Sternum, or underboob, tattoos are on the rise with popularity, and we can see why. They are great if you need to keep a tattoo hidden but like to show them off during your personal time. This type of tattoo has become more popular with celebrities, which is probably why your favorite tattoo artist is doing more of them. A heed of warning though, a sternum tattoo is not for beginners and can be a pretty intense tattoo for the inexperienced.

If you’re wondering, a sternum tattoo is typically done on the ribs and sternum, also known as the underboob. The sternum is a flat, long bone that is at the center of your ribs and it helps hold your torso together. The bone is strong, so a tattoo needle won’t affect it but it can be painful. While there is no specific meaning to a sternum tattoo, the tattoo of your choice might have a special meaning to you.

Here are some of our favorite sternum tattoos if you’re considering getting one.

1. Floral
Flowers make for a stunning but simple tattoo.

2. Dragonfly
If dragonflies bring you joy, get a tattoo.

3. Lotus
A lotus flower with crystals is a stunning tattoo that works perfect with a sternum.

4. Celestial
Show your celestial nature with this cool tattoo.

5. Bird
This birdcage tattoo is unique and beautiful.

6. Planets
Let the planets align with your own sternum tattoo.

7. Sun and Moon
Sun and moon tattoos are insanely popular and we can see why.

8. Bee
Go for a more minimal look with a simple bee.

9. Mandala
Mandalas are beautiful and make for the perfect sternum tattoo.

10. Medusa
Your sternum tattoo can be your own special thing.

11. Lemon
This cute lemon is perfect for a small tattoo.

12. Lines
If you want a smaller, minimal tattoo, go for a clean looking line tattoo.

13. Bat
If you wanted a head turner of a tattoo, go for this beautiful bat piece.

14. Knife
A knife and flower tattoo is a classic and looks amazing.

15. Butterfly
Let your wings soar with this stunning butterfly piece.

16. Easy Mandala
If you’re not ready for a full mandala, try this simpler one.

17. Moth
Moths can represent a lot, choose your own meaning with one.

18. Snake
Snakes make for a cool and beautiful sternum tattoo.

19. Wolf
Wolves can represent a lot, so let your inner wolf shine.

20. Tiger
Tigers are always a popular go to with tattoos, so try it out with a sternum piece.

21. Skull
You can’t go wrong when you choose a skull for your next tattoo.

22. Dimensional
Dimensional tattoos are popular and work so well with sternum pieces.

23. Simple Flower
This sternum tattoo is simple but stunning.

24. Double Vajra
This vajra tattoo is sleek and gorgeous.

25. Plant
If you’re a proud plant mom, then show it off.

26. Sailor Moon
You can show your love for you favorite anime with a cool sternum tattoo.

27. Rose
This classic rose tattoo fits perfectly with a sternum tattoo and looks beautiful.

28. Sunflower
Sunflowers represent loyalty, the perfect image for a tattoo.

29. Heart
Wear you heart on your sleeve, or sternum with this tattoo.

30. Watercolor
Take the watercolor trend to your sternum tattoo for a beautiful mural.

31. Sun
A minimal sun looks great for a tattoo.

32. Eye
The eyes are the window to the soul, so why not get a tattoo of one.

33. Crystal
If you wanted a smaller sternum tattoo, go for a classic crystal.

34. Dandelion
This floating dandelion looks gorgeous.

35. Colorful
This colorful crystal and moon tattoo screams cute.

36. Rose Print
Cute and perfect to place under your boobs!

37. Flying Bird
Your sternum tattoo can make a fun story. Spread your wings and show your adventurous side.

38. Mushroom Tattoo
Quirky and unusual, perfect for younger women!

39. Mysterious Print
Show your spiritual side with this black ink tattoo.

40. Simple Flowers
Go for some cool and cute little flowers if you are a minimalist.

41. People Dancing
Show your creative side with these characters.

42. Scary Horror Print
If you are a movie junkie you’re going to enjoy this scary-horror tattoo.

43. Plant Flower Tattoo
If you are a plant lover and you love nature this tattoo will suit you.

44. Black Ink Butterfly Tattoo
Girls who like feminist looks and sensual ideas will like this look.

45. Mandala Sternum Tattoo
Heads up since this tattoo can be painful and time-consuming.

46. Mysterious Bat Tattoo
Show your dominance with this bat design.

47. Rose Floral Tattoo
Simple and elegant, who wouldn’t love it?

48. Quote Sternum Tattoo
Go for a favorite quote and something that you really love across your chest.

49. Mystical Moon
Spiritual women will enjoy this print.

50. Red Scary Movie
If you loved Scary Movie this tattoo is for you!

51. Bug Sternum Tattoo
If you’re not afraid of bugs you’re going to like this tattoo.

52. Colorful Butterfly
If you like colorful tattoos this will suit you.

53. Tiger Tattoo
Show your fierce dominant side with this chest tattoo.

54. Mysterious Fire Tattoo
Show your inner fire with this tattoo.

55. Lotus Flower Tattoo
Small and minimalist, perfect for every girl.

56. Several Roses
Each rose can represent someone special and important in your life.

57. Two Fish Sternum Tattoos
Show your connection to someone important with this fishy tattoo.

58. Black Bug
Heads up since this design can be time-consuming to go for.

59. Mask Chest Tattoo
If you’re naturally gifted with acting this tattoo will suit you.

60. Floral Butterfly
If you’re a sensual diva this tattoo will suit you.

61. Bat Tattoo Sternum Design
Bats are unique, want to give them a go?

62. Black Ink Flower
This tattoo can look good on any girl.

63. Sternum Butterfly Tattoo
A pop of blue will look amazing across your chest!

64. Elegant Black Tattoo
If you’re mystical and spiritual this will suit you.

65. Dragonfly Tattoo
Show your bold side and love for mysterious beings, this is perfect for you!

Final words
There are many reasons why you might consider getting underboob tattoos. Maybe you’re a fan of the way this area of your body looks, and you want to show off your assets with some gorgeous ink. Maybe you’re looking for a way to express yourself and make a bold statement.

Perhaps you’ve seen the pictures on Instagram: a tattoo artist bent over a client, concentrating hard, as they deftly create an image that runs just under the curve of her breast. The look is hot—and it’s also not for everyone. If you’re considering getting underboob tattoos yourself, here are some things to keep in mind.

Make sure you’re okay with showing your ladybits. These tattoos are right up against your boobs, so if you’re not comfortable showing off your breasts for more than a few seconds at once, this probably isn’t the look for you.

Keep in mind your future body shape changes. Underboob tattoos can look fantastic when you’re young and fit and haven’t had children, but consider that your body will change over time (sometimes in ways unexpected), and women who have had children often find their underboob tattoos don’t look quite the same as they did before pregnancy.

Think about when and where you’ll be able to show them off. If you work in a conservative office that requires strict dress codes or other restrictions on self expression, consider whether you’ll actually be able to show off your new ink regularly enough to feel like it was worth the cost and pain involved in getting one done.

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