Neck tattoos for men can range and differ when it comes to their size, color and meaning. Are you naturally and often driven by unique tattoos and do you want to have something unique and different from the rest? If so, we’re going to list a ton of different options that will interest you and that will suit your style. Neck tattoos for men are usually big and noticeable, done in flashy prints and color. Also, most guys tend to go for animal prints over their necks. Keep on reading as we discuss and show you 30+ unique options that will intrigue you.

What Are The Best Neck Tattoos For Men?

A neck tattoo can be quite creative and powerful, and it can be anything that you want it to be. There are no restrictions or rules when it comes to mean-looking and manly designs. A lot of guys prefer tiger, lion, and cheetah prints, while some will go for a tattoo that has a significant date or number on top to show appreciation for their closest ones. The choice is up to you. As long as the tattoo is sentimental and it makes sense, why not go for it?

Do Neck Tattoos Hurt?

Neck tattoos for men are not the most pleasant tattoos that one can go for. In fact, they are quite painful and are usually worn only by those who can handle the pain. Make sure that you are prepared mentally and that you are ready for the tattooing process since otherwise, it can be an unpleasant experience.

How Pricey Are Neck Tattoos?

The price of your neck tattoo can truly vary and will mostly depend on your preferred size and color use. Most tattoo artists tend to bill around $80 for smaller and seamless tattoos. Bigger fonts and ideas done in a bright color will go for $200. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is skilled and go for someone who can meet your expectations and your tattooing style.

1. Flower Neck Tattoos

Add some cool flowers to your neck tattoo and show that even men can rock “feminine” ideas with full confidence!

2. Quote Neck Tattoos For Men

If you’re a cheerful and optimistic person naturally this design will intrigue you.

3. Small Neck Tattoos Male Design

Not everyone would dare to try out this eye print on their neck, but would you? It kind of looks like that third eye symbol, don’t you think?

4. Front Neck Tattoos For Men

Decorate both sides of your neck and place the tattoo seamlessly towards your chest.

5. Sinner Neck Tattoo

Do you feel like you’ve sinned? If so, this back neck tattoo will suit you!

6. Side Neck Tattoo

Some men have a clear vision of what they want to do in life. If you can relate to that you’re going to like this neck tattoo.

7. Wings Neck Tattoos

Go for a pair of wings if you want to come off as an independent person who can always go with the flow!

8. Wolf Neck Tattoo For Men

If there’s a strong wolf within you and you’re a natural hunter this will look amazing on you!

9. Back Skull Neck Tattoo

Men who want to make something a bit more scary and unique will like this combo.

10. Tigar Neck Tattoo

Make sure that you are very patient when it comes to this neck tattoo.

11. Front Neck Tattoos For Men With Saying

Do you like tattoos that others aren’t aware of or their translation? Plata o Plomo is a Colombian Spanish slang phrase that translates to “silver or lead.”

12. Big Neck Tattoo

Make sure that you know of an amazing tattoo artist before you commit to this neck tattoo.

13. Mario Neck Tattoo For Guys

If you’re still a kid at heart you’re going to like this funny and cartoon print!

14. Dinosaur Neck Tattoo For Men

Go for a pop of color and defined lines to make this tattoo stand out.

15. Praying Hands Neck Tattoo

If you’re a religious person and someone who is faithful try giving this neck tattoo a go.

16. Mandala Neck Tattoo

If you like to pay close attention to details this design will look amazing on you.

17. Name Neck Tattoo For Guys

Dedicate a neck tattoo to someone you love and who is close to you. They are going to appreciate it.

18. Owl Tattoo Back Neck Tattoo For Men

Show that you’re a natural explorer and someone who likes to seek truth in your own way.

19. Bird Tattoo On Neck For Guys

Even guys can rock flower tattoos! This one symbolizes persistence and new beginnings.

20. Bright Flower Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo of some cool wings will show that you are always on the move, looking for your next big adventure.

21. Pair Of Wings Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo of some cool wings will show that you are always on the move, looking for your next big adventure.

22. Medusa Neck Tattoo

This Medusa-inspired print will take you 4 hours to complete. Heads up since neck tattoos are painful.

23. Powerful Neck Tattoos For Men

Mystical neck tattoos do so well on men! Show that you’re also in touch with your private side.

24. Front Neck Tattoos Artwork

If you like owls this black and white neck tattoo will suit you. It will take you a couple of hours to finish it. Heads up since it is placed on an inconvenient spot.

25. Bird Tattoo In The Back

This bird tattoo shows that you’re ready to bring positivity and start your new journey.

26. Devil Tattoo On Neck

Such an amazing concept! This neck tattoo of a devil shows that you are always well aware of what is being said to you.

27. Flower Outline Neck Tattoos Male

This detailed neck tattoo will look amazing on younger men who love to follow trends.

28. Mask Tattoo On Neck For Guys

Go for a mask print and show that you know that people tend to be fake.

29. Geisha Neck Tattoo

This gorgeous geisha tattoo on your neck will make you look like a true explorer and someone who appreciates every culture.

30. Realistic Neck Tattoo

Lastly, go for this cut-inspired neck tattoo and know that everyone will ask if it’s real!
Want A Cool Neck Tattoo?
Which one of these neck tattoos you just can’t wait to wear? Are you ready to show off your fierce and mean-looking style? Let us know what you like the most and what you want to have forever tattooed on your skin, we can’t wait to see you rocking something unique!

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