A patchwork tattoo with an angel is a tattoo that symbolizes the healing process of your grief and loss. Plus, the stars are ready to make your tattoo shine.

10. Medieval Theme Patchwork Tattoo

Are you ready to turn your upper legs into an art piece? Oni mask on the right represents the Japanese demon of the same name. The face itself is a mask, and it is usually worn by a person who is playing the role of an oni.

11. Vegetables Patchwork Tattoo

Let’s have a tattoo that involves the placement of vegetables on the body in a way that makes them look like they are growing out of it.

12. Warrior Theme Patchwork Tattoo

It’s time to represent the warrior within you. It shows that you are strong, brave and courageous.

13. Cheerful Patchwork Tattoo

A strawberry patchwork tattoo is a great way to show your love for strawberries and the simple things in life. Combine it with some other plants to shine.

14. American Traditional Patchwork Tattoo

Here is an American traditional tattoo that uses a variety of different styles and patterns to create a unique design. It typically features a lot of color and bold lines.

15. Elaborated Patchwork Tattoo

When you look at this body, the tattoos may look super complicated. However, if you check every detail that is used in each tattoo, you will be amazed.

16. Patchwork Tattoo on Legs

If you get a patchwork tattoo on your legs and add a portrait especially, it can be a way to express your appreciation for your family and friends, or to honor someone who’s passed away.

17. Disney Patchwork Tattoo Design

This colorful Disney patchwork tattoo is adorable! Every small tattoo in this design shows a different Disney movie, so let’s go and get it.

18. Mermaid Patchwork Tattoo

The tattoo above represents being free from your fears and worries, and having the courage to go after what you want in life. It’s also a reminder to take care of yourself.

19.Full Arm Patchwork Tattoo

Full arm black patchwork tattoo is the most common style of sleeve tattoo. It’s a great way to cover up a lot of skin, and it’s relatively easy to do. Just make sure that you like the design in order not to regret later.

20. Cartoon Animals Patchwork Tattoo Design

Firstly, the color palette used in this tattoo is fabulous! It’s a great way to show off your love of scorpions and sharks or it can just be an awesome piece of art that you want to put on your body.

21. Seagull and Snail Patchwork Tattoo

The seagull and snail tattoo is a great example of patchwork art. It’s so intricate, and the little details make it look like you could just reach out and touch them.

22. Realistic Animal Patchwork Tattoo

Wonderful! The animal patchwork tattoo is a great way to show off your love of animals and nature. The snake, eagle and tiger are all great choices.

23. Small Patchwork Tattoo

Why don’t you try out a line patchwork tattoo which is created with an angel, scary face, snake and heart with a sword. Let’s go and have them inked on your body.

24. Memorial Patchwork Tattoo

Tarot card tattoos are used to represent how the person feels about themselves and their life, or it can be a way to show their love for tarot cards.

25. Forest Patchwork Tattoo

Are you a nature lover? A fox, squirrel, raccoon and owl will show your love of fauna and mushrooms will show your love of flora with some leaves and plants.

26. Japanese Art Patchwork Tattoo

The most common type of traditional Japanese art tattoo was based on the Hannya mask and Tengu mask. Today, these designs are still very popular among tattoo artists.

27. Rock’n Roll Patchwork Tattoo

Another good thing about patchwork tattoos is that it can be used to cover up a scar or other imperfection on your body. Go and get it.

28. Skull Patchwork Tattoo

Skulls are a classic symbol of rebellion and power, so if you’re looking for a way to make a statement, skull patchwork tattoos are definitely the way to go.

29. Old School Patchwork Tattoo

Old school patchwork tattoos are known for their bold, block-style designs. They usually feature simple shapes and patterns, like stripes or stars. The tattoos themselves are usually black in color, but they can also contain other colors.

30. Quirky Patchwork Tattoo

If you are not sure about which tattoo to get, different types of tattoos can be placed on your arm as a patchwork tattoo. A stitch, wizard, moon, skeleton with wings, cat head, tongue, 666, folding knife, gorillas character, alien panther is used above.

31. Artistic Patchwork Tattoo

Those who like cover up sleeve tattoos should definitely go for the patchwork tattoo above. It may look confusing but when you look at the whole work, it is adorable.

32. Vivid Patchwork Tattoo

The lava lamp is a unique piece of art that consists of two parts: a glass container filled with colored water and wax beads. Combine it with a rainbow and caterpillar to have a cute and vivid colored tattoo.

33. Gothic Patchwork Tattoo

Wanna get a patchwork tattoo that focuses on horror? This dark themed tattoo will make you feel like you are a gothic king or queen.

If you’re looking for a tattoo idea that’s unique and colorful while still being rebellious, a patchwork tattoo might be perfect for you. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

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