The triskelion is an ancient Celtic symbol comprised of three bent legs or curved lines joined together at a center point. This mystical and meaningful tattoo has seen a revival in recent years, especially among those with Celtic heritage. The three swirling spirals represent the three realms – earth, sea, and sky. It can also signify the cycles of life – birth, death, and rebirth. The triskelion’s fluid, circular motion embodies concepts like progress, movement, and personal growth.

When it comes to placement, the triskelion tattoo looks great just about anywhere since it is a flexible design. It can be sized small for wrists, ankles, or behind the ear. Or go bigger on the chest, shoulder, forearm, or calf for bold impact. Due to its intricate detailing, seek out a talented artist so the lines and shading or color come out crisp and clean. Costs range from $50 for a tiny triskelion to $200 for a more elaborate 5-6 inch version.

Now keep scrolling to check out 30+ amazing triskelion tattoo ideas I’ve compiled in a variety of styles, sizes, and placements! You’re sure to find inspiration for your own Celtic body art.

1. Detailed Triskelion Arm Tattoo

Reveal your Celtic spirit with this triskelion tattoo adorned with elegant details! As you can see, it is placed on the inner arm and there are knot and wave details inside the symbol.

2. Dragon Head Triskelion Tattoo

Done between the chest and collarbone, the edges of this dark triskelion tattoo are adorned with dragon heads. If you’re a fan of dragon details in tattoos, this design is a fantastic choice!

3. Raven & Triskelion Arm Tattoo

Imagine a stunning black raven proudly sitting atop the brown and realistic triskelion symbol. It’s gazing towards the left, carrying powerful symbolism. Go for this truly meaningful tattoo!

4. Blue Ink Triskelion Thigh Tattoo

Stand out from the classic black ink tattoos with a striking triskelion tattoo in dazzling blue ink! The use of eye-catching blue ink in a triskelion tattoo sets you apart from traditional black ink designs.

5. Colorful Splash Art Triskelion Hand Tattoo

Get a stylish and colorful triskelion tattoo for a prominent spot, the hand! Among these intermingling colors, we’ve got green, blue, purple, pink, red, and yellow. They look fantastic behind the black triskelion symbol.

6. Dotwork Triskelion Belly Tattoo

The meticulous artistry of dotwork is amazing, so why don’t you use it for your next tattoo? The triskelion symbol is created with dots and placed on the belly. It might be painful to get this tattoo but it’ll worth it.

7. Mandala Art Triskelion Tattoo

Let’s combine your triskelion tattoo with the beauty of Mandala art! This design is not only an expression of your artistic sensibilities but also a reflection of your appreciation for the deeper meanings that these symbols carry.

8. Spiral Triskelion Thigh Tattoo

For those seeking a unique style, a triskelion tattoo created with spiral details is a great choice! The addition of spiral details to the design gives it a distinctive and eye-catching appearance on the thigh.

9. Japanese Art Triskelion Arm Tattoo

If you’re drawn to Japanese art style and want to blend it with a triskelion tattoo, this might be the tattoo for you! The center of the tattoo is red and the rest is black.

10. Three Legged Man Triskelion Tattoo

Are you’re looking for an intriguing and fun look? Then this red and yellow three-legged triskelion tattoo is a great choice for your demands! While the traditional Triskelion has three spirals, this design plays with the concept of “three” in a creative way.

11. Nature Inspired Triskelion Upper Arm Tattoo

This unique upper arm tattoo, created from tree branches and leaves on top of them, beautifully combines your love for nature with the symbolism of the triskelion, which represents growth and progress.

12. Minimal Triskelion Arm Tattoo

You’re gonna rock with this tattoo that extends upward from the inside of your wrist! Beneath the subtly drawn triskelion symbol, you’ll find flame-like shapes that add a touch of fire to the design.

13. Raven Head Triskelion Back Tattoo

A Triskelion tattoo crafted with raven heads, carrying both mythological and traditional significance! Ravens have a rich history in various mythologies, so you can stand out with this powerful symbol on your back.

14. Black & White Triskelion Shoulder Tattoo

This triskelion tattoo, where black and white inks unite, symbolizes the beauty born from contrasts. As soon as you get this tattoo, you’ll feel like you belong to a tribe.

15. Branch and Triskelion Back Shoulder Tattoo

Highlight the important connection to nature found in Celtic culture with a Triskelion tattoo made of tree branches. It’s a beautiful way to show your connection with the natural world.

16. Gorgeous Triskelion Arm Tattoo

A mystical tree with its roots, sun and a triskelion symbol… It almost resembles a landscape painting! Get this meaning tattoo on your arm and get ready to stand out.

17. Green & Blue Ink Triskelion Tattoo

Get an eye-catching traditional tattoo with a Triskelion design inked in green and blue inks! The outer part of the symbol is done with green ink, while the inner details are done in blue.

18. Triskelion Neck Tattoo

If you’re considering a Triskelion tattoo on your neck, a subtle yet beautiful design, like the one in the image, could be a great choice!

19. Green Floral Triskelion Tattoo

For those who want a sweet and adorable tattoo, a Triskelion design with flower details is a great choice!  The symbol is created with green ink and daisies are placed on top of it.

20. Wrist Triskelion Tattoo with Leaves

In this Triskelion tattoo on the wrist, leaf details have been incorporated, creating an intricate design. The size of it is not so big and not so small. Give it a shot.

21. Small Triskelion Hand Tattoo

Your hand might be the perfect spot for a minimal and stylish Triskelion tattoo! It’s a choice for those who appreciate simplicity in tattoos.

22. Triskelion and Daisy Tattoo

Get an elegant and graceful look with a Triskelion tattoo adorned with daisy details! There is a triskelion symbol that comes out of the flower’s pedicel.

23. Triskelion Tattoo with a Moon

The half-moon design in this tattoo is complemented by the triskelion, creating an elegant and captivating look! These two designs are placed inside a small circle on the back. Give it a shot.

24. Triskelion & Colorful Lotus Tattoo

Here is a colorful and striking lotus flower pattern that is created to look like a triskelion. The colors are super vibrant, too. Go for this body art.

25. Minimal Triskelion Tattoo Behind the Ear

A minimal Triskelion tattoo placed behind the ear is an ideal choice for those who prefer a small yet cool design! Plus, two edges of the symbol consist of leaves.

26. Elegant Triskelion Back of Arm Tattoo

If you want a work of art, more than just a tattoo, this intricately designed triskelion tattoo is the perfect choice! The mandala-like design surrounding the triskelion symbol is amazing.

27. Detailed Dotwork Triskelion Thigh Tattoo

This Triskelion tattoo is like a masterpiece created with lots of tiny dots! Every dot is placed with utmost care. Some dots are placed closely and it creates a visually appealing look!

28. Sea Dragon Heads & Triskelion Tattoo

Check out this awesome triskelion tattoo featuring a sea dragon head! It gives your ink a magical and captivating vibe, adding a touch of fantasy and mystique to the overall design.

29. Waves & Leaves and Branches Triskelion Tattoo

Each wave, leaf, and tree branch has become an edge of this triskelion, highlighting the portrayal of nature as a whole. It’s a meaningful and artistic way to represent the Triskelion’s concept of progress and growth!

30. Triskelion Tattoo with Flowers

Get a floral triskelion tattoo to add a touch of elegance and symbolism to your ink! The edges of the symbol is created with a flower and one small and big leaves.

31. Colorful Triskelion Wrist Tattoo

Check out this lively triskelion tattoo bursting with energy! The vibrant colors and dynamic design make it a bold and eye-catching piece of body art that’s full of life.

32. Yin Yang Triskelion Arm Tattoo

Merge Eastern philosophy with Celtic culture using this Yin Yang-shaped triskelion tattoo! This unique design blends two powerful symbols, crafting a harmonious and meaningful masterpiece for you to wear proudly.

33. Artistic Galactic Triskelion Tattoo

This triskelion arm tattoo is adorned with galactic patterns is absolutely stunning! The addition of galactic patterns adds a mesmerizing and cosmic touch to the triskelion design.

The triskelion is a timeless Celtic design overflowing with symbolic meaning. As shown in this collection, it makes a versatile and stylish tattoo choice. Whether small and simple or large and intricate, the hypnotic swirls of the triskelion reflect concepts like cycles of life and personal growth. This meaningful symbol is regaining popularity for good reason. With endless options for customization, a triskelion tattoo allows you to express your Celtic heritage in a mystical and personal way.

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