Ever heard of the Namakubi tattoo design? Are you someone who likes and enjoy scarier ideas and tattoos that are a bit different, bloody, or pretty straightforward and attention-seeking? If so, keep on reading as we talk about all the different Namakubi ideas that will interest fierce guys or girls.

1. What Does Namakubi Mean?

A Namakubi tattoo is a severed head. This is also its best and literal translation. The style itself is usually done in the Japanese style of tattooing, and it is a popular method in Japanese culture. The tattoo itself can represent and show a warrior, as well as someone who has had ups and downs, as well as a “bloody” quest or life path.

2. Who Can Get Namakubi Tattoos?

Anyone can go for this bold and retro concept. The Namakubi is a tattoo that is usually done by those who prefer and are not afraid of red ink and a pop of fake blood to their designs. The print itself is a bit mystical-looking or scary, meaning that it might not be the most feminine or ladylike tattoo that one can go for.

3. What Is A Price For This Design?

Expect to pay around $100 for a small tattoo. Bigger designs that are done across your chest or back can go all the way up to $400. The final price point will vary a lot and depend on the reputation and expertise level of your tattoo artists.

1. Giant Thigh Black Ink Namakubi Tattoo


Heads up when it comes to this giant thigh tattoo, it will take some time to get it right. Around 20 hours in total.

2. Namakubi Tattoo Colorful Over A Leg


A colorful Namakubi tattoo such as this one will be quite pricey to go for.

3. Retro Cartoon Namakubi Tattoo


This bright Namakubi tattoo will look good on those who like cartoon-like characters.

4. Detailed Namakubi Tattoo


Experiment with this black, red & white color combo if you enjoy unique concepts.

5. Namakubi Tattoo On Neck


Only some men can go for neck tattoo placements. Do you dare to wear this?

6. Big & Colorful Namakubi Tattoo


A big colorful leg tattoo such as this one will take you 10+ hours to achieve, so heads up!

7. Unique & Artsy Namakubi Tattoo


Make sure that you book the best tattoo artist when it comes to this Namakubi print.

8. Forearm Namakubi Tattoo


This medium-sized tattoo is shockingly beautiful. Give it a go if you like a pop of color.

9. Giant Artsy Namakubi Tattoo


This design will symbolize your inner power and showy persona.

10. Half A Sleeve Namakubi Tattoo


Start out with a half-sleeve Namakubi and see how and where it takes you as time goes on.

11. Colorful Thigh Namakubi Tattoo


Thigh tattoos are a bit painful to go for, so heads up before booking your artist.

12. Colorful Leg Namakubi Tattoos


Such a realistic, lively & 3-D pattern that will look phenomenal on anyone!

13. Scary Red Namakubi Tattoo


If you want that scary and horror-like vibe to your design, consider this print.

14. Black Head Namakubi Tattoo


The black pattern of a Namakubi will look scary and bold. Want to give it a go in this form?

15. Red Head Namakubi Tattoo


Give your tattoo a pop of red color since it will look a lot more dramatic and bloody-like.

16. Small Red Namakubi Tattoo


Go for a mini tattoo and enjoy this concept if you are a low-key person.

17. Yellow & Black Namakubi Tattoo


Show your artsy persona and add a funky pop with this Namakubi pattern.

18. Namakubi Tattoo For Men


Guys who work out and men who have bigger legs and masculine figurines will enjoy this tattoo.

19. Black & Red Duo Namakubi Tattoo


Make sure that you have 4-6 hours to spare when it comes to this tattoo.

20. Detailed Scary Black Ink Namakubi Tattoo


If you want to pay a bit less money, stick with black and white ink for your Namakubi tattoo!

21. Artwork Namakubi Tattoo


This artwork will take some time to master. You should spare 4-8 hours in most cases.

22. Namakubi Tattoo On Stomach


Stomach tattoos are quite painful to go for. However, this one will tell a fun story.

23. Thigh Placement Namakubi Tattoo


This Namakubi will show your bold side and will to conquer it all!

24. Small Namakubi Tattoo On Leg


Men will like this black ink tattoo over their legs. It is simple yet quite pretty.

25. Namakubi Tattoo On Foot


Foot tattoos are painful since they are placed right next to your bone. This one is for low-key and private souls.

26. Artsy Cartoon Namakubi Tattoo


Artsy tattoos and this Namakubi are for souls who love creative artsy cartoon ideas!

27. Big Stomach Namakubi Tattoo


Men will prefer this tattoo a bit more than women. Stick to this giant pattern if you have a unique story to tell.

28. Calf Namakubi Tattoo


Go for a calf placement since it is a bit more discreet yet it can show the beauty of your chosen design so easily.

29. Namakubi Tattoo For Men On Calf


Pastel colors are a common choice by women. Want to give it a go?

30. Red & Blue Namakubi Tattoo


Hot red and a pop of blue will make such a huge contrast yet a pretty picture!
Play With This Concept Now!
So, do you dare to wear a Namakubi tattoo? Which one design from our list is your ultimate must-try and go-to? Let us know where you stand and how brave and bold are you. We can’t wait to see you representing something from this list.

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