Mythological tattoos can make for some amazing ink. That tattoo can represent something very personal to you, or it can be an image of something you find profoundly cool. It doesn’t matter why you want to get a mythological tattoo, all that matters is that you love it and are prepared to keep it with you forever.
If you like the idea of a mythological tattoo, here are some of our favorites that really stand out.

1. Cat

Turn your pet into a mythological creature.

2. Greek God

Having a Greek God tattooed on you doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

3. Medusa

Make Medusa a little less scary with tons of color.

4. Athena

Athena is an amazing tattoo to invest in.

5. Griffin

Griffins are cool to look at and are beautiful tattoos.

6. Fenrir

This tattoo breaths gorgeous details.

7. Mermaids

Mermaid tattoos can be darker if you want.

8. Unique

Your mythological tattoo can be as unique as you.

9. Demon

This demon tattoo is different and amazing.

10. Odin

A big Odin tattoo is a great mythological piece.

11. Anubis

Anubis is a stunning tattoo you can get.

12. Icthyocentaur

Any mythological creature will turn into an amazing piece.

13. Solar System

A solar system with Sisyphus is a beautiful tattoo.

14. Phoenix

A phoenix is a great tattoo for representation.

15. Scarab

A scarab tattoo is unique and stunning.

16. Centaur

You can make our centaur tattoo your own.

17. Cerberus

Let Cerberus protect you.

18. Poseidon

The water God is a great tattoo for a mythological piece.

19. Goddesses

Goddesses make for a beautiful tattoo.

20. Dragon

You can’t have a mythological tattoo with a dragon.

21. Spartan

Let you true warrior shine.

22. Thor’s Hammer

You don’t need a portrait for your mythological piece.

23. Icarus

Use shapes to make your tattoo look spectacular.

24. The Caduceus

Have a tattoo that represents a new beginning.

25. Large Piece

Your mythological piece can be a large piece that you can always add more to.

26. Octopus

They might not seem lie a mythological piece, but they are.

27. The Helm of Awe

Your mythological piece can be a nice symbol.

28. Artemis

Artemis is always a stunning tattoo to get.

29. Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus makes for a beautiful piece that can be any size.

30. Trident

This Trident tattoo is amazing and perfect for sizing with other tattoos.

31. Yggdrasil

Moon phases mean a lot in mythology.

32. Hippocampus

A hippocampus makes for a unique and stunning tattoo.

If you love mythology, then get a cool piece tattooed on you. There are a wide variety of styles you can choose from and it is easy to make it your own style and add your own flair to it.

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