Roman numerals are an old-fashioned way of writing numbers. They’re used to express the value of a number when using the Roman system, which uses letters from the alphabet instead of numbers.

Roman numerals are used in many different places and ways, but they’re most commonly used in tattoos.

Why would you want a roman numeral tattoo? Well, there are many reasons! Maybe you have a special date that’s expressed in roman numerals: your anniversary or birthday, for example. Maybe it’s an important anniversary for someone else in your life—like their wedding anniversary or perhaps even something like their first day of school or first day at work.

Roman numerals are also used in many cultures around the world and can carry different meanings depending on where they are placed on your body. For example: A V tattooed on your hand represents victory; an X tattooed on your hand represents Christ; an L tattooed on your wrist represents loyalty; and an M tattooed on your ankle represents motherhood.

How do you choose what roman numeral tattoo will look best on you? Well, there are several factors to consider when choosing one: What kind of design do you want? Are there any meanings associated with specific roman numerals? How large do you want it to be? Do you prefer a script font or something more bold like block letters? No worries though, we have some great tattoo designs for you!

Roman Numeral Tattoos For Women

1. Roman Numeral On Forearm

This Roman numeral tattoo will look amazing over your forearm. It is also a common tattoo placement for women who enjoy feminine and cute art.

2. Roman Numeral Tattoo Side Boob

Go for a rib tattoo if you fancy sexy and sensual placements. Heads up since rib tattoos hurt.

3. Thigh Roman Numeral Tattoo

An important date or dates can look amazing over your thigh, especially if you have something bigger in your mind.

4. Small Wrist Roman Numeral Tattoo

Small, sweet, and cute, yet perfect to show off if you like wrist tattoos.

5. Booty Roman Numeral Tattoo

Those who like to look risky and women who enjoy fiery ideas will also like this placement.

6. Arm Roman Numeral Tattoo

Go for this forearm tattoo and show that you have someone important to who you can dedicate it.

7. Simple Roman Numeral Tattoo

Go for the most simple and basic print if you want to have a Roman numeral tattoo that shows respect.

8. Black Outline Roman Numeral Tattoo

This back-arm design is for women who like cute and quirky ideas.

9. Giant Shoulder Roman Numeral Tattoo

Go for a picture print and an important date to round up the design in your own unique way.

10. Chest Roman Numeral Tattoo

If you’re a sexy and fiery person who enjoys sensual designs this chest tattoo will suit you. Heads up since it is a painful one to go for.

11. Roman Numeral Tattoo On Arm

Defined and black outline ink such as this will look good on women who enjoy straightforward tattoos.

12. Roman Numeral Tattoo With A Name

Go for a name print and a meaningful date right underneath it since it will tell a fun story + it will look very personal.

Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men

1. Roman Numeral Tattoo On Chest

This neck tattoo of just one Roman numeral number will look good and straightforward without being too up in your face.

2. Black Roman Numeral Tattoo For Men

Give this chest tattoo a try if you have masculine features and you’re happy with your chest size.

3. Cartoon Roman Numeral Tattoo

This Roman tattoo with a mini lion print character will suit guys who want to dedicate their tattoos to their kids.

4. Roman Numeral Tattoo For Men

Go for a name tattoo along with a giant Roman numeral number.

5. Black Outline Roman Numeral Tattoo

This type of Roman numeral tattoo is often a go-to by those who have had a loss of some sort and want to dedicate their design to their closest one.

6. Roman Numeral Tattoo On Shoulders

Shoulder tattoos can look great on guys who work out and those who prefer larger black ink.

7. Small Roman Numeral Tattoo On Chest

So cool and sentimental when needed, this chest tattoo can look amazing on most individuals.

8. Roman Numeral Tattoo And Name

Go for the “little girl” quote and place it with a significant date underneath.

9. Big Neck Roman Numeral Tattoo

Giant and outgoing, this neck tattoo is for men who prefer larger ideas and like Roman prints, as well as bold ink.

10. Roman Numeral Tattoo For Guys

Trust your tattoo artist to commit to this arm design.

11. Roman Numeral Tattoo With Red Ink

Cool and different, this arm tattoo with both black and red ink will look different and outgoing, ready to give it a go?

12. Small Neck Roman Numeral Tattoo

Try out this neck tattoo only if your job allows you to wear something as noticeable.

13. Black Lines Roman Numeral Tattoo

Defined black lines and this Roman tattoo will look great on both genders.

14. Side Stomach Roman Numeral Tattoo

Side stomach tattoos can hurt quite a lot, so heads up before you give them a go.

15. Personal Roman Numeral Tattoo

Place a rose tattoo along with a Roman numeral print to show your love and affection.

16. Roman Numeral Tattoo For Men On Shoulders

This small shoulder tattoo will take you 2 hours to do.

17. Forearm Roman Numeral Tattoo Design

A forearm tattoo such as this one will look sentimental and powerful at the same time.

18. Big Roman Numeral Tattoo On Neck

Heads up since this giant neck tattoo is noticeable and flashy, not for those who enjoy minimalism.

19. Roman Numeral Tattoo Clean Design

Try out an important date that makes sense to you and which is sentimental in its own way.

20. Funny Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman tattoo and this Goku symbol are for those who enjoy quirky and cartoon prints.

Roman Numerals Coming Your Way!
Are you ready to try out a new tattoo? Which Roman symbol and the Roman number is your must-do? Let us know, we can’t wait to see what you end up picking!

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