Wolf tattoos are such gorgeous, divine, and attention-seeking tattoos, often worn by men or women who like to show off their fierce side! Are you into animal tattoos yourself? Do you feel the need to assert and show dominance everywhere you go? If that is the case you might feel a strong connection with wolves or wolf packs! Anyone who wants to get a creative design and wishes to show love for these outdoor nature creatures will appreciate our article. Keep on reading as we list out a ton of cool wolf tattoos, single or pack options, perfect for anyone’s preference!

What Is The Meaning Of A Wolf Tattoo?

A wolf tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s connections to the wild, untamable aspects of nature. The wolf is a popular figure in stories and mythologies across cultures, often serving as a guide or teacher to humanity.

The wolf has been depicted in various roles throughout human history and mythology. In Native American culture, the wolf is often presented as a guide to lead people through difficult times or back onto their right path. In Nordic mythologies, wolves are commonly portrayed as destructive, fierce creatures that will stop at nothing to get what they want. But they are also often depicted as protectors of their pack and family members at all costs.

Some people use their wolf tattoo as a reminder of their own deep connection with the natural world, or as a symbol of their deep love for friends and family. Others may use it to represent their own wild side or inner spirit animal—that part of themselves that refuses to be tamed.

What Is The Best Placement For This Tattoo?

Placement varies and depends on your gender. For instance, girls prefer smaller tattoos around their wrist, ankle, or thighs. Guys would enjoy a bigger wolf tattoo all over their back or chest. The final decision and choice are up to you and your preference.

What Is The Price Of A Wolf Tattoo?

Prices depend on the expertise level of your tattoo artist. Most artists bull anywhere from $100-$500 for this type of tattoo. Color and special additions might be pricier to go for and add to the price. Smaller and simpler black and white ink tattoos will not be as pricey.

1. Wolf Tattoo Sleeve


If you prefer bigger tattoos why not consider a bold-looking sleeve?

2. Wolf Tattoo With Woman Print


This duo and this cool little tattoo will look amazing if you have someone special to dedicate the design to.

3. Geometrical Wolf Tattoo


Anyone who likes mysterious prints and sentimental tattoos will like this beauty, as well as its geometrical side.

4. Shoulder Wolf Tattoo


This shoulder tattoo is for women who like elegance and want something done with precision.

5. Wolf Tattoo For Men


Your shoulder or sleeve tattoo can be unique and it can tell a fun story.

6. Black Wolf Tattoo On Arm


This wolf tattoo is for men who enjoy dominant bigger ink.

7. Chest Wolf Tattoo


Unique chest tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re a natural fighter.

8. Artsy Wolf Tattoo


Anyone who likes bold bright colors will enjoy this piece of art!

9. Wolf Tattoo With Blue Eyes


Add these cool blue eyes to your wolf and make the design more realistic and cool.

10. Wolf Tattoo Ideas


Cool and detailed, who wouldn’t love it?

11. Thigh & Booty Wolf Tattoo


Thigh tattoos are for women who like bigger and more sexy designs.

12. Yin & Yang Wolf Tattoo


Show that you understand and are well-aware of balance in life with this back tattoo.

13. Wolf Tattoo Traditional


This wolf tattoo will take 3-5 hours to do.

14. Colorful Shoulder Wolf Tattoo


A shoulder wolf tattoo will look cute and elegant, perfect for perfectionists.

15. Calf Wolf Tattoo


Show your “teeth” and your scary side with this calf tattoo.

16. Head Wolf Tattoo


Head tattoos are not for everyone. Do you dare to give them a go?

17. Wolf Tattoos For Men


If you want to decorate your leg or calf consider this tattoo.

18. Two Wolf Tattoo Prints


These two wolves will show that you’re deeply connected with someone special in your life.

19. Back Shoulder Wolf Tattoo


Add some flowers to freshen up the tattoo in your own cute way.

20. Bright Wolf Tattoo Idea


This realistic wolf is for those who enjoy nature-inspired designs.

21. Artsy Wolf Tattoo Ideas


Add this paw print and show that you’re always making a mark everywhere you go.

22. Black Wolf Tattoo On Arm


This is a tribal-like tattoo that you’re going to like if you’re a masculine or dominant person yourself.

23. Simple Black Ink Wolf Tattoo


This black wolf tattoo will take you around two hours to achieve.

24. Realistic Wolf Tattoo


If you fully trust your tattoo artist and you think that they’re skilled we recommend trying this tattoo.

25. Artsy Line Wolf Tattoo


Small detailed outlines will look so nice and “clean” when done the right way.

26. Sleeve Wolf Tattoo Idea


This wolf tattoo done in a sleeve is for both genders who like dominant looks.

27. Wolf Tattoo Line Drawing


If you’re into precise tattoos and black tattoos that are chic and modern, this is it.

28. Geometrical Wolf Tattoo Print


Geometrical tattoos and this half-split look will suit both genders.

29. Big Wolf Tattoo On Back


Giant back tattoo that will show off your dominance and will to rule and conquer.

30. Wolf Tattoo With A Pop Of Blue


A pop of color will look great on adventurous and naturally creative people.

31. Wolf Paw Tattoo


This paw print is mystical and unique, ideal for creative individuals.

32. Scary Skull Wolf Tattoo


This skeleton tattoo shows that you’re always ready to face truth or death, pretty much anything that comes your way.

33. Geometrical Wolf Tattoo


Geometric prints and this chic tattoo are for anyone who is naturally detail-oriented and creative.

34. Realistic Wolf Tattoo Design


Lastly, this realistic tattoo is for anyone who enjoys proper shading and creative tattoos.
Ready For It?
Which wolf design out of the bunch was your personal favorite? Are you more so into simple and smaller tattoos or do you prefer big and colorful designs? Either way it may be let us know what you fancy, we can’t wait to see your top pick!

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