Kid’s name tattoos are some of the prettiest and most sentimental tattoos that one can go for. It is a tattoo used to describe your love and closeness to the other person. If you have one or several kids just know that they’re going to appreciate you and this gesture. Keep on reading as we list out a ton of cool and pretty designs while helping you pick out something that you and your kid will love to look at and have for a lifetime!

What Is The Price Of Kid’s Name Tattoos?

Kid’s name tattoos will vary in price. The truth is that there is no one universal solution since everything comes down to the expertise of your tattoo artist. A lot of tattoo artists will bill around $90 for something super sweet and small while bigger designs will go for $450. The final price comes down to the expertise of your tattoo artist and their use of color and time/hourly quotes.

1. Children’s Name Tattoos For Dads

Your baby girl will adore this tattoo and you can show your love for her through this cool design, perfect for guys who like black ink dominant tattoos.

2. Red Ink Children Name Tattoo

This pop of red will suit girls a bit more and better than guys. If red is your favorite color and you want to show your closeness through a tattoo, this is perfect. Red is a passionate color so your kid will definitely know how much they mean to you.

3. Cute Dinosaur Kid Name Tattoo

If you are an artsy person yourself this tattoo will intrigue you! In fact, it looks so cool when done in this dinosaurs print, often worn by parents who want to make a kid-friendly and cute design.

4. Kid Name Tattoo On Arm

Simple and straightforward, this name ink tattoo over the forearm will look amazing on both genders. Perfect for those who like simplicity.

5. Two Kids Name Tattoo

If you have two kids this simple and small tattoo will suit you. Get their names tattooed on your arm and add a subtle heart print. You will look really caring and super close to your little ones.

6. Black Ink Tattoo Kids Name

An arrow tattoo will show that your child has touched you and has made such a huge impact on your entire presence. If you are thought of as a warrior or someone stubborn this print will suit your overall personality.

7. Ear Tattoo Kid Name Tattoo For Men

Not a lot of parents dare to go for this ear-placed tattoo. It is a brave placement and a choice that you will enjoy if you’re a dominant and naturally attention-seeking person yourself. Show that you’re always ready to show your affection with this small name-tag concept.

8. Cube Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

A lot of kids love to play around and have fun with their toys or cubes. Does your child enjoy games? If so, they will forever cherish this cool cube design and their name written in it!

9. Colorful Kid Name Tattoo

Go for bright colorful patterns and prints and show your love through color. Little kids will see the beauty with this design and you will forever cherish your little one’s baby years and precious moments!

10. Matching Kid Name Tattoo

If you have two kids we highly recommend getting this tattoo. With these cool bees, you will show your little ones that you truly love them and that they bring so much joy and “buzz” to your life! Perfect for kids who will grow up and fall in love with this interpretation.

11. Kids Name Tattoos On Rib

Women who like cute and sensual tattoos will also enjoy this beauty. Go for a side placement of your kids and their names to show how close all of you are! You can easily add on and build on top of this tattoo, which is what makes it look so great, especially if you plan on expanding your family.

12. Kids Name Tattoos With Dates

Go for a name tattoo but also add an important date with your chosen design. This way you will show love for your kid and you will forever cherish the date when they got born!

13. Children Name Tattoos

A pair of feet and also a name design will make an amazing concept for your baby! This will show that you will forever cherish their first steps and you can’t wait to see them grow up.

14. Kid Name Tattoos On Chest

A lot of guys like and prefer bigger chest tattoos. Does this sound like your personal preference? Show off this beauty and let your child know that they will forever be as close as possible, next to your heart!

15. Small Kid Names Tattoo

Mini wrist tattoo such as this one will suit moms who prefer smaller prints and designs that are not too hard to achieve. If you’re not a huge fan of the needle consider this kid-inspired name tattoo.

16. Collarbone Kid Name Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos are often worn by girls who like cute and romantic pieces. If you’re a fan of smaller tattoos yet you want to show love for your kid, this is the perfect way to do it in your case!

17. Flower Kid Name Tattoo

Go for a pop of purple and blue and emphasize the pure side of motherhood through this design! You will like these flowers since you can easily add more as time goes and as you expand your little family.

18. Blue Kid Name Tattoo

This dolphin tattoo will suit moms or kids who are big fans of the ocean. If your child is a sea-lover and they are always looking for something fun to do and explore just know that this piece will suit their character!

19. Sunflower Children Name Tattoos

Go for a sunflower tattoo and show your little one that they are your precious and sweet little flower. Add a name tag and they will love looking at this beauty as they grow old, perfect for any gender!

20. Two Kids Name Tattoos

Dedicate a special place for two of your kids on your arm. This way they will know how much you love them and that there are no favorites when it comes to mothers’ or fathers’ love.

21. Colorful & Bright Kid Name Tattoo

If your little one likes Lillo and Stitch this tattoo will suit their personality and you will enjoy fulfilling their wishes when it comes to this colorful design.

22. Shoulder Kid Name Tattoo

Another great cube tattoo that will show that you’re close with your little one and that you like to play with them whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you’re a fan of games in general and your someone who likes cheerful bright tattoos this is for you!

23. Name Tag Tattoo

Go for a name print and the date when your child was born. You can also use their first-time signature as an inspiration for your next tattoo. This way, you will show that you value all of their artwork and you will cherish this memory forever.

24. Puzzle Kid Name Tattoo

Puzzles are another amazing tattoo concept for kid and name tattoos. These are also often used for babies who have autism. If your child is struggling in any way just know that this tattoo will suit them and their current state.

25. Three Kids Name Tattoos

Go for name prints of all of your little ones. Stick to small and simple heart details and enjoy the simplicity of this black and white ink design. Anyone who has several kids will appreciate this form of tattooing.

26. Portrait & Kid Name Tattoos

Moms who really love their kid will like this design and portrait option, along with a name design. Customize it and represent your connection in this eternal way! If you are a first-time mom this will suit you the best.

27. Colorful Cube Kid Name Print Tattoo

Add your favorite colored cubes and stick to a name print within them. If you like colorful tattoos and you’re not afraid of showing your love and closeness for the little one, this will suit you! A must-have for anyone who is really close and wants to stay close with his or her little one.

28. Children’s Name Tattoos On Arm

Butterflies usually suit women and parents who have a daughter. Add their name underneath this butterfly and show that you’re already aware that they might spread their wings and fly away at one point.

29. Wrist Children Name Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are for those who want to show a deep connection. Show that you’re deeply connected with your baby and that you want to have them as close as possible and on your veins at any point!

30. Small & Simple Kid Name Tattoo

Simple and straightforward, this tattoo will take less than one hour to do. If you’re afraid of the needle but yet interested in showing love for your little angel, this is the way to do it!
Ready For Your Tattoo?
So, which design is your favorite and cutest? Are you into low-key and smaller tattoos or do you prefer something big and bold? Let us know what you can’t wait to wear and dedicate to your little one for a lifetime.

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