Astrology has become widely mainstream within the last year. People believe their zodiac sign helps represent who they are, and some love taking that to heart and making it a big part of their life. With zodiacs becoming more popular, people have begun tattoo their sign in them for more representation. This could be the animal that represents their sign, the constellation, or anything in between.

If you love your zodiac and want to carry it around with you, here are some amazing ideas when it comes to a zodiac tattoo.

1. Small Symbol
You can make your zodiac tattoo small .

2. Minimal
Your animal can be aa minimal design.

3. Combination
Combine your sign and constellation into one beautiful tattoo.

4. Pisces
Your animal is easy to create a bigger piece.

5. Addition
You can add whatever you want to your sign to make it uniquely yours.

6. Vase
Add all the stuff you love into one stunning tattoo.

7. Zodiac
If you love astrology as a whole, show it.

8. Small
Your tattoo doesn’t need to be large.

9. Birth Chart
Add all the important constellations to your tattoo.

10. Leo
Lions are beautiful tattoos, let them represent your Leo side.

11. Sagittarius
A large zodiac tattoo can be gorgeous.

12. Half and Half
Do half your animal, half your sign in one perfect tattoo.

13. Aries
Your zodiac tattoo can be anything you want it to be.

14. Moon Constellation
A moon with your constellation is a great ides for a tattoo.

15. Detailed
A detailed piece is perfect for your zodiac.

16. Zodiac Chart
Your chart can make a beautiful tattoo.

17. Dimensions
Add dimensional elements to your tattoo.

18. Colorful
Your zodiac tattoo can have a wide variety of color.

19. Custom
Make your Aries tattoo as unique as yourself.

20. Planets
Plants are a big deal in astrology.

21. Portrait
Add a portrait element to your tattoo.

22. Line Work
You can have a minimal and simple tattoo.

23. Taurus
Let your zodiac piece look however you want.

24. Stars
Let all the constellations represent you.

25. Element
Your element might make an appearance in your tattoo.

26. Black and White
Your zodiac piece can be a large sleeve.

27. Gemini
Let the twins be seen.

28. Importance
Add all your important pieces in your tattoo.

29. Floral
Flowers with your zodiac is perfect.

30. Night Sky
Let your zodiac look exactly how it would in the sky.

31. Large star
Your constellation can be large and in charge.

32. Unique
Add tour own unique flair to your tattoo.

Zodiacs can be very personal to some people and they love carrying that around with them. What is your zodiac sign? 

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