Heart tattoos come in a wide variety and each can have its own special meaning. With a simple heart tattoo, you can transform it into almost anything you want it to be. Heart tattoos are one if the most popular and requested tattoos out there and easy to create into your own unique thing.

If you’re considering getting a heart tattoo, here are a few of our favorites to help give you a little more inspiration.

1. Love Grows


This actual heart tattoo can represent a lot of things.

2. Traditional Heart


A traditional heart is a little more standard but you can do a lot with it.

3. Grief


Hearts and daggers can go hand in hand.

4. Mini


If you’re looking for something small, a heart is a great idea.

5. Flower Heart


Create a design with your heart.

6. Self Love


A tattoo to help remember to put yourself first.

7. Minimal


Minimal tattoos are popular and adorable.

8. Thumb Prints


Take two important thumbs to create a unique heart.

9. Simple


This simple and small heart tattoo can have a lot of meaning.

10. Lolli


Have some fun with your heart tattoo.

11. Numerous Hearts


These hearts come in all shapes and sizes.

12. Names


Add names to you hearts for the most important people in your life.

13. Watercolors


Lighten up your heart with a little fun color.

14. Classic


Everyone needs the classic Mom tattoo.

15. Passion


Use a heart to what you’re truly passionate about.

16. Reflection


Your heart tattoo can be anything you want it to be.

17. Heart Balloon


Combine two incredible designs into one tattoo.

18. Gamer


Even gamers can get cool Mario themed heart tattoos.

19. Sailor Moon


Anime fans rejoice with this heart tattoo.

20. Cloud


A heart cloud is a cool and unique tattoo.

21. Beach


Always keep the beach near.

22. Mini


This super tiny tattoo won’t be too noticeable.

23. Abstract Hearts


Make your heart tattoo unique to yourself.

24. Realistic Heart


Don’t go for your standard heart.

25. Heart Clover


Create a clover with a cluster of hearts.

26. Sketch


This sketch heart is cool and different.

27. Barbed Wire


A barbed wire heart tattoo is a classic.

28. Gem Heart


Make your heart look like a beautiful gem.

29. Line Heart


This heart tattoo is one beautiful line made into a heart.

30. All Love


Let your rainbow shine.

31. Bones


If you love bones, show it.

32. Cat Power


Maybe being a crazy cat lady is a good thing.

33. Minimal Heart Tattoo


We have a great minimalist heart tattoo idea for you! A perfect shape of heart which is filled with a black ink will shine on your arm. What makes this tattoo design mesmerizing is that the lines used inside the heart create sun rays effect. Are you ready to shine like a sun?

34. Shady Heart Tattoo on Shoulder


You may find the design aesthetically pleasing and you are absolutely right about it! The tattoo is placed on the shoulder and it is a small one. The heart is shaded in a way that creates a 3D effect, giving the appearance of depth and dimension. All of the details offer a lifelike image, so if you want a nice tattoo, go for it.

35. Line Floral Heart Tattoo


Wanna show your love with a simple heart tattoos? Then, the one above is for you. This design features a heart shape made up of delicate lines and embellished with floral elements. Not all outer parts of the heart are covered with flowers since they are placed on just a small part of its right side. The beauty of them add a nice detail to the heart symbol.

36. Ornamental Heart Tattoo


The tattoo features a heart shape with decorative elements such as filigree, scrollwork, or other ornate designs. If you look at the center of this heart symbol, you can see a small heart as a nice detail. It is placed on the back of the arm and it looks great there. These type of tattoos are often used to symbolize love, affection, or devotion.

37. Skull Couple Heart Tattoo


In this tattoo, there are two skull images for each member of a couple and they are connected inside red heart symbol. As you can see above, they are holding each other’s faces. It symbolizes the bond and love that the couple shares. You can get this tattoo to represent a strong, enduring love or a reminder of a loved one who has passed away.

38. Fun Heart Tattoo


To get this beautiful tattoo, the first thing is to draw a square and place a nice-shaped red heart inside it. Then, two people carrying the heart on top of their heads are added. The lines are perfect and the warmth of the red color makes the tattoo eye-catching.

39. Traditional Floral Heart Tattoo


This tattoo is a symbol of love and affection! In this traditional heart tattoo, black ink is used to fill inside the heart and it is decorated with blue flowers and purple leaves. One flower and one leaf go out of the frame of the heart shape and it creates a unique look. The black heart and blue flowers with purple leaves are a powerful expression of love and individuality, so let’s get it inked.

40. Side Rib Floral Heart Tattoo


Wanna combine feminine and romantic elements in just one tattoo? If your answer is yes, this tattoo is definitely for you. A big line heart tattoo is placed on the side rib, which is a popular spot for many women, and then some flowers and leaves are added to give the tattoo a cute and feminine look. Especially when you wear crop tops, your tattoo will stand out easily.

41. Coffin & Heart Tattoo


The coffin represents the finality of death and the end of life and it is placed as a base of this heart tattoo. On the coffin, a red heart and blood drops are placed and they give such a strong meaning since they serve as a reminder of a lost loved one or as a symbol of a personal journey through grief. Also, blue flowers with thorns are placed around the coffin, which symbolizes a painful, yet beautiful journey.

42. Pixel Hearts Tattoo


These three hearts are made up of small, pixelated dots just like the graphics found in early video games. As you can see above, this heart tattoo is also a kind of low battery tattoo because of the red ink in the first pixel heart. With a tattoo like this, you can show your devotion to nostalgia for classic video games or your low battery or energy for love.

43. Heart Tattoo on Palm


If you can get this tattoo, it means you are so brave! The placement on the palm is a unique and noticeable spot, often signifying the the boldness and willingness to display a tattoo prominently. Although it can be painful to get this palm tattoo, simple design of this heart looks nice.

44. Angel with Heart Tattoo


Traditional tattoos rock! This tattoo features an angel with spread wings, holding a heart in its hands. The heart represents love and the wings symbolize protection, while the angel represents guidance and divine intervention. Plus, the combo of a traditional tattoo style and a vibrant color palette is amazing!

45. Heart & Skeleton Tattoo


Those who want to stand out from the crowd can go for this tattoo. A simple line heart tattoo can get so weird with a funny skeleton that holds a knife in its mouth. It sounds strange but it is a unique design. This tattoo typically symbolizes the duality of life and death, love and loss, or good and evil.

46. Dagger & Heart Tattoo


Here is a popular tattoo design of a dagger and heart. The dagger goes through the red heart and black blood drops comes from the heart since it is hurt. This tattoo is often used to represent a love that is strong enough to protect and defend, or to symbolize someone who is ready to defend their loved ones. You can place this tattoo anywhere on the body, but is most commonly found on the forearm or upper arm just like above.

47. Heart-Shaped Scenery Tattoo


Are you a sunset lover? If you are, here is a great tattoo idea to show your love of sunsets. In this design, the sun goes down behind a heart-shaped horizon and trees are seen as well as an electric power transmission, so a realistic view is created. It’s not too big or small and it is done on upper arm. The bright and vibrant colors of orange and yellow represent the beauty and warmth of the sunset. Go and get it.

48. Dotwork Heart Lock Tattoo


You will love every detail of this amazing heart tattoo! What makes this design different from other heart tattoos is that a heart lock is used. By using dotwork patterns which are about using small dots and lines, a detailed and texture heart lock is created. Also, a sparkle symbol is placed at the back of the lock and you know what? This tattoo says “Lock and shine!”.

49. Crown & Heart Tattoo


Here is a great combo of a crown and a heart. Line art techniques are used to create this tattoo and it doesn’t offer perfect lines but random ones. On the upper left side of the heart, a beautiful crown is added. A crown is meant to symbolize power, authority, and nobility while heart represents love, passion, and emotion. Together, the crown and heart tattoo can symbolize the balance between power and love. For an artistic touch, a red watercolor splash is used.

50. Devil Heart Tattoo


A red devil heart tattoo may be all you need to represent your rebellious and mischievous nature. The symbol of a devil is incorporated to the red heart and an orange ink is also used as a nice detail. Let’s go and get this tattoo done on your upper leg as a symbol of your love of danger.

51. Ghost and Hearts Tattoo


This tattoo may look scary at first but it has a nice-looking side, too. A ghost with a knife covered in blood is placed at the center of the heart and it is making a heart with its hands. Its body is also created by using different shading details and dotwork tattoo design. Above its shoulders, small red hearts are added.

52. Red Ink Heart Tattoo


Inside the heart, there is a detailed rose, which is a symbol of love. Thin red lines are used to create this tattoo and this is what makes it minimalist and simple. It also looks like a great combo because the heart represents love and passion, while the rose inside the heart adds a romantic and feminine touch to the design. This can be a great design to get on arm or leg.

53. Traditional Heart Tattoo


The American tattoo style, featuring bold lines, bright colors, and a heart shape is amazing. The red heart has a banner across it with the word “grandma” written inside, with other decorative elements such as a flower and clover. This tattoo may be used as a way to honor and remember your grandmother who has passed away. It can also be used as a way to keep your memory alive.

54. Spider Web Heart Tattoo


If you have a dark and mysterious nature, it’s time to show it to everyone with a unique tattoo design. To create the heart above, a spider web is used and the word “creep” is added with a bold font inside the heart. The spider web represents the complexity and intricacy of the individual’s thoughts and emotions, while the heart represents their emotional depth. It is placed on the upper leg, which is a popular part of the body to get a tattoo.

55. Heart of Barbed Wire Tattoo


A heart shape that is made up of barbed wire is all you need to stand out from the crowd. The barbed wire represents the difficulties and hardships someone has overcome in life but even if you don’t want to represent these concepts, you can still get it jut because you like barbed wires. The heart is placed in the middle of the arm and is a medium size tattoo, not too small or too large.

56. Smiley Face Heart Tattoo


This tattoo design features a smiling face with red cheeks, placed within a heart shape, and tattooed using crayon ink. Crayon ink is a type of tattoo ink that is made from melted down crayons and has a more vibrant and playful appearance. It is placed on the upper arm and it will be a reminder of positive emotions and good memories.

57. Memorial Heart Tattoo


The tattoo above represents the memory and love for a mother who has passed away. The heart symbol has some dotwork details and it symbolizes love. The word “moms” that is placed on the heart is a tribute to the person being remembered. The tattoo is also decorated with flowers which represent beauty and growth that can come from grief and loss.

58. Red Lipstick Heart Tattoo


If you love lipsticks, especially red lipsticks, this tattoo is for you. The heart symbol drawn with the lipstick looks amazing above the lipstick tattoo. In addition, this is a tattoo that will be very visible because it is made on the outer part of the arm.

59. Red Crystal Heart Tattoo


Here is an eye-catching design that symbolizes love, passion, and vitality. The tattoo features a red heart-shaped crystal with intricate details and patterns. It almost looks like a real crystal because of shading details that are applied with different shades of red and black ink. Let’s get this shiny heart on your wrist to shine bright like a diamond.

60. Simple Heart Tattoo on Finger


Those who want to go for a minimalist design will absolutely love this tattoo! This cute heart tattoo is small in size and it is placed on finger. The finger placement of the tattoo is also a unique and eye-catching location for the tattoo. Every time you move your fingers, you will remind yourself the importance of self-love with it.

61. Stages of Heart Tattoo


Combining realistic and abstract art in one tattoo design sounds great, doesn’t it? There are three different heart shapes above. The first one depict a detailed illustration of a heart as it would appear in the human body, with realistic shading and texture and it slowly turns into a pixel art. A combo of half realistic heart and half pixel heart is seen in the second design. Lastly, a perfect and complete pixel heart appears.

62. Couple Heart Tattoo on Wrist


To represent the love between two people, this tattoo idea is perfect. The intertwining of the hearts symbolizes the connection and unity of the couple, as well as their commitment to each other. The shading effects that are applied to the hearts make it look three dimensional. The placement of the tattoo on the wrist also suggests that the couple’s love is always present and visible, as the tattoo can be seen whenever the wearer moves their wrist.

When it comes to getting a heart tattoo, you can have a lot of fun with it. The tattoo can have a personal meaning to you, it could be filler, or you can just have fun and make it something beautiful and unique.

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