In the world of body art, few styles capture the essence of ancient wisdom and mystique quite like Chinese character tattoos. With a history dating back thousands of years, these beautiful symbols are more than just ink on skin—they represent a connection to a rich cultural heritage.

We’ve handpicked 30 stunning Chinese character tattoos that not only showcase the artistry behind these designs, but also the depth of meaning each symbol carries. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, or simply fascinated by the stories these characters tell, we invite you to explore this captivating collection of ancient symbols brought to life through modern body art.

1. Upside Down Chinese Tattoo

Back tattoos tell unique stories and make great companions for both genders. They offer an asymmetrical design option that can be personalized with meaningful Chinese characters. Go for it!

2. Side Rib Chinese Tattoo

Placed on the side rib, this great Chinese letter tattoo will show your religious side to the fullest. The characters are above are “上帝与你同在” and it means ‘God be with you’. It can signify the hope for God’s protection and guidance in your life.

3. Back Chinese Tattoo with a Splash

This phrase is timeless and it is a universal message! The phrase means “wish you as free as your heart wants in this world”. As a background for Chinese letters, a red ink is used to create a splash effect and it makes these letters stand out.

4. Red Chinese Inner Arm Tattoo

If you want to try something different, red ink is worth a try. By using this ink, Chinese letters which means “golden years” are drawn. In Chinese culture, the concept of “golden years” refers to a period of prosperity, abundance, and happiness. It typically refers to a time in the past when everything seemed perfect and the world was full of possibilities.

5. Chinese Letter with Poppy Flower Tattoo

In Chinese culture, poppy flowers are often associated with the idea of perseverance and strength. When combined with a Chinese letter, this cute pink flower can add an extra beauty to your inner arm.

6. Chinese Letter Tattoo on Back

If you’re into bold and masculine tattoos, consider getting a Chinese symbol back piece designed specifically for men. This tattoo is not only easy to ink, but it also embodies traits like determination and bravery.

7. Meaningful Chinese Finger Tattoos

These traditional Chinese characters which are placed upside down on fingers are so meaningful because they mean “Respect” & “Trust”. In Chinese culture, respect and trust are highly valued virtues that are considered essential for maintaining harmonious relationships with others.

8. Calligraphy Chinese Letter Tattoo

Here is another side rib tattoo for you! “活在当下” means “Live in the moment” and the one above is a perfect tattoo for those who seize the day. In Chinese culture, the idea of living in the moment is often associated with the concept of mindfulness or being present. If you’re into these things, go for it.

9. Chinese Poetry Back Tattoo

You can choose to have the poem or verse written in elegant calligraphy one your back if you have a favorite poem that you can to carry on your body. The one above look so sexy and elegant at the same time.

10. Red Chinese Chest Tattoo

Those who want to get a tattoo of their loved one’s names or the first letter of the name in Chinese will like this tattoo idea. If you get a tattoo of a single Chinese character from your loved one’s name, it can represent an important aspect of his/her identity or personality because single characters convey different meanings in Chinese.

11. Patience Chinese Letter Tattoo

It is time to make your arm shine with a gorgeous and meaningful Chinese letter tattoo! These letters above mean “patience” and it can represent your desire to cultivate this virtue in your own life or serve as a reminder to remain patient during difficult times.

12. Upside Down Chinese Tattoo on Wrist

The Chinese characters on the wrist are 此生盡興 and it means “Enjoy life to the fullest”. If you are a person who want to make the most of his live and to live with a positive and optimistic outlook, this tattoo is definitely for you.

13. David Beckham’s Chinese Tattoo

Have you ever noticed David Beckham’s side rib tattoo? “生死有命 富貴由天”, which means “Life and death, poor or rich, it’s all destined” is such a great sentence, isn’t it? Get this tattoo to show your peaceful living attitude to everyone.

14. Free Spirit Chinese Letter Tattoo

Are you that person who is not bound by societal norms or expectations? Let’s get a meaningful tattoo then. To express your individuality and free-thinking spirit, have “無拘無束” written on your inner arm. It means “free spirit”.

15. Creative Chinese Thigh Tattoo

Chinese calligraphy tattoo is in patchy texture above. “脈搏跳動像重生,呼吸停止很似死.” characters above show lyrics from a song. If you want to get a tattoo of your favorite song, this thigh tattoo is definitely for you.

16. Gorgeous Chinese Ankle Tattoo

‘美人’ means beauty and it is placed on a great part of the body, which is the ankle. A “美人” tattoo could represent a person’s appreciation for beauty, or perhaps the desire to embody beauty themselves. It could also be a nod to Chinese culture and language.

17. Ornamental Chinese Family Tattoo

Here is a tattoo of a Chinese symbol for “Family” 家” (jiā). Getting this tattoo can be a way to honor your family and cultural heritage. The symbol is placed in the middle of a nice ornamental object with Asian and Slovenian motives.

18. Chinese Behind the Ear Tattoo

The Chinese tattoo phrase behind the ear is “安心” (ān xīn) and translates to “peace of mind” in English. You can easily describe a feeling of inner peace, calmness, and security with it. The concept of “安心” is highly valued in Chinese culture, as it is believed to bring about a sense of stability and well-being.

19. Unique Chinese Letter Tattoo

In Chinese, 独特 (dú tè) means unique, distinctive, or singular. If you feel like you are a unique person who is different from others, you can get this tattoo behind the ear. The size of the tattoo is medium.

20. Fabulous Chinese Letter Tattoo on the Back

Confucius, who was a Chinese philosopher and teacher, has had a lasting influence on Chine society. So, why not getting a tattoo of one of his famous quotes on the back? The one above means “The Master said, “Set your heart on the truth, base yourself on virtue, lean upon kindness, and immerse in the six arts.” 志於道,據於德,依於仁,游於藝。

21. Loyalty and Bravery Chinese Arm Tattoo

Together, the phrase 忠勇 (Zhōng yǒng) represents a traditional Chinese virtue that highlights the importance of loyalty and bravery in one’s personal and professional life. If your motto is loyalty and bravery, stay true to your disciplines and get this tattoo.

22. Happiness Chinese Letter Tattoo

Getting a “happiness” tattoo may represent a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of life, right? In this way you can strive for happiness in their everyday experiences.

23. Scorpio Chinese Letter Tattoo

Wanna stand out with a behind the ear tattoo with Chinese characters? These characters above mean “scorpio” in English. In Chinese culture, the scorpion symbolizes determination, bravery, and the ability to defend oneself. Show this ability of yours with this amazing tattoo.

24. Motivational Chinese Letter Side Rib Tattoo your heart

Get this Chinese phrase meaning “follow your heart” to shine out in the crowd. It is a motivational message encouraging the individual to trust their instincts and follow their innermost desires and passions.

25. Poetic Chinese Letter Tattoo

These characters which are placed vertically on the side rib means “flowers take time to bloom”. This phrase is a poetic expression that emphasizes the idea that good things in life take time to develop and come to fruition, just as flowers take time to bloom.

26. Red Chinese Letter Tattoo of ‘Love and Joy’

These red Chinese letters mean “love and joy”. It conveys the message of love and happiness. It can also symbolize your desire to embrace a positive and joyful outlook on life. Give it a shot.

27. ‘Beauty’ Chinese Letter Tattoo on Back of the Neck

Why not getting a tattoo of the word “beauty” in Chinese? It is 美 (měi). If you get a tattoo of the Chinese word for “beauty,” it could represent your appreciation for the idea of beauty and your desire to embody it. Let’s show your beauty to everyone!

28. Love Chinese Letter Tattoo

The tattoo of the Chinese word for “love” can be a meaningful and beautiful way to express your feelings. This character is 爱 (ài) and it is placed on behind of the ear. It is both chic and glamorous.

29. Patience Chinese Letter Tattoo

This Chinese word tattoo for “patience” conveys the idea of having the endurance or ability to bear with patience or perseverance whatever difficulties or challenges one may encounter. Placed on the inner arm, this tattoo is so meaningful.

30. Water Splash Chinese Tattoo

This beautiful sentence above means Goodness is like water “上善若水”. This saying is  derived from from the Tao Te Ching, a Chinese philosophical text attributed to the sage Lao Tzu. In this text, water is used as a metaphor for the concept of Tao, which refers to the natural flow and balance of the universe. Go for it.

31. Chinese Lion Back Tattoo

The lion is associated with the Buddhist religion in China, where it is often depicted as a guardian of temples and holy places. If you like this powerful and noble creature, have its Chinese name written on your back.

32. Amazing Chinese Behind the Ear Tattoo

The tattoo above shows the words which are “life, hope and death” 生(shēng), 希望” (xī wàng) and “死” (sǐ). You may use these characters together to represent the cyclical nature of life and death, or to convey a sense of hope in the face of mortality.

33. Wolf Chinese Letter Arm Tattoo

The character for “wolf” is written as “狼” (láng). In Chinese culture, the wolf is seen as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and cunningness. The tattoo may be a reminder of your own strength and ability to overcome obstacles since wolves are so strong.

As we reach the end of our curated collection of 30 mesmerizing Chinese character tattoos, it’s clear that each piece carries with it a profound significance, embodying the deep-rooted history and wisdom of an ancient culture. These tattoos not only serve as beautiful adornments but also as unique expressions of individuality, as well as a means of forging a personal connection to the rich tapestry of Chinese heritage.

We hope that this journey through the world of Chinese symbols has inspired you, enlightened you, and perhaps even sparked an idea for your own meaningful tattoo. Embrace the power of these ancient characters and carry their wisdom with you as you continue to write your own story.

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