The calf is a popular place for both men and women to get tattooed. The calf muscle provides a nice flat canvas to work with and allows for tattoo designs both small and large. Calf tattoos are easily shown off but also easy to cover up if needed. They also tend to be less painful to get tattooed than more sensitive areas like the inner arm or ribcage.

When considering a calf tattoo, think about the flow and symmetry of the design. A vertical tattoo on the outer calf balances nicely with designs on the upper thigh. Tattoos on the inner calf complement the look of a sleeve tattoo. If looking for a smaller and more discreet tattoo, place it on the backside of the calf, which can be easily hidden.

Calf tattoos range greatly in terms of style, size and complexity. Elaborate floral designs, Native American art and tribal tattoos are eye-catching options. More simple ideas include geometric shapes, script lettering, animal motifs, stars or a calf sock tattoo. Men may prefer biomechanical or patriotic themes. Women can choose more delicate botanical or celestial images.

No matter your vision, the calf offers ample room for creativity. Continue reading to scroll through 50 stunning calf tattoo designs and find inspiration for your next ink!

1. Calf Tattoo Black Ink

This giant back calf tattoo will suit guys who like bigger tattoos and more dominant options.

2. Calf Tattoo Skull Design

Go for a skull tattoo and show that you’re not afraid of the outcome, future, or death.

3. Calf Tattoo Octopus Print

Octopus tattoos show your willingness to adapt to any situation and expand your horizons.

4. Spiderman Calf Tattoo

Men or women who enjoy the Spider-Man will also like this meaningful and creative tattoo.

5. Mushroom Calf Tattoo

Show your funky personality through these mushroom designs!

6. Mask Calf Tattoo

This mask tattoo symbolizes your personality and ability to change and adapt at any given moment.

7. Mario Calf Tattoo

If you are a fan of Mario why not get this tattoo? It will suit those who are still childish and gamers.

8. Calf Tattoo Ideas Mandala Print

Get this scary mystical calf tattoo if you’re into mysterious designs and precision.

9. Calf Tattoo Flowers

Those who like flowers and feminine tattoos will enjoy this black and white beauty.

10. Knife & Skull Calf Tattoo

Show your dark and scary side with this skull tattoo.

11. Nature Geometrical Calf Tattoo

If you’re someone who likes to travel this tattoo will interest you and show the world that you like to explore!

12. Tiger Calf Tattoo Print

If you’re fierce like a tiger this tattoo will show your dominant side.

13. Calf Tattoos Ideas Black Ink

Those who like to explore deep dives of the world and those who like the sea will enjoy this print.

14. Calf Tattoo Bee Print

Creative guys or girls who like precision will enjoy this mystical tattoo and a bee print.

15. Calf Tattoo Owl Idea

Show off this owl and let the world see you as an explorer and someone who wants to spread the wings, enjoy the journey and have a wise approach towards it.

16. Simple Calf Tattoo Print Sheep Ink

If you like small and quirky black and white tattoos this one will interest you.

17. Bird Calf Tattoos

This bird tattoo is a great indicator of your traveling spirit and open-minded personality.

18. Scorpion Calf Tattoo

Go for this fierce dominant scorpion tattoo and show that you’re tough and bold.

19. Calf Tattoos Ideas Funny Ink

If you want to come off funny and goofy consider this cool ice cream tattoo.

20. Calf Tattoos For Ladies Mermaid Print

Women who like elegant and feminine tattoos will enjoy this mermaid print.

21. Animal Calf Tattoo

This giraffe tattoo will show that you’re a nature-loving and animal-loving person.

22. Cute Butterfly Calf Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes transformation, freedom, and the beauty of change. A pop of red is going to add warmth to your overall look.

23. Funny Turtle Calf Tattoo

Turtle tattoos often represent longevity, wisdom, and a connection to the natural world. If you enjoy animals and you love the sea, you’re going to like this black turtle design.

24. Ancient Greek Calf Tattoo

Ancient Greek tattoos are a tantalizing mystery, with limited historical evidence. If you enjoy giant tattoos and you love a bit of history to your design as well – this is perfect for you.

25. Black Spider Calf Tattoo

Spider tattoos often embody symbolism of creativity, patience, and the delicate balance between beauty and danger.

26. Matching Butterfly Calf Tattoos

Matching butterfly tattoos signify a deep and enduring connection, like the synchronized dance of two butterflies in perfect harmony. If you have someone important in your life why not dedicate this tattoo to them?

27. Funny Calf Tattoo Idea

Funny calf tattoos can turn heads and bring smiles, adding a touch of humor and quirkiness to your body art. So, how funny and quirky are you?

28. Black Lion Calf Tattoo

Lion tattoos symbolize strength, courage, and majestic power, making them a popular choice for those who strive to embody these qualities. If you are a powerful and outgoing persona, why not show it off?

1. Car Calf Tattoo

Those who like to travel will enjoy this colorful car tattoo and its vibrancy.

2. Star Calf Tattoo Idea

Go for an important date or your favorite number to show your unique side and let your personality come through.

3. Dragon Ball Calf Tattoo

If Dragon Balls was your favorite cartoon show your love for it through this calf tattoo.

4. Bunny Playboy Print Calf Tattoo

Cool quirky Playboy tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re a fan of color and bunny prints, all in one.

5. Colorful Cat Calf Tattoo

Let the world see your dramatic and bold personality through this cat tattoo.

6. Retro Lady Calf Tattoo

If you like old-school retro tattoos this one will intrigue you. Show that you’re still into the old Hollywood vibe with this design.

7. Rooster Calf Tattoo

A funny and retro rooster tattoo is for men or women who want to look quirky and funny with their calf tattoo.

8. Colorful Flowers Calf Tattoo

These bright colorful flowers will suit women who enjoy drama and femininity, all in one. If you need ideas for flower tattoos our favorites are aster and chrysanthemum.

9. Skull Cowboy Calf Tattoo

Go for this skull print if you’re a fan of the masculine and old-west types of designs.

10. Retro Magician Calf Tattoo

Make sure that you book an amazing tattoo artist since this piece can be tricky to do.

11. Calf Tattoo Flower Print

This mysterious cherry flower tattoo is for girls who like to look elegant and feminine at the same time.

12. Dinosaur Calf Tattoo Ideas

Dinosaur tattoos are for those who like the old-school type of tattoos yet have a bit of vibrancy and funky art print.

13. Duck Calf Tattoo

Such a retro duck, who wouldn’t want to have it? Make sure that you pay close attention to color and its defined lines.

14. Scarecrow Calf Tattoo

This tattoo shows you that scarecrows don’t have to be too scary, yet fun!

15. Lady Portrait Calf Tattoo

Go for a realistic print and portrait of someone who’s important in your life and show love and appreciation in your own way.

16. Bright Heart Calf Tattoo

Bright heart tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re a fan of unique art and a ton of color!

17. Funny Calf Tattoo Sweets

This cute little milkshake is for those who have a sweet tooth, great for both genders.

18. Soldier Calf Tattoo For Men

If you’re into sci-fi or robots this tattoo will interest you

19. Calf Tattoo Dragon

Dragons are for those who like fierce ideas and bright designs. This one will suit dominant folks the best.

20. Pokemon Calf Tattoo

Those who like Pokémon will enjoy this bright yellow tattoo design.

21. Dog Portrait Calf Tattoo

Go for a portrait of your dog and show how much you love your furry pal!

22. Pink Cat Calf Tattoo

This bright cat tattoo is for anyone who has watched Sailor Moon!

23. Orange Flower Calf Tattoo

You will love this flower tattoo if you’re a flower lover and someone who is naturally feminine and sensual.

24. Colorful Farm Calf Tattoo

Farm animal tattoos celebrate the charm and simplicity of rural life, turning beloved creatures like cows and pigs into whimsical works of art.

25. Funny Penguin Calf Tattoo

Penguin tattoos often represent adaptability and a love for family, capturing the endearing spirit of these resilient birds. This funny tattoo is also quite retro and quirky.

26. Bright Pink Flower Calf Tattoo

Pink flowers evoke a sense of grace and admiration, making them a perfect choice to express love, gratitude, and delicate beauty.

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