Bats have long been seen as mysterious creatures of the night, often associated with darkness, death, and the occult. However, they can also symbolize positive traits like intuition, transition, and rebirth. Getting a bat tattoo can signify an affinity for the night, an ability to navigate the unknown, or a personal connection to the symbolism of bats. This nocturnal mammal makes for an eye-catching tattoo design that works in a variety of styles.

When planning your bat tattoo, consider placement that highlights the wingspan. The back, chest, and upper arms allow space to depict the bat in flight. A forearm or calf tattoo centers the focus on the bat itself. Opt for a large, detailed piece to capture finer details like the furry texture or an intricate background. Or keep it simple with a small minimalist silhouette. Black ink is classic, but colored bats can also make vibrant tattoo designs. Be sure to find an artist experienced in the tattoo style you prefer.

Now, scroll down to see 30 amazing bat tattoo ideas ranging from realistic to abstract!

1. Bat and Crescent Arm Tattoo

This upper arm tattoo features a spiral path going from top to bottom. At the very top, there’s a majestic crescent moon and towards the bottom, there are two big and two small bats. Also, a delicate cross drawn with fine lines looks amazing!

2. Darkwork Bat Tattoo

If you prefer darker tattoos, this one is for you! This cool bat tattoo is inked in a flying pose, made using the darkwork technique! It’s placed on the arm.

3. Floral Bat Knee Tattoo

Bat tattoo right on top of the knee! Perfect for those who adore floral tattoos, as this one features a bat with its wings spread open, revealing cute flower patterns within. The body is outlined with bold lines.

4. Bat-Lady Thigh Tattoo

Here is a thigh tattoo that you’ll love. In this bat design, a personality has been given to the creature, portraying a woman. She has wavy red hair flowing between her ears and her makeup is super dark splendid. There’s also a sparkle right on her forehead.

5. Scary Bat Hand Tattoo

A spooky bat tattoo has been inked on hand. We just the face of the bat with various shadow effects and lines to add depth. That’s why the tattoo looks so realistic!

6. Colorful Bat and Firefly Tattoo

The bat above is totally rocking a blue head and shades of purple all over its body. And it’s like holding a jar filled with fireflies in its belly, almost like it’s hiding something super cool.

7. Gorgeous Bat Side Rib Tattoo

A big, impressive bat with wings may be all you need for your next tattoo. The wings might be torn in a cool way, giving the tattoo a bit of a spooky and mysterious vibe. So, a fearsome and eye-catching bat friend will permanently hang out on your side if you get this tattoo.

8. Traditional Bat Portrait Arm Tattoo

Instead of a real bat, there’s a cool back of arm tattoo! It’s the bat’s face, like a portrait. Not a realistic bat, more like an animated one. The eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are outlined with bold black lines, and red ink is used for depth.

9. Big Size Bat Back Tattoo

Covering the upper back, this big bat tattoo will make you shine out. Its feathers and wing stripes look super realistic. The bat is looking to the left, holding a jar with red liquid that looks kind of poisonous!

10. Coffin & Bat Traditional Art Tattoo

This is a bat tattoo placed on the front part of the forearm. It’s a cool tattoo made using traditional tattoo art. Inside a red coffin, there’s a bat waiting. The use of black and gray inks is stunning.

11. Bat Witch Thigh Tattoo

How about a bat witch lady? The witch is wearing a red-stringed hat that matches her makeup. And around her, there are a few bat silhouettes flying around. Sounds like a magical and spooky design!

12. Cheerful and Colorful Baby Bat Tattoo

Imagine a cute little bat tattoo that looks like it jumped out of a cartoon!  Its wings have the colors of a rainbow, and its body is a mix of pink and purple shades. Isn’t it super adorable?

13. Gothic Bat Leg Tattoo Design

Wanna go for a gothic bat tattoo? Here it is. It is right below the knee. It’s like a skeleton bat because its skull and body look like a skeleton. Plus, it has a cross sign on its forehead.

14. Little Bat Flail Tattoo

Let’s get creative with a flail tattoo. What makes this leg tattoo interesting is that the flail is made up of a cute baby bat. Take pink cheeks and add a cute little bat. That’s the vibe!

15. Turquoise Bat Thigh Tattoo

Placed on the side thigh, this tattoo design is amazing. It’s a bat with wings spread wide, seen from above. It has shades of light and dark turquoise, creating a beautiful depth effect.

16. Shady Bat Arm Tattoo

To show the wild side of a bat, this tattoo design is a great idea. This bat is drawn with shady effects and it spreads its wings wide. Get ready to rock that edgy look!

17. Vlad the Impaler and Bats Tattoo

Right under Vlad the Impaler’s tattoo, there’s a skull drawn! But what takes the tattoo to a whole new level is the bats flying around Dracula! They make it super cool and mysterious.

18. Traditional Bat & Rose Tattoo

How about an upside-down bat tattoo on your forearm? This bat is seen with its wings closed. Under its cozy wings, there’s a vibrant red traditional rose, and it adds a splash of color and beauty to the whole design!

19. Flying Bat Cat Tattoo

Cat lovers! Here is a cute cat bat design for you. This cat has the most stunning wings ever! Not only that, there are more little bats hanging around the big bat, having a little party, and right above them, there’s a crescent moon.

20. Myotis Inspired Bat Tattoo

On the leg, there is a stunning myotis inspired bat tattoo! It’s like a sketch, with strong and bold lines. Keep rocking that awesome ink!

21. Stylish Bat Thigh Tattoo

This detailed and shaded bat tattoo will blow your mind! It’s located on the thigh, and it’s pretty big. Around the wings, there are flowers and leaves. It’s like a beautiful work of art!

22. Baby Bat Ragdoll Tattoo Idea

Wanna have a unique bat tattoo? Here’s a cute ragdoll, and guess what? This adorable doll is actually a bat too! So, it’s like a surprise bat-friend party on your arm.

23. Gothic Bat Belly Tattoo

A bat flying with its wings spread out sounds like a great tattoo idea. It is placed in the middle of the belly. The wings look like they’ve been torn and it gives off a cool, gothic vibe.

24. Bat Tattoo with Flowers

Floral tattoos never go out of style but you can add a playful touch with a bat. This cute bat has small, long ears. It’s covering one of its wings and holding flowers and leaves together. Right behind it, there are stars and a moon. Go for this thigh tattoo.

25. Traditional Art Bat Tattoo

Everyone will adore a tattoo of a bat hanging upside down from a flowery branch. It’s a traditional tattoo, so the colors really catch your eye!

26. Artistic Bat Tattoo on the Calf

Why don’t you stand out with a cool bat tattoo on your calf? The bat sticking out its long tongue looks amazing with the delicate lines on its body and wings!

27. Line Art Bat Back Shoulder Tattoo

The bat is drawn with simple lines, so it’s minimalist and perfect for those who want a minimalist tattoo. Plus, the design looks amazing on the back shoulder.

28. Cathedral & Bat Tattoo Design

This tattoo begins on the shoulder and goes down to the upper arm. There is a big black cathedral and underneath it, there’s a flying bat. It seems like the bat is carrying the cathedral on its wings!

29. Grim Reaper & Bat Tattoo

This awesome tattoo sits on the leg! The bold lines create a grim reaper holding a scythe, and guess what? It even has bat wings! Isn’t it super unique?

30. Gothic Art Cat Tattoo with Bat Wings

Here is a spooky window with intricate details, giving off that mysterious gothic vibe. Inside this dark window, there is a scary white cat hanging out. This kitty has a dark crescent shape on its body. Plus, on both sides of the window, there are bat wings attached, making it even more spooky.

31. Fruit Bat with Moonflowers Thigh Tattoo

How about a fine line tattoo that shows off a cute fruit bat hanging out with beautiful moonflowers? This artistic design is placed on the thigh, creating a lovely and unique piece of body art!

32. Rainbow Bat Leg Tattoo

Let’s turn a black bat into something colorful! The wings of this bat is colored like a rainbow. Inside the wings, there are black stars and dots. Its ears have a gradient of colors too!

33. Quirky Hanging Bat Tattoo

1. Bat Tattoo On Knee

A knee tattoo might hurt quite a lot since it is placed right next to your bone. If you can handle the pain and you’re looking for something trendy and brave, as well as bold, this is it!

2. Bat Tattoo With Heart Symbols

Try out a bat tattoo and decorate it with several heart symbols. This way, you can show that your love is a bit tricky and risky, but that you’re worth it in the end.

3. Scary Bat Tattoo

A bit devilish looking, this tattoo is for those who want to show their mean and fierce side. If you’re a little daredevil, this is for you.

4. Big & Colorful Bat Tattoo

A big bat tattoo such as this one is going to look great on most guys with bigger thighs, as well as those who work out. If you want a colorful piece and something that others don’t have, this is probably it.

5. Purple Bat Tattoo

Colorful purple bat tattoo such as this one is for those who enjoy pops of color. Show that you are determined and ready for a new path in your life, no matter the journey where it may take you.

6. Artsy Bat Tattoo

Small, cute, and minimalistic, this bat tattoo is for those who enjoy creative tattoos and those with a childish personality and an outtake towards life. If you want something small and sweet that is quite easy to do, this will suit you.

7. Vibrant Thigh Bat Tattoo

A vibrant colorful thigh tattoo such as this one is going to look the best on most women. Show that you’re ready for a transition of some sort in your life with this gorgeous piece.

8. Black Ink Bat Tattoo Design

A forearm tattoo such as this one is going to look great on both genders. It will take you less than two hours to get this cool design.

9. Neck Bat Tattoo

Not a lot of people can rock a neck tattoo. Can you? If your job allows you to wear a showy piece and if you enjoy scary-looking tattoos, why not recreate this piece and rock it proudly?

10. Scary Colorful Bat Tattoo

Quite scary looking, this bat tattoo is for guys who want to make a statement. If you want a scary-looking tattoo and you enjoy bold designs, and you fully trust your tattoo artist, this is for you.

11. Small Bat Tattoo Idea

A small bat such as this one is going to look great underneath your knee. It will look scary and bold and is a must-do tattoo for guys who enjoy creative and bloody tattoos.

12. Colorful Shoulder Bat Tattoo

Why not show off your fun and creative personality with your chosen tattoo? This design might look the best on women who prefer colorful and vibrant ideas, as well as tattoos that are filled with positive and bright meanings.

13. Funny Bat Tattoo

A small and funny bat laughing is a tattoo that can describe your childish personality. If you’re a little daredevil who likes to cause trouble, this print might look on you the best.

14. Mini Small Bat Tattoo

You can give this tattoo a go if you enjoy smaller pieces. You can even complete your tattoo design in this way as you let your tattoo develop over time.

15. Colorful Big Bat Tattoo

Colorful tattoo and this gorgeous giant design will take 3-4 hours to get. If you prefer colorful ink and trust your tattoo artist fully, why not commit to this creative tattoo?

16. Blue Bat Tattoo

A blue bat tattoo can show that you’re in the mood for fun and that you’re still a child at heart. If you like peaceful colors and a pop of vibrancy to your design, this may suit your

17. Sleepy Bat Tattoo

A sleepy bat tattoo signifies a person who is quite tired, as well as a person who wants to rest s d recharge his or her batteries. If you’re often tired or lazy you can show it with this print.

18. Small & Simple Bat Tattoo

Small bat tattoo is for those who enjoy mini ink and creative designs. You can get this cartoon character outline and symbolize your playfulness, as well as your straightforward approach toward life.

19. Stomach Bat Tattoo Design

A stomach tattoo such as this one will symbolize a new beginning and your wanting to be reborn, no matter how hard the situation may be. If you’re an optimist and you enjoy learning new things in life, this tattoo will show it.

20. Calf Bat Tattoo

Add a cool diamond print to your tattoo and create this gorgeous and colorful piece. The end result shows a person who is ready to enjoy life and commit to all of its beautiful additions.

21. Cartoon Bat Tattoo

If you enjoy smaller retro tattoos and you want to try out a cartoon-inspired symbol, this is for you. Show that you’re still a child at heart wanting a change at your own pace with this tattoo.

22. Fun Colorful Bat Tattoo

Women who are interested in a colorful pink tattoo will also like this little piece. Show that bats don’t have to be scary and that it is all about customizing the design to your liking.

23. Cool Chest Bat Tattoo

Chest tattoos can be quite painful, so be prepared before you give them a go. It will take you 2 hours to get this creation.

24. Retro Bat Tattoo

Retro colorful bat tattoos such as this one will look fun, creative, and a bit scary. Show your teeth and your presence off with this dominant idea.

25. Funny Cartoon Bat Tattoo

You don’t have to stick with a ‘typical’ bat tattoo. You can give this colorful retro design a go. If you feel like a child at heart and you want a unique design that others don’t have, why not this one?

26. Orange Bat Tattoo

Orange is a color of fun, positivity & optimism. If you are looking forward to a specific change in your life, this design will suit your character.

27. Head Bat Tattoo

Head tattoos are quite tricky to go for. If you can rock this big masterpiece and you trust your tattoo artist fully – try to commit to this creation.

28. Colorful Vibrant Bat Tattoo

Bright, colorful & vibrant, this bat tattoo will look the best on creative women. Show your playful & creative side if you want to stay in tune with your emotions.

29. Black Ink Bat Tattoo

A creative black ink tattoo like this one is a stylish piece to go for. Show your honest emotions and your giving creative side with this final print.

30. Bat Tattoo On Chest

A giant chest tattoo like this one will take you 3-4 hours to get. It is quite big and bold, often worn only to those who like to get a ton of attention and looks.

31. Flying Bat Tattoo

Flying bats can symbolize your entire family and your closest ones. Each symbol and different sizes can be used to show your loved ones and your will to travel together, how fun is that?!

32. Collarbone Bat Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos are quite tricky since they’re placed on your bone. If you want to express your mood and will to travel along with the wind – this is for you.

33. Horror Bat Tattoo Design

Funny and horror-inspired, this bat tattoo will look the best on those who enjoy retro and somewhat Halloween-inspired creations.

34. Sleeve Bat Tattoo

Lastly, why not go all out with this sleeve? If you enjoy big, bold, colorful & dramatic prints, this is for you! Show it off knowing that it is one of a kind.

With so many different meanings and styles to choose from, it’s clear the bat makes for a powerful tattoo choice. Carefully consider the size, placement, colors and level of detail to create a bat tattoo that speaks to you. And don’t forget to take proper aftercare steps once your new ink is complete! With the right design and execution, your bat tattoo will be an artistic detail you can wear with confidence and pride. Now it’s time to decide if this nocturnal flyer will become your next tattoo.

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