Have you ever thought about getting a semicolon tattoo? It is a unique piece that can symbolize deep and sentimental feelings, along with leaving an important message. In fact, a semicolon tattoo is used to describe the grieving process or the feeling of having to deal with depression, but still coming out of it as a stronger individual. Do you like its message? If that is the case keep on reading! In this article, we’re going to talk about a lot of these cool tattoo ideas while leaving you with a plethora of options down below.

Meaning of Semicolon Tattoos?

The semicolon tattoo is a simple but powerful symbol. It represents the idea that you are stronger than your struggles, and that you can overcome whatever life throws at you.

The semicolon tattoo is becoming increasingly popular with people who have struggled with depression and anxiety, as well as cancer survivors. It’s also popular with people who feel like they’ve been through some kind of trauma or tragedy in their lives, because it reminds them to continue moving forward despite their pain.

The meaning behind this tattoo can vary from person to person, depending on their personal experience. Some people choose to get this tattoo as an act of defiance against depression and anxiety; others use it as a reminder not to give up when life gets difficult. The possibilities are endless!

Where To Place A Semicolon Tattoo?

The placement always comes down to your personal preference and your ideal design. Do you prefer small and simple or big and gorgeous designs? Women prefer to go for sentimental and hidden placements, such as behind their ears, on their wrists, or ankles. Guys like the attention, which is why they oftentimes stick to big and bold calf, back, or chest designs. In the end, the final choice and placement are all up to you!

Semicolon Tattoos For Women

Semicolon tattoos for women can vary and can look like a true masterpiece. If you prefer small and petite designs + you want something that is deep and important to you in your own way, here are your options to consider!

1. Semicolon Tattoo Over Ear


Small, cute, and simple, this butterfly tattoo with a semicolon design is here to represent your sad and hard moments, yet how you like to deal with them on your own and in private. A butterfly symbolizes how you can fly away and find happiness elsewhere if and when needed.

2. Semicolon Tattoo Heart Print


Cute wrist tattoo that you’re going to like especially in this black and red color combo. It shows your love and closeness to the other person, a must-have if you and someone close to you have gone through something hard together.

3. Semicolon Butterfly Print


This semicolon and butterfly tattoo print will show that you like to stay positive and cheerful, no matter how rough and heavy the situation has been.

4. Heart Semicolon Design


This small hand tattoo and its red color combo will symbolize your love and determination. You have fallen in love with yourself, and life and you love the outcome and what the future holds in your case!

5. Semicolon Sunflower Tattoo Design


A bright yellow sunflower tattoo and this semicolon duo will show that you are an optimist, despite the past that may have been rough.

6. Bright Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo


If purple is your favorite color you’re going to enjoy this design. Heads up since you will need to book a skilled artist in order to leave with a similar piece.

7. Semicolon Tattoo Cat Print


Semicolon and cat tattoo print is an unusual combo to go for. If you have been grieving the loss of a pet this is a tattoo for you to consider.

8. Semicolon Lotus Tattoo


Flowers usually symbolize purity, femininity, and elegance. If you prefer to wear girly designs that still hold a ton of power, this is something to go for.

9. Purple Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo


Colorful, unique, and bright, this semicolon tattoo will show that you can deal with anything that comes your way in your own unique approach.

10. Giant Mystical Semicolon Tattoo


Women who like mysterious elements, the power of the zodiac, and spirituality – this is a cool tattoo for you!

11. Colorful Waterprint Semicolon Design


Colorful red heart symbol is used to describe your will to live, love, and laugh, as well as to embrace life and the new chapter that you’ve been granted.

12. Small Black Tattoo Semicolon Design


If you’re afraid of needles and you prefer smaller and simpler designs, consider this tattoo. It will take you less than an hour to achieve it.

13. Light Pastel Semicolon Tattoo


Unique pastel colors and bright patterns can be so much fun! With this semicolon tattoo, you’re telling the rest of the world that you’re tougher and a lot more radiant now.

14. Wrist Semicolon Tattoo


If you have loved and lost an important person consider this black ink duo and a semicolon tattoo print.

15. Splash Of Color Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo


Don’t let the past define you. This gorgeous butterfly semicolon tattoo design will show that you’re ready for a new chapter.

Semicolon Tattoos For Men

Guys usually prefer and tend to go for bigger tattoos. All of these will symbolize new beginnings, but done in a masculine way, showing off your determination and a tough past.

1. Skull Semicolon Tattoo


Guys who wish to look tough will definitely enjoy this black ink skeleton duo.

2. Wrist Semicolon Print Tattoo


Small and somewhat petite or hidden, this semicolon tattoo on your wrist will tell a big story without looking too flashy or attention-seeking.

3. Chemist Semicolon Tattoo


Incorporate a semicolon tattoo into your everyday life and work field. This chemist-inspired design with a semicolon print is perfectly hidden yet it can easily blend right in.

4. Small Simple Semicolon Design


Just a simple dot that takes less than five minutes to do can hold so much power, why not consider it?

5. Red Semicolon Tattoo


Some people prefer subtle pops of color. If you want to give it a go with this red semicolon tattoo just know that it will symbolize a close romantic relationship that you have had with someone that has passed away.

6. Live Semicolon Tattoos


Show that now you’re ready to live and that you’re a lot more quirky and optimistic than before.

7. Colorful Cross Semicolon Tattoo


Some people may find salvation in their religion. Give it a go with this colorful water splash tattoo and show that now you’re fully reborn.

8. Sun Design Semicolon Tattoo


Go for a calf placement if you’re a fan of bigger designs and masculine concepts.

9. Black Cross Semicolon Tattoo


Black ink tattoo and this straightforward design will suit those who dislike the needle, yet want to tell their own story in a fast-forward way.

10. Pet Paw Semicolon Tattoo


A pet paw and this semicolon symbol can be used to show just how close you and your pet were. Perfect for sentimental souls.

11. Colorful Artsy Semicolon Design


A masterpiece such as this one will take 2-3 hours to achieve. If you’re a fan of loud and quirky tattoos this is for you to consider.

12. Butterfly Semicolon Splash Design


Who says that guys can’t go with a butterfly tattoo? This colorful semicolon will show that you’re strong and open-minded, ready to experience new beauties of life.

13. Heartbeat Semicolon Tattoo


If your life has stopped for a millisecond at one point this unique design is for you! Perfect for those who have had a tough battle at one point.

14. World Globe Semicolon Tattoo


Cool world globe tattoo that is fun and retro, perfect for those who still want to see all the beauties of the world and don’t want their lives to end.

15. Purple Semicolon Tattoo


Lastly, if purple is your color and you prefer brighter designs go with this tattoo! It will look great on your leg or your thighs.
Want A New Design?
If you want you can give it a go with any of these semicolon tattoo ideas. Are you more so into simple and monochrome or big and bright ideas? Either way it may be we know that you’re going to narrow down your choice and selection easily and with our tattoos. Let us know which one you fancy the best!

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