Astrology has become widely mainstream within the last year. People believe their zodiac sign helps represent who they are, and some love taking that to heart and making it a big part of their life. With zodiacs becoming more popular, people have begun tattoo their sign in them for more representation. This could be the animal that represents their sign, the constellation, or anything in between.

If you love your zodiac and want to carry it around with you, here are some amazing ideas when it comes to a zodiac tattoo.

1. Small Symbol

You can make your zodiac tattoo small.

2. Minimal

Your animal can be aa minimal design.

3. Combination

Combine your sign and constellation into one beautiful tattoo.

4. Pisces

Your animal is easy to create a bigger piece.

5. Addition

You can add whatever you want to your sign to make it uniquely yours.

6. Vase

Add all the stuff you love into one stunning tattoo.

7. Zodiac

If you love astrology as a whole, show it.

8. Small

Your tattoo doesn’t need to be large.

9. Birth Chart

Add all the important constellations to your tattoo.

10. Leo

Lions are beautiful tattoos, let them represent your Leo side.

11. Sagittarius

A large zodiac tattoo can be gorgeous.

12. Half and Half

Do half your animal, half your sign in one perfect tattoo.

13. Aries

Your zodiac tattoo can be anything you want it to be.

14. Moon Constellation

A moon with your constellation is a great ides for a tattoo.

15. Detailed

A detailed piece is perfect for your zodiac.

16. Zodiac Chart

Your chart can make a beautiful tattoo.

17. Dimensions

Add dimensional elements to your tattoo.

18. Colorful

Your zodiac tattoo can have a wide variety of color.

19. Custom

Make your Aries tattoo as unique as yourself.

20. Planets

Plants are a big deal in astrology.

21. Portrait

Add a portrait element to your tattoo.

22. Line Work

You can have a minimal and simple tattoo.

23. Taurus

Let your zodiac piece look however you want.

24. Stars

Let all the constellations represent you.

25. Element

Your element might make an appearance in your tattoo.

26. Black and White

Your zodiac piece can be a large sleeve.

27. Gemini

Let the twins be seen.

28. Importance

Add all your important pieces in your tattoo.

29. Floral

Flowers with your zodiac is perfect.

30. Night Sky

Let your zodiac look exactly how it would in the sky.

31. Large star

Your constellation can be large and in charge.

32. Unique

Add tour own unique flair to your tattoo.

33. Floral Sagittarius Tattoo

The combination of an arrow and a bow with blooming flowers may represent the Sagittarius’ adventurous and free-spirited nature. The arrow looks like it is the branch of these flowers and the colorful inks add an extra beauty to this back shoulder tattoo.

34. Pisces Tattoo on the Chest

Known as sensitive, compassionate and imaginative individuals, pisces are nice. Why not show your nice zodiac sign to everyone then? One reddish and one purple and blue koi fish swim in different directions in a circular dot frame on the chest above. At the center of the tattoo, there is a moon and a pisces symbol, which symbolizes the horoscope itself. Also, flower-like ornaments are placed at the top.

35. Gorgeous Leo Tattoo

Ready to stand out with a creative lion tattoo? In this tattoo, which consists of fine and gentle lines, half of the lion’s face is drawn in the form of a cartoon, and the other half is the lion constellation. Shading technique is used on its manes and its eyes are colored with blue ink. You can try it if you are looking for an elegant tattoo on your inner arm.

36. Aquarius Thigh Tattoo

Are you an Aquarius girl? Let’s show it off with this gorgeous thigh tattoo. This beautiful Aquarius woman carrying a pitcher of water on her shoulder represents your zodiac sign in the most beautiful way. Give this tattoo a try, which consists of wonderful details with the olive branch in her hair, the small zodiac symbol on her pitcher and the flowers on water.

37. Minimalist Capricorn Tattoo

Those who prefer simple tattoo designs can give it a shot to this Capricorn symbol that is inked in black with simple lines. It is a stylized representation of a goat with a fish tail, symbolizing the combination of the earthy, ambitious, and practical qualities of the goat with the intuitive and adaptable qualities of the fish.

38. Simple Libra Tattoo

This libra zodiac sign is not detailed or ornamented but it looks chic with simple line art. The combo of thin and thick lines in this scales tattoo just above the knee will show your zodiac sign of balance and justice to the fullest.

39. Simple Capricorn Symbol Tattoo

The Capricorn symbol is a combination of two parts – the goat symbol and the sea symbol. The goat symbol represents the traits of the Capricorn sign, such as ambition, determination, and independence. The sea symbol represents the emotional depth. The symbol is placed on leg and inked in black.

40. Virgo Woman Tattoo

Valkyries were female figures in Norse mythology who served as warrior-maidens, and in this tattoo, Virgo is depicted with a Valkyrie woman. She looks gorgeous with her blue eyes and accessories on her neck and forehead. A symbol of Virgo is also added on her chest with a dark background.

41. Back Taurus Tattoo

The bull is a Taurus symbol of perseverance and one mindedness. You can have it tattooed on your back with a simple line art just like above. For its horns, a bold black line can be used to give it an eye-catching look. Give it a shot to this small tattoo.

42. Geometric Leo Zodiac Tattoo

The Leo zodiac tattoo above features a realistic depiction of a lion with blue eyes on the back. Its face is framed by using a thin triangle and above it, one complete circle and one with dots are placed as a nice detail. The name of the zodiac “Leo” is also written below.

43. Pisces Tattoo on Back

Pisces women will adore this design in which there is a beautiful girl with a pieces sign on her hair and a big circle with ornaments around it. Also, this tattoo can easily be covered since it is on the back, which is important to Pisces women who want to control when and where they “let down their hair”.

44. Colorful Gemini Lady Tattoo

Featuring a female figure split in half, with each half representing the two sides of the Gemini zodiac sign, this tattoo reflects two different personalities of Gemini people. The red and yellow inks add an energetic vibe to the tattoo. Also, a constellation and the planet Mercury which is the planet of Gemini appear in the middle as a nice detail.

45. Aries Thigh Tattoo

In this tattoo placed on the upper leg, a large circle and ocean waves are depicted. In the middle of this circle, the huge and red glowing Aries symbol is placed. The choice of red color symbolizes the fact that the sign of Aries is a fire sign, and these waves behind it symbolize the water that calms it.

46. Taurus Forearm Tattoo

If you are a taurus person who is hardworking, sensual and romantic, why not showing your horoscope to everyone around you? Go for a tattoo design that is placed on inner forearm and inked with a black bull symbol with half full and half line. We also need to say that is quite masculine.

47. Scorpio Symbol Arm Tattoo

Being a zodiac sign of intensity, passion, and mystery, a scorpio is represented with a symbol of an arrow being the tail that is ready to sting its prey. The sign is medium-sized and placed on inner forearm. Black ink is used to create bold lines and you are sure to rock with it.

48. Floral Cancer Symbol Tattoo

Cancer is symbolized by its glyph depicting sideways “69” which represents crab claws or woman’s breast. In this tattoo, the symbol is decorated with flowers on the side rib. The floral circles in glyph indicate the crab’s ties to both the spiritual and material worlds.

49. Sleeve Gemini Tattoo

The zodiac sign Gemini, which is associated with duality and unpredictability, can be best shown with a tattoo like this. The Gemini woman with one half of her face depicting an angelic being and the other half showing a demonic figure symbolize the duality of this zodiac. Above her, Gemini constellation is also added.

50. Decorated Libra Tattoo

If you are fond of tattoos that include detailed decorations should go for this libra tattoo. Placed on the upper arm, this libra is full of elegant ornaments with sparkles and it is so realistic. Small needles are used to create this intricate fine line tattoo, so it’s worth a try.

51. Cancer Tarot Card Tattoo

Inside a tarot card, all details related to cancer zodiac sign is combined together. there is a sun and moon and small constellation with a zodiac symbol above. For the other part of the card, a crab is added with the horoscope name ‘cancer’. It looks stunning on inner arm.

52. Demon Gemini Cat Tattoo

Wanna show how weird you are to everyone? Get a black demon cat and mark your zodiac sign on its forehead. The cat has scary horns and its head is full of black ink, which could symbolize mystery, magic, duality, or a connection to the supernatural.

53. Line Art Pisces Tattoo

Here is another gemini tattoo in which the symbol of the zodiac is embedded in the side rib in fine black ink. This tattoo can be a great option to show your zodiac sign elegantly with line art. In addition, the simple flower placed on the upper part is a cute detail.

54. Aquarius Wrist Tattoo

Are you that Aquarius person who puts freedom as priority? Then, you can ink your zodiac symbol consisting of two waves in bold lines on your wrist. You can also look great if you have your zodiac sign’s name “Aquarius”written under it with a stylish writing style.

55. Ghost Pisces Tattoo

Those who like spooky and halloween inspired tattoos can go for a cute ghost with a zodiac sign. The ghost is done by using a black ink with dotwork details on it. The combo of a ghost and a pisces symbol may sound weird but this ghost can swim with its fins just like a fish.

56. Virgo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

A group of stars behind a Virgo symbol is a nice tattoo idea for those born under Virgo or those who identify with the qualities of the sign. A simple constellation is used besides a more detailed symbol. These two elements are placed on outer arm and you are sure to show your zodiac in a nice way with this tattoo.

57. Small Libra & Sword Tattoo

Placed on back of arm, this tattoo with light and thin lines is so elegant! Libra zodiac symbol involves a pair of scales since this horoscope is about balance and justice. The creative detail in this tattoo is the use of a sword in the middle of the scales. The sword symbolizes power, protection, and strength, so go for this combo.

58. Unique Cancer Leg Tattoo

We are sure you have never seen such a magnificent zodiac tattoo before! Depicting the Cancer sign, this tattoo is like a work of art with its realistic details and shadows. A pink crab is drawn in a black winged frame, surrounded by stars and decorations. The moon phrases at the top and the big sparkle below will remind you how lucky you are to be a person of this horoscope.

59. Colorful Aries Tattoo on Arm

Who can say no to a rainbow tattoo? If your sign is Aries, you can wear the symbol of your sign on your wrist. The inside of the boldly drawn symbol is full of bright color transitions and reflects a rainbow!

60. Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Here is a tattoo design that depicts the pattern of stars that make up the constellation Virgo in the night sky. In astrology, Virgo is associated with qualities such as intelligence, practicality, and attention to detail and this tattoo can serve as a reminder of these traits. Plus, it looks great on back of arm!

61. Geometric Taurus Tattoo

This Taurus tattoo is stunning! Half geometric and half realistic bull is all you need to rock. The two-faced bull is positioned inside a rectangle and divided into two by a bold line. Plus, small dots are used to draw a circle around the animal. If you are a taurus, try it out.

62. Simple Sagittarius Tattoo

Sagittarians are free-spirited and enjoy exploring the world, both physically and intellectually. Let’s show your beautiful zodiac with a simple design like above. Near the wrist, an arrow with a bow is placed to symbolize Sagittarius. It is small and minimalist.

Zodiacs can be very personal to some people and they love carrying that around with them. What is your zodiac sign?

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