Are you into collarbone tattoos as of lately? These are gorgeous, minimalistic, as well as very flirty and sentimental when done the right way. Feel like you need a bit of inspiration when it comes to your next chest or collarbone pieces? If so, keep on reading since in today’s article we bring you some of the coolest collarbone options and designs that will interest you. Find your perfect piece down below and consider some of our colorful or black and white pieces, ideal for men and women with everyone’s personal preference taken into consideration.

Are Collarbone Tattoos Painful To Get?

Collarbone tattoos will hurt and feel uncomfortable when placed on your skin (unfortunately). This is because they are placed right next to your collarbone, which is one of the most sensitive bones in our bodies. This is why most people tend to go for small, simple, and delicate pieces, they are aware that they wouldn’t be able to handle dramatic tattoos.

Who Can Go For Collarbone Tattoos?

Although collarbone tattoos are a lot more popular among women, guys can also wear these cool options. It is all about personal preference and finding something that suits you and that you really like. The end result can be masculine or super feminine, depending on your take and imagination. Alternatively you can consider underboob and side rib tattoos.

You can go for anything that you fancy with not a lot of specific rules or requirements to follow. For women, cute collarbone tattoos are butterflies, birds, flowers, and important dates. For guys, these can be Chinese symbols, meaningful dates, and roman numbers. Discuss your options with your tattoo artist to get the best design that suits your style.

How Pricey Are Collarbone Tattoos?

Prices often vary when it comes to collarbone tattoos since the placement is tricky, which is why some tattoo artists will bill more. In most cases, you will pay anywhere from $90-$250 for small to medium-sized options.

1. Collarbone Tattoo Ideas Flowers

Gorgeous black and white floral collarbone tattoo that slightly transitions onto the shoulder.

2. Collarbone Tattoo Women Butterfly Print

Women who like feminine and cute options will enjoy this gorgeous butterfly tattoo design.

3. Collarbone Tattoo Colorful Print

Go for colorful butterflies and flowers if you’re a fan of color and dominant ideas on your collarbone.

4. Rose Collarbone Tattoo

This half-shaped moon created with flowers and blue roses is for women who like that elegant and flirty vibe.

5. Small Collarbone Tattoo

Cute pink flowers such as these will represent your romantic and generous side.

6. Black Bird Collarbone Tattoo

A giant bird across the chest symbolizes your freedom and will to travel and see the world.

7. Japanese Cherry Collarbone Tattoo

Japanese cherry is a popular tattoo concept for a lot of women.

8. Butterfly & Moon Collarbone Tattoo

This collarbone tattoo tells a fun story, who wouldn’t want such a tattoo?

9. Two Birds Collarbone Tattoo

Two little black and white birds can come off as a sentimental tattoo and an option that shows your closeness with the other person.

10. Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoo With A Bird

These Roman numbers represent an important date for a guy, as well as their closeness to someone special.

11. Blue Rose Collarbone Tattoo

Add some light blue flowers and show off this rose tattoo if you’re a fan of colorful and bright elements.

12. Small Bird Collarbone Tattoo

Show that you’re ready to fly away and spread your wings with this birdie tattoo.

13. Red Flower Collarbone Tattoo

Go for a flower tattoo and a name print to show your closeness to someone important in your life.

14. Small Pink Flowers Collarbone Tattoo

These light pink flowers will look mesmerizing on women who like lighter ideas and feminine concepts.

15. Collarbone Tattoo Design Of Two Birds

Show how close you are to someone through this cute bird concept. You will adore these two birds and their deeper representation.

16. Red Rose Collarbone Tattoo Print

If you enjoy roses this beauty will intrigue you. Show that you’re a fan of deeper honest emotions with this bright red design.

17. Blue Collarbone Tattoo Of Flowers

How about two tattoos across your collarbones? If you like pretty ideas and concepts this one is truly feminine and one of a kind.

18. Bright Pink Unicorn Collarbone Tattoo

Those who like quirky artwork and funny tattoos will see the beauty in this retro unicorn concept.

19. Nature Inspired Collarbone Tattoo

Go for some nature-inspired elements and show that you’re deeply connected to Mother Nature.

20. Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

The giant butterfly symbolizes your connection and pure hope that you show on a constant basis to the world and others around you.

21. Collarbone Tattoo Male Design

Get a meaningful tattoo across your chest and show how much you love someone and how you value them.

22. Home Collarbone Tattoo

This home-inspired tattoo is for anyone who feels true honest connection and closeness to their home.

23. Flowers Collarbone Tattoo Print

If you want a flirty tattoo try to consider this beauty. It will look amazing on anyone who enjoys flowers.

24. Whale Collarbone Tattoo

Go for a whale tattoo and show that you’re a peaceful person and someone who likes to connect with others in a spiritual way.

25. Feminine Black Ink Collarbone Tattoo

These two cool collarbone tattoos will look amazing on women who like feminine and flirty floral options.

26. Small Colorful Heart Collarbone Tattoo

Small and cute little heart print that will show off your creative and loving side. Ideal for people who want a pop of color.

27. Pop Of Blue Collarbone Tattoo Idea

Subtle and creative this small blue tattoo will take you only one hour to do.

28. Phoenix Collarbone Tattoo

Giant bird print that you’re going to enjoy if you are just like Phoenix, brave and unstoppable.

29. Small Hearts Collarbone Tattoo

Let these little hearts symbolize someone important and people who you care about in your life. Show your closeness to each person through a one heart tattoo.

30. Fox Collarbone Tattoo

A mystical yet gorgeous fox tattoo that you’re going to enjoy if you’re a nature and animal lover, as well as someone who likes animals that are quick, smart, and swift!

31. Black Flower Collarbone Tattoo

This black and white ink flower tattoo over your collarbone will symbolize the feminine side and strength that you carry.

32. Colorful Bird Collarbone Tattoo

Dedicate a colorful bird tattoo to your mom and show how much you love her through this colorful print.

33. Collarbone Tattoo For Guys

Guys who want something unusual will like this bright colorful tattoo.

Who Wants A Collarbone Tattoo?

Which one of these collarbone tattoos you can’t wait to try out and do yourself? Let us know which print is your favorite and what tattoo you want to try out. We know that you will easily find a clear winner!

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