Paper airplane tattoos are so creative, petite, and stylish. Do you enjoy getting tattoos that symbolize your childish personality, or even your will to travel and see the world? Not everyone has to get big and realistic-like airplane designs. You can opt for something small and cute, as well as something that has its meaningful side and can define your character. Keep on reading to discover some cool ideas and find your next paper airplane print down below.

What does a paper airplane tattoo symbolize?

Did you know that paper airplanes are used to symbolize your love of traveling, new beginnings, or situations in which you are ‘throwing yourself into a new future? For a lot of people, airplane tattoos or paper airplane tattoos will symbolize motivation, as well as a new path that you don’t fear taking.

1. Paper Airplane Tattoo On Arm

This airplane tattoo on your forearm will look so cute and feminine. It will also symbolize your creative and funky personality, the one that is willing to adapt to any given situation and event that surrounds you.

2. Foot Paper Airplane Tattoo

This airplane tattoo placed on your foot will show your side that is creative and still somewhat childish. These color combos will show that you’re also naturally curious and eager to learn more about life and the simplicity of it all.

3. Black Ink Paper Airplane Tattoo

A paper airplane such as this one that has two different outcomes shows a person who is always looking and creating. If you’re someone who is naturally optimistic and you’re very well aware of yourself, yet you believe in the future, give this black ink tattoo a go.

4. Small Paper Airplane Tattoo

A small paper airplane tattoo such as this one symbolizes creativity and optimism. If you’re someone who likes smaller and simpler tattoos, this black ink tattoo will suit you. It will look great over your forearm in this mini print.

5. Travel Inspired Paper Airplane Tattoo

Travel-inspired tattoos with a paper airplane and a map design will suit those who love to explore and see the world. If you’re a fan of new locations and you want to see something shortly, try this tattoo out.

6. Leg Paper Airplane Tattoo Design

Leg paper airplane tattoos and these several airplanes will look fun and creative. If you’re a natural warrior and someone who likes to stay in control at all times, this design will suit your character.

7. Cool Paper Airplane Tattoo For Men

This tattoo will remind you that it is not about how others see you, but it is about how you see yourself. If you’re someone who is naturally optimistic and you think highly of yourself, this print will suit you.

8. Minimalism Paper Airplane Tattoo

Mini paper airplane and this heart print will show that you’re a loving and caring person, as well as someone who likes to show positivity and love at all times and during any situation.

9. Bright Blue Paper Airplane Tattoo

If the color blue does it for you and if you’re someone who enjoys vivid artsy ideas, give this a go. Blue is associated with fun, brightness, and optimism, and is a color that can look as good on men and women.

10. Two Paper Airplane Tattoo Ideas

If you have a little companion who is always by your side and you love him or her dearly, these two airplanes will show your affection. Show that the two of you can’t go a minute without one another.

11. Paper Airplane Tattoo On Arm

An airplane tattoo along with a paper airplane symbol shows a person that is willing to adapt no matter the surroundings or the given situation. If you’re a fan of tattoos that symbolize your wild side and your brain and how it functions, this will suit you.

12. Colorful Foot Paper Airplane Tattoo

Foot tattoos aren’t for everyone. They are really painful to go for, so heads up before you give them a go. If you enjoy a pop of color to your chosen tattoo and you want to look like an explorer, this is your next must-do design.

13. Cool Colorful Paper Airplane Tattoo

Guys or girls who wish to travel the globe will enjoy this design. It shows a person who is always looking for some type of new adventure. If you like real 3D art and you’re someone who likes outgoing prints this entire concept will suit you.

14. Collarbone Paper Airplane Tattoo

Collarbone tattoos hurt, so heads up. Women who want something small, sweet & cute will enjoy this concept. The best part about it? It will take you 1 hour to get it.

15. Rainbow Paper Airplane Tattoo

This paper airplane rainbow tattoo is for women or men who like big and bold ideas. If you like to stand out with your chosen color combo, this little airplane does it all!

16. Neon Paper Airplane Tattoo

Not a lot of tattoo artists know how to work with neon ink or bright shades. If you fully trust your tattoo artist and you enjoy colorful and wild prints, try this one out.

17. Small Black Paper Airplane Tattoo

If you’re a persistent person and someone who knows how to control your current life situation and the path of your life, this pretty simple airplane will do it for you!

18. Chest Paper Airplane Tattoo For Guys

If your loved one is far away from you, why not get a paper airplane tattoo and put it underneath your heart? This way, they will always be close to your chest.

19. Colorful Blue Paper Airplane Tattoo

The blue color is a color of fun and positivism. If you like cool ideas and you’re eager to witness an up-coming change, show it all with this paper airplane.

20. Orange Paper Airplane Tattoo

Orange is a color of passion and good vibes. People who love to travel and are interested in a couple of new journeys that are ahead will enjoy this design.

21. Paper Airplane Tattoo Idea For Women

Cool, calm and flower-inspired, this tattoo in blue is for women who are sophisticated and obsessed with mother nature. Does this describe you?

22. Paper Airplane Tattoo And Heart Symbol

Let the world know that you will leave traces behind anywhere you go. This mini heart print is for those who are close to their relatives or family members.

23. Small Blue Paper Airplane Tattoo

Cool blue airplane tattoo such as this one is for guys who love pops of color! If you prefer smaller and minimalism art, this is for you!

24. Wrist Paper Airplane Tattoo Design

If you end up getting a wrist tattoo be prepared to tell your story to others around you over & over again. After all, this tattoo is a conversation starter.

25. Fun Stomach Paper Airplane Tattoo

Stomach tattoos are quite sexy, don’t you think so? If you like big/medium-sized tattoos this airplane with a trace is a good go-to.

26. Colorful And Artsy Paper Airplane Tattoo

Lastly, spread your wings and show that now is the time to fly with this bright colorful tattoo. If you are looking forward to a new chapter in your life, this design will do it for you!

It’s Time To Fly!
How do you feel about airplanes? Do they scare you, give you that adrenaline-boosting rush, or do you love to travel with them?! For a lot of people, airplane tattoos or paper airplane tattoos can have a deeper and more meaningful story. Let us know which one of these options has touched you the most!

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