Feeling lucky? For those who love to roll the dice or play the slots, getting a casino-themed tattoo may be a fun way to show off your passion for games of chance. Casino tattoos can incorporate all sorts of symbols and imagery related to gambling, from stylized card suits and poker chips to roulette wheels and slot machine designs.

When planning your casino tattoo, think about what specific aspects of casino culture resonate with you. Are you into poker and want cards or card suits? Do slots speak to the thrill-seeker in you? Placement is also key – a forearm or wrist tattoo will be visible and make a bold statement, while a back or shoulder tattoo can be more discreet yet still meaningful. Be sure to work with your tattoo artist to create a design within your budget that captures the spirit of casino fun. The estimated cost can vary greatly based on factors like size, detail, and color.

Now keep scrolling to see 30 cool casino tattoo ideas I’ve shared below, ranging from small and simple to large, intricate designs. Find inspiration for your next gambling-themed tattoo!

1. Casino Cards


Cards are the symbol of every casino in the world, so it is normal and natural for them to be found on tattoos. Whether it will be black and white or in color, it’s up to you to choose, and we have selected a sample like this for your inspiration.

2. Money With Cards


Casino players often try to “attract” luck into their lives with their tattoos, so they tattoo symbols of cards, jackpots and other casino motifs. Why not be one of them and try your luck?

3. Black & White


The power of money can also be expressed through the type of black and white tattoos. Maybe with a tattoo like this, you attract luck in life, as well as luck in gambling. Such tattoos most often find their place on the arm, where it is ideal to notice the tattoo.

4. Single Card


A simple black and white card tattoo on the back of your hand. Mark your love for gambling with this symbolic black-and-white tattoo that doesn’t take much time or materials to create.

5. 777


Happiness is coming, can’t you see? 777 as a winning combination in the casino, and also a winning combination for your next tattoo. Bring that hit to life. With this type of tattoo, it is ideal to add a quote, whether it is related to gambling or not. The choice is yours.

6. Lucky Machine


Did you know that the color green also signifies happiness? With the number three combination, you never know if the next winning combination is yours. If you are not too keen on the number three or numbers in general, you can tattoo any other casino symbol on the machine.

7. Dice & Cards


Dice is another symbolic form of casino. You play with them and they can surprise you at any moment. Remember when you loved Monopoly as a kid and when you got the same numbers on the dice?

8. Poker


Poker is another name for a casino and maybe another choice for your next tattoo. You can combine the color red with black because the two perfectly combine and overlap.

9. Love Cards


This tattoo can have multiple meanings. It specifically associates us with some kind of gambling accident. This is an ideal opportunity, if you are a former player and casino visitor, to get a tattoo like this that can represent your failures in gambling and your recovery from gambling addiction. This skeleton can represent you who have persistently lost in these cruel games.

10. Las Vegas


Las Vegas? HOME OF THE CASINO. When you think of Las Vegas, you immediately think of those big casinos that shine on the night of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

11. Girl Poker


Beautiful girls and casino – man’s greatest weakness. If you have both, this tattoo could be an ideal specimen for your next tattoo.

12. Billiard Balls


To get away from poker, cards and dice, we will jump on the pool table. Another interesting game is billiards. The number seven on the balls can add to the look of the tattoo.

13. colorful Luck


If you want to always carry Las Vegas with you, in addition to photos and memories, you can do so by tattooing the main symbols of that city and also tattooing them, according to our suggestion, in bright colors because bright colors are also one of the symbols of this city.

14. Falling Poker


This is one of the simpler black and grey poker tattoos.”Falling” pokers fall perfectly and stack on top of each other. You never know if your happiness will also fall so perfectly in your hands. Summon it a little with these types of tattoos.

15. colorful Dice


Who says poker tattoos aren’t for women? We are here to express a different opinion and to give an idea for the ideal tattoo for the gentler gender. These heart dice are a wonderful way to show off your edgier side. 😉

16. Money Rose


Many celebrities such as David Beckham, Liam Payne and others have tattoos of roses on the backs of their hands. If you like them and don’t want to have the same ones, these money roses are a good way to do it.

17. Lucky Hand


The beautiful shades of red and green go great together. The bordered tattoo with black lines gives it strength and visibility. Make yourself this “lucky” hand that plays your cards.

18. Burning Dice


Dice that are on fire represent a risk in gambling. Players who tattoo it in this way express how much they are willing to risk to other players and potentially alert them to the fact that risk often pays off and victory can easily go their way.

19. Acting Masks


These masks are not just the masks you find in theatres. These masks can represent a person’s struggle with gambling addiction due to the casino motifs above. The grey and black color gives it additional importance and the strength of the message that this tattoo conveys to the whole world, i.e. to the people who are near you.

20. Bones & Poker


Another way to show the world how risky gambling is. This skeleton hand can be a hand that doesn’t give up on that game, even when it’s almost impossible to win.

21. Little Card Symbols 


Go unnoticed with this small tattoo. This minimalist way of tattooing is suitable for all people who do not like to be noticed and questioned about their tattoos.

22. Realistic Casino Tattoo


Realistic tattoos will always be in fashion. Bring the real casino experience to people through your skin. Gentle shades of these colors can also be easily found on the bodies of our fairer gender, that is, on the skin of ladies.

23. A Crumpled Card


This card is reminiscent of old tattoos. It gives us the impression of tattoos of old celebrities, especially from movies. Don’t you think this gives the impression of Robert De Niro or Marlon Brando in some of the world’s most famous movies, like The Godfather?

24. Torn Cards


We read somewhere that damaged cards are the epitome of imperfection and can certainly be used in games. Creatively show your imperfection.

25. Black 777 Machine


Similar to the previous machine in green, we have found this example in black.  It’s great as something to add to your black-and-white tattoo collection if you already have one.

26. Finger Tattoos


Life is a real gamble. A minimalist card symbol tattoo on your fingers does not necessarily have to be black. Our advice, you can try the red color of the tattoo.

27. Cards On Fire


Dead faces on burning cards. Infer the message of this tattoo yourself or determine your meaning. Red, black and blue colors fit perfectly in such tattoos.

28. Red Dice


Gambling dice do not always have to be the classic white color. You can color them whatever you want on your skin, but our warm recommendation is the striking red color.

29. Little Cards


Convey a good message to the world, especially to people for whom you have no energy or time, the so-called energy drainers. Tell the world what you think interestingly, regardless of whether you are a casino visitor or not. 😉

30. Name On Dice


You don’t have to be a casino player to use dice as a way to tattoo your loved one’s name on your body. It can be the name of your daughter, son, mother, father, wife, husband or whoever you want. The choice is yours, and it was up to us to find a pleasant and beautiful example of a tattoo to help you and make your choice easier.

31. Simple 777


Due to its simplicity, this kind of tattoo can be anywhere on your body. Plain black drawing exudes simplicity does not require a lot of time to make at all, and also does not require a lot of wasted material. Repeating numbers always bring good luck and indicate a special sign or that something special will happen, and are often called angel numbers.

With endless design possibilities, getting a casino-themed tattoo is a winning choice for gambling enthusiasts. Just be sure to carefully select the right symbolism, placement, and artist to bring your vision to life. And before rolling the dice on new ink, practice your poker face! A creative, well-planned casino tattoo is a gamble that’s sure to pay off.

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