Inscribed tattoos over chest are some of the most gorgeous tattoos and popular tattoos for men. These are worn in such a bold and outstanding way, often colored in black ink to accentuate each word perfectly! Inscribed tattoos on the chest are often done with specific quotes, dates, numbers, or words on top. These tattoos and the placement itself are considered to be masculine and personal, often done with a meaningful selection of words on top. If you’re interested in finding an amazing tattoo that suits your preference and style keep on reading as we list a ton of cool options down below. We will also present some cool ideas for ladies as well.

What Is The Price Of This Tattoo?

The price for an inscribed chest tattoo will vary based on the colors that you use. The bigger, brighter, and more colorful it is, the pricier the outcome. Black ink chest tattoo will be a bit more affordable. Expect to pay anywhere from $100-$350 for your chosen outcome.

Tattoos For Women

1. Female Word Chest Tattoo

Add the word dream across your chest and remind yourself that everything is easy to accomplish.

2. Two Chest Word Tattoos For Girls

We do not remember days but we remember moments is something that everyone will love to engrave on their chest!

3. Chest Tattoo Quote

A gorgeous tattoo that every girl will love over her chest.

4. Small Chest Word Tattoo For Girls

Take me to church is a tattoo that religious girls will love the most.

5. Quote Chest Tattoo

Remind yourself that you should enjoy every moment with this cute print.

6. Chest Tattoos For Girls

If you have overcome sadness and depression this tattoo will suit you and will give you a new pair of eyes on life.

7. Words Inscribed On Chest Tattoo

Know that you should always enjoy any moment and that life is a fun journey.

8. Chest Tattoo For Women

Sometimes all of us just need a reminder that we have to stay positive and brave!

9. Colorful Chest Tattoo

Go for this funny chest tattoo and place the word Sayonara in this bright yellow ink.

10. Collarbone Chest Tattoo

If you’re afraid of tattoos and needles this will suit your low-key persona.

Tattoos For Men

1. Male Chest Word Tattoos

Guys can remind themselves that no pain no gain is the only road to success.

2. Tribal Chest Tattoos

If you believe in the universe and the power of fate go with this tattoo and let fate decide everything for you.

3. Male Chest Word Tattoo Designs

This is a gorgeous tattoo to consider over your chest and next to your heart.

4. Black Chest Word Tattoo

Go for this unique tribal-like print and show your fierce dominant side.

5. One Word Chest Tattoos

Go for the word balance across your chest and show that you know how to enjoy life, but balanced.

6. Simple Chest Word Tattoos

If you are an optimist or a dreamer this tattoo will suit you!

7. Quote Chest Tattoo For Men

Perfect chest tattoo for those who want a bold ink tattoo across!

8. Don’t Panic Words Tattoos

Don’t panic is a cool tattoo for men who want to stay grounded.

9. Unique Chest Word Tattoo

Cool and artsy, this tattoo looks like it has been cut deep into the skin.

10. Big Quote Chest Word Tattoo

Go for your favorite and important quote all over your chest to show your favorite song or movie.

11. Black Ink Chest Words

Stick to some letters that are unique to you and that others won’t have or know their meaning.

12. Chest Word Tattoos For Men

You can also dedicate your chest tattoo to someone important in your life.

13. Elegant Unique Chest Word Print

Remind yourself how important serenity is through this chest tattoo.

14. Detailed Inscribed Chest Tattoos

Always and forever is a cool tattoo that most people will appreciate and enjoy.

15. Angel Inscribed Chest Tattoo

Angel word across your chest will look spiritual and meaningful.

16. Tribal Chest Word Tattoo

If you like tribal and dominant ink consider this gorgeous chest print.

17. One Line Chest Word Tattoo

Live together die alone will look so cool when done in the right format.

18. Unique Black Ink Chest Word Print

Heads up when it comes to this tattoo since it will take some time to get right.

19. Cool Chest Word Tattoo

A gorgeous tattoo across your chest that will show your closeness to someone important.

20. Big Tattoo Over Chest

If you love or live in California this gorgeous chest ink tattoo will suit you.
Want A New Tattoo?
Are you ready to wear these tattoos? Which one do you like the most out of the bunch? We have covered everything for everyone’s taste and preference, don’t you agree? Let us know what you fancy the most and what you want to wear on top of your chest sometime soon, we can’t wait to see it on you!

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