Side tattoos are becoming more popular as people seek unique and eye-catching ways to express their individuality. Side rib tattoos are placed on the side of the rib cage, extending from the armpit to the hipbone. These tattoos are often done in a colorful and abstract style.

If you’re thinking about getting a side rib tattoo, there are several things that you should consider before getting one done. The most important thing is to make sure that your tattoo artist has experience working with this area of the body. It’s also important that you have realistic expectations about how long it will take for your tattoo to heal, since it will take longer than other types of tattoos.

Side Tattoo Pain Level + What Design To Go For

Side rib tattoo meaning can vary depending on the tattoo that you go for. Some women love to wear bigger designs and others are true minimalists. Your final choice and decision will completely vary and depend on you. Go for something that makes sense and that is personal to you. Also, make sure that you are very creative and be prepared for a mild pain sensation.

How Pricey Are Side Rib Tattoos

Side rib tattoos are a bit pricey to go for. However, their end result will depend on the size and use of color that you stick to and go for. A lot of women prefer smaller rib tattoos since their cute size and elegance can look attention-seeking and powerful without being too overpowering. In most cases, your rib tattoo will go for $100, and up to $300 (if you end up getting something really big and extravagant).

Black & White Side Rib Tattoos

1. Rose Side Tattoo

Rose side rib tattoo is a common go-to by a lot of women. Show off your feminine side with this design.

2. Butterfly Side Rib Tattoo

A butterfly rib tattoo will show that you’re always ready for adventure and that you want to spread your wings!

3. Side Rib Tattoos Female Edition

This giant side stomach rib tattoo will take you 4-5 hours to complete.

4. Leaf Side Rib Tattoo

Sid rib flower tattoo will suit younger women who are natural adrenaline junkies, driven by nature and ton of questions.

5. Small Side Tattoo

This small spiritual side rib tattoo will look feminine and cute on any woman.

6. Side Rib Tattoos Ideas

Go for this cross side rib tattoo if you are a believer and religious person.

7. Elephant Side Rib Tattoo

Elephant side rib tattoo can represent your deep emotional side, connection to your closest ones, and your family.

8. Family Portrait Side Rib Tattoo

Portrait side rib tattoo will look amazing on women who are close to their family and siblings.

9. Whale Side Rib Tattoo For Women

This whale rib tattoo will show your mysterious side and your will to explore the deep paths of life.

10. Quote Side Rib Tattoo

Side rib quote tattoo will look great if done properly and with the right font. ”Dive deeper, dream bigger” holds so much power, perfect for perfectionists.

11. Black & White Side Rib Tattoo

This moon and star side rib tattoo in black ink will take 3-6 hours to complete.

12. Floral Side Tattoo Design

Some women prefer flower tattoos. Are you one of them?

13. Baby Feet Side Rib Tattoo

Go for this small side rib tattoo if you are a mom who wants to show love for her little baby.

14. Black Ink Wolf Side Rib Tattoo

This giant stomach and side rib tattoo will take 7-8 hours to get.

15. Side Rib Tattoo Vertical Idea

If you fully trust your tattoo artist and you like this print why not commit to it and give it a go with this floral beauty?

16. Cat & Moon Side Rib Tattoo

This side rib tattoo shows your connection and love for your pet, as well as spiritual and celestial elements.

17. Small Moon Side Rib Tattoo

If you are a true moon child this tattoo will suit you.

18. Angel Side Rib Tattoo

Women who believe in angels or those who are paying respect to someone important will enjoy this side tattoo.

19. Black Small Flower Side Rib Tattoo

A small floral tattoo on the side represents your calm-headed and relaxed approach to life.

20. Side Rib Tattoos For Nature Lovers

If you are an animal lover this tattoo will look amazing on you!

21. Quote Side Rib Tattoo

With this tattoo, you will show that nobody is perfect.

22. Black Jelly Fish Tattoo on Side Rib

If you like sea creatures, this tattoo will suit on you.

23. Roses & Snake Side Rib Tattoo

It is time for a change. Go for this impressive design to get a quirky and amazing tattoo.

24. Foliage Side Rib Tattoo

A minimal foliage tattoo will be a perfect choice if you want to get a small tattoo.

25. Rose Side Rib Tattoo

Here is a small but detailed rose work here. There is no doubt that it will suit on you.

26. Cloud Side Rib Tattoo

This one may seem simple, but these lines look super-cool.

27. Ornamental Foo Dog Side Rib Tattoo

Why don’t you get an ornamental foo dog design if you are a fan of Asian tradition?

28. Mermaid Side Rib Tattoo

Do you have a passion for mermaids? Maybe it’s high time to get a fantastic mermaid tattoo.

29. Black Dragon Tattoo on Side Rib

This wingless dragon looks very elegant. It is sure that your body will shine with it.

30. Snake & Sword Side Rib Tattoo

Even though this tattoo is a tiny one, these details and meticulous work make it an art piece.

Colorful Rib Tattoos

1. Pink Side Rib Tattoo

Add a pop of color and make your tattoo feminine and flirty!

2. Bird Side Rib Tattoo

This colorful phoenix bird tattoo will look great over your rib.

3. Blue Flower Side Rib Tattoo

Dedicate your floral tattoo to someone important in your life and show that a tattoo can have meaning.

4. Small Heart Side Rib Tattoo

A cute little heart rib tattoo represents your love and closeness to someone important in your life.

5. Abstract Side Tattoo For Women

This black and red rib tattoo will take you 2 hours to do.

6. Pink Flirty Floral Side Rib Tattoo

True flower lovers will see the beauty in this design and will want to show their pure elegance.

7. Big Flower Side Rib Tattoo

This side chest tattoo will suit different age groups. It is a must-do if you like feminine designs.

8. Colorful Side Rib Tattoo Ideas

Go for a pop of red if you’re into elegant tattoos and flirty ideas.

9. Side Rib Tattoo With A Date Roman Numerals

Go for this stomach tattoo if you enjoy seamless and delicate placements.

10. Bright Pink Side Rib Tattoo

If pink is your favorite color you’re going to like this side rib concept.

11. Small Minimalist Side Rib Tattoo

Small and quick and easy to go for, this tattoo is for women who like elegance and minimalism.

12. Flowers & Butterflies Side Rib Tattoo

Show off your elegance and colorful side with this loud and bright design. It will make you look like a true artsy person.

13. Tree Of Life Side Rib Tattoo

Go for a tree of life tattoo if you enjoy sleek and chic tattoos, as well as a bit of that spiritual vibe to your designs.

14. Flaming Feather Side Rib Tattoo

This feather with brightly inked and this flame looks very realistic.

15. Beast Side Rib Tattoo

If you like unusual tattoo designs, you’re going to love this tattoo’s design so much.

16. Hand of the Mother & Paw Tattoo

A cute design with paw and hand of the mother.

17. Plum Blossom & Fish Side Rib Tattoo

Without doubt, this colorful tattoo will cheer your body up.

18. Lovely Flowers Side Rib Tattoo

This tattoo looks as colorful as an arboretum.

19. Japanese Art Side Rib Tattoo

Tattooist who made this tattoo, must be wonderful artists. This tattoo looks so realistic that it looks like a sticker.

20. Phoenix Side Rib Tattoo

These lines and colors look great on that phoenix tattoo.

21. Whale Side Rib Tattoo

If you’re fond of the underwater world, you will adore this design.

22. Butterflies Side Rib Tattoo

These cheerful butterflies will give a positive energy on your rib.

23. Colorful Moons Side Rib Tattoo

These moons are waiting for you if you like strange but cool tattoo designs.

24. Red Dragon Side Rib Tattoo

The process of inking can be a little bit painful, but eventually, you will have an amazing detailed dragon tattoo.

25. Native Skeleton Side Rib Tattoo

Isn’t it an interesting design of skull face with some colorful vibes?

26. Colorful Side Rib Tattoo

These lines make this small tattoo a gorgeous piece.

27. Fox Side Rib Tattoo

Small but detailed piece of ink here. Tattooist made a good job by inking it meticulously.

28. Large Size Rib Tattoo

This kind of large-sized tattoos are hard to ink in a short span of time but it totally worths it.

29. Crest Side Rib Tattoo

With other details, this crest design looks great on that side rib. You are sure to rock.

30. Norigae Side Rib Tattoo

If you like Korean tradition, you will love this colorful tattoo.

31. Evil Eye Side Rib Tattoo

This evil eye tattoo will protect you from bad luck. You should definitely try it out.

32. Rose Side Rib Tattoo

These roses look realistic and elegant on that body.

33.  Frog Side Rib Tattoo

This tattoo looks so real. Your friend may think that it’s a real at first glance.

Time To Look Your Best
Side rib tattoos will look so sexy on women who know how to wear elegant tattoos. Show off your stylish and dare-devil side with one of these prints. Let us know which one you fancied the most, we can’t wait to see what you end up wearing on your torso!

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