Anchor tattoos are often a popular tattoo option by men or women who like to travel, as well as by those who are natural explorers. An anchor can also symbolize your stability, but more on that down below! If you’re intrigued by getting a cool little anchor tattoo keep on reading. Here, we will talk about loads of different ideas that one might like and find fancy. In the mood for one big, small or meaningful design? Trying to make a statement with it? Either way it may be you should keep on reading as we list loads of different options down below.

What Does An Anchor Symbolize?

Color-combo, size, and elements that you go for will dictate the final outcome and interpretation of your chosen tattoo. Anchor symbolism stands for a symbol of hope, strength, and steadfastness. An anchor tattoo also has a meaning that is linked to the church, often worn by Christians and believers. It is used as a sign of hope and good luck that one will need and encounter when on road.

Who Can Go For An Anchor Tattoo?

Both genders can experiment with an anchor tattoo. There are no rules or restrictions when it comes to this design. It is universally pretty and often worn by men and women, mostly over legs and arms. Men prefer bigger tattoos, such as over back. The final design and placement are entirely up to you.

How Pricey Are Anchor Tattoos?

Your chosen anchor tattoo can vary in price and will depend a lot based on the experience and popularity level of your tattoo artist. Tattoos tend to vary from $120-$400 (for bigger pieces). Go for something that is within your price range and your budget, ideal for your style way of tattooing.

1. Anchor Tattoo Stomach Design

Stomach tattoos are only for those who are brave enough to get them. Go for this placement and heads up since it is an uncomfortable solution.

2. Anchor Tattoo Black Design

This tattoo is so unique and it tells a fun story, perfect for those who like unique ideas.

3. Anchor Tattoo On Forearm

Black and white ink is for those who want to keep it cool, casual, and simple. You can also visit other forearm tattoo ideas we shared previously.

4. Anchor Tattoo With Flowers

Add a pop of red to your tattoo and make it more elegant, feminine, and vibrant. If you want a flower tattoo be sure to visit our previous gallery.

5. Anchor Tattoo Design On Arm

This pop-art type of tattoo is for men and women who like artsy ideas.

6. Small Anchor Tattoos

Small and simple, this tattoo is for women who enjoy delicate and minimalistic ideas.

7. Anchor Tattoo Ideas Blue Color

Anchor tattoo such as this one will tell that you’re always exploring and ready to dive deep into any situation!

8. Anchor Tattoo Design Black Ink

Make sure that you find the best tattoo artist when it comes to this realistic anchor print.

9. Anchor Tattoo On Hand Black Ink

This anchor symbolizes your inner gut feeling and willingness to explore deep paths in life.

10. Anchor Tattoo On Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are for men who work out and those who are proud of their physique and body.

11. Meaningful Anchor Tattoo On Arm

Wrist tattoos are for those who like visible designs and noticeable ideas.

12. Anchor Tattoo Ideas Family Inspo

You can dedicate your anchor tattoo to your family or anyone you’re close with!

13. Design Of An Anchor

Those who enjoy black ink and simpler tattoos will want to give it a go with this design.

14. Anchor & Flower Print

Decorate your anchor tattoo with some flowers to make your print outstanding and feminine.

15. Anchor Tattoo For Men

Guys will enjoy this tattoo and its masculine straightforward vibe.

16. Anchor Tattoo On Collarbone

Collarbone tattoos are for those who like to keep them discreet and personal.

17. Anchor Tattoo On Stomach

This design will take you around 3 hours to do.

18. Anchor Tattoo With A Tag

Dedicate your anchor tattoo to someone special in your life and make it very personal.

19. Anchor Tattoo On Calf

Calf tattoos are for women or men who like smaller yet perfectly placed designs.

20. Black Ink Anchor Tattoo

Anchor such as this one will take you 1-2 hours to do.

21. Anchor Tattoo For Women

Go for this tattoo if you’re a sensual person wanting a seamless yet colorful print.

22. Arm Tattoo For Men Anchor Print

Guys who work out will enjoy this bicep tattoo the most.

23. Orange Anchor Tattoo

If orange is your favorite tattoo we recommend giving this one a go.

24. Mystical Blue Anchor Design

Add a pop of blue to make your design more flowy and attractive.

25. Side Rib Tattoo For Women

Heads up since this placement can be uncomfortable.

26. Black & White Anchor Tattoo

Remind yourself that you should always hold fast and that life can get tricky or bumpy!

27. Anchor Tattoo On Chest

This anchor tattoo on the chest will suit guys who like bigger prints.

28. Anchor Tattoo With A Date

Decorate this tattoo with an important date and it will become a lot more personal.

29. Colorful Anchor Tattoo Print

This colorful tattoo is for anyone who is not afraid of color and bright positive designs!

30. Unique Anchor Tattoo

Women will enjoy this colorful artsy anchor!

31. Black Stomach Anchor Design

A must-have if you want a sentimental and sensual tattoo.

32. Small Anchor Tattoo Design

This small anchor tattoo is for minimalist lovers!

Want To Express Your Faith Through A Tattoo?

If you’re ready to express your faith, positivity, or honesty through a tattoo, just know that an anchor is the best way to do so! Let us know which design you can’t wait to wear, and if you’re more so interested in colorful or simpler black and white tattoos.

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