Ravens hold deep symbolism and meaning for many people looking to get inked. Known for their intelligence, mystical nature, and connection to death and the underworld, raven tattoos can make for powerful and evocative body art. When considering a raven tattoo, think about placement and composition. A solo raven in flight could work well on a forearm, shoulder, or chest, allowing space for detailed feathers and movement. For a larger, bolder piece, a pair of ravens with spread wings can make a dramatic back tattoo. Raven heads and faces also pack symbolism and look great as smaller designs on wrists, ankles, or behind the ear.

Since ravens have ties to death and darkness, these tattoos often work best in black ink, though some people opt for splashes of color like deep blues or purples on feathers. Expect a medium-sized raven tattoo, around 4-6 inches, to cost $150-$300 or more. Larger, custom pieces with color will run $500 and up. Now, scroll on to see 30 stunning raven tattoo ideas and find inspiration for your next meaningful tattoo!

1. Raven On Branch


The raven is considered a mysterious, magical bird associated with good and bad omens. The symbolism of the raven is vibrant and varied. The raven often gives a bad impression primarily because it is a vulture bird associated with death. His intelligence and distinctive voice associated him with deception and the color of his feathers with dark forces and ominous warnings. But there is much more to the symbolism of this mysterious and intelligent bird than death, darkness and destruction. The raven is a protector, teacher, sage and creator.

2. Raven With Skull


Since the raven is often associated with the dark side, we think it would go well with a skeleton tattoo (if you already have one, you can place a raven with it.)

3. All Black


No matter how bad the raven looks, it does not necessarily mean that it brings bad luck. Some ancient peoples considered the raven a bird of change. If you have gone through a difficult period in your life, you can express it through a symbolic tattoo of an ordinary raven on a branch.

4. Raven With Eye


The raven symbolizes courage and wisdom, and if you add an eye to that raven tattoo, which symbolizes different meanings in the tattoo, such as protection, perception and intuition, you will get a perfect fit and you can convey a good message. You can express your personality through this creative tattoo if you find yourself in the description of it.

5. Raven Head On Head


Generally, raven tattoos are always done on the arms or back, but if you want to take it to the next level, your head is the ideal place for a new tattoo.

6. Raven With Moon


If you want to show your personality and the changes you are going through in life, the combination of the raven and the moon is an ideal opportunity for that. Both represent major difficult changes in life and both can bring peace and stability. The moon is by its very nature an object that goes through phases and is often described as mysterious. The raven is also a type of mysterious animal. We think this is a good inspiration for your next tattoo.

7. Raven With Spread Wings


It is said that a tattoo of a raven with spread wings is a real mystery, and for people with such tattoos, they are mystical and mysterious.

8. Raven With Shadows


Among the people, it is believed that the raven is a prophetic bird. That’s why it is said about raven tattoos that are advertised that the person with that tattoo wants to convey something to the world. Whether it’s some fear, wisdom, sadness, problem…

9. Raven With Flowers


Flowers are the embodiment of nature and a concise symbol of the cycle of birth, life, birth, death and rebirth. Different flowers have different symbolism in different cultures. colored flowers as a tattoo go well with the black color of the raven.

10. Two Ravens


What’s better than a raven? Two ravens.
If you are a fanatic and love this, somewhat dark, bird, we recommend that you do a double raven tattoo on your back or your chest.

11. Raven On Moonshine


This tattoo is very similar to the previous tattoo with the moon, but we singled it out as another example that you can use if you have decided on a raven tattoo.

12. Raven On Leg Tattoo


Decided to tattoo your leg and need some inspiration? We have prepared this raven for you, which occupies a good half of the leg, and will look great and very interesting. If you don’t want to be noticed because of your tattoo, the leg is the ideal place for this size of the tattoo, especially on winter cold days.

13. Raven With Blooming Flowers


Another example of a tattoo of a raven in a flower, but a slightly different color.

14. Spooky Raven


If you would like to start with a little more serious tattoos, here is a great photo as inspiration. If you like slightly scarier tattoos, this creepy raven is ideal for that type of tattoo.

15. Big Raven


This big raven takes up a good half of your arm, covering your entire bicep. You can add some red details to make the tattoo look even more impressive.

16. Little Raven


The raven is not strictly a male tattoo. It can perfectly depict female energy, the changes a woman goes through and the problems a woman faces. A raven tattoo on a woman can be a representation of her transformation and rebirth.

17. Raven Full Moon


Black and yellow colors ideally fit together. Raven tattoos in front of the full moon are a common occurrence.

18. Raven With Outstretched Talons


A raven with spread talons can represent your struggle and will to live. If you are firmly reaching for your goals, this photo of a raven that is ready to grab its prey with its claws can represent that.

19. Raven With Roses


Red roses are a traditional tattoo that most often expresses love and affection for your partner. It works great as a decoration for your raven.

20. Raven On Chest


The chest is the most suitable place for this type of tattoo because of its dimensions. Reveal your masculinity with this tattoo.

21. Stars And Raven


If you were looking for a creative and interesting, unusual way to tattoo an important date, you just found it. On the branch where the raven is standing, “tie” a heart with a date and let everything be black.

22. Black & White Raven


However black the ravens are in reality, they don’t have to be black on your skin. Change the raven from the usual black color to white and you will get a new look of this dark bird, which carries the same meaning.

23. Raven With Sword


A sword tattoo is a powerful symbol representing a range of values, such as strength, courage, protection, justice, and honour. Add a raven to it and you won’t miss the point.

24. Neon Raven


Another raven with the moon. But this time we chose a raven standing on the moon. Add bright colors like blue or green that can represent the reflection of the moon’s rays on the raven’s body.

25. Red Raven


Red tattoos are beautiful, aren’t they? They don’t always have to be tiny red tattoos that are made up of lines. It can also be tattooed like the one in the photo. They are suitable for women.

26. Raven With Ascendant


This one is giving us Elena Gilbert vibes. Elena is closely related to the ravens, and if we remember those good old episodes from the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries, we will also remember the famous ascendant. If you are a fan of this series, here is the ideal tattoo for you.

27. Feminine Raven


This little black raven is an ideal representation of feminine gentle energy. The most beautiful place for him is your shoulder.

28. Ravens Crew


On your full moon, add little tiny ravens flying around it and paint it orange. This tattoo gives us the impression of the beginning of a horror movie or a scary cartoon for children, but anyway, it’s interesting and beautiful.

29. Raven With Red Circle


Add a red circle around your raven as decoration. The red color is an ideal color with black.

30. Raven On Stomach


The ideal place for a large raven is also your stomach, under the chest. Its wingspan perfectly covers your skin.

31. Raven With Black Rose


Are you feminine and like big tattoos? No problem, because we have found for you this example of a raven wearing a black rose. This can also be a good way to show your feminine energy because a tattoo doesn’t have to be gentle looking to have feminine energy. Feminine energy can also be found in mysterious large birds like this one. 😉

Ravens hold deep symbolism, making compelling tattoo designs. With ties to death and darkness balanced by intelligence and cleverness, ravens represent powerful forces. Opt for a realistic raven in flight, an abstract geometrical design, or a raven paired with other images. This collection of raven tattoo ideas hopefully sparked inspiration for your own meaningful tattoo. With an experienced artist, a raven tattoo can become incredible body art you’ll cherish.

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