Have you ever struggled with mental health issues? If so, you should know that you’re not the only one. Mental health is a serious topic that surrounds us all, and people who have been struggling with depression, anxiety, or anything similar can show that they’ve fought it through. If you want to show just how strong-minded you are and how much life has changed and shaped you – this article is for you! Keep on trading and find a tattoo that is all about celebrating mental health and your victory.

1. Black Cloud Mental Health Tattoo


This black cloud with flower symbols shows that you’re nowadays a natural optimist, although life may have treated you poorly in the past. If you’re ready to embrace a positive change, this tattoo is for you!

2. Chemistry Mental Health Tattoo


Show that you’re looking for serotonin and that there’s a chemical change happening in your brain. If you’re seeking happiness (aren’t we all tho) show it with this design.

3. Mysterious Mental Health Tattoo


Remind yourself that you should be kind to your mind with this design. Those who have a lot of things happening or going on will love the complexity of this black ink tattoo, as well as how you can interpret it per your beliefs.

4. Quote Mental Health Tattoo


No matter how dark it gets, the sun’s gonna rise again! Remind yourself of this and let the world see your positive attitude toward life. Decorate this tattoo with these cute flowers as well and enjoy the design over your arm.

5. Mental Health Tattoo Design With A Quote


If you’re someone who enjoys listening to music and it can get you moving or grooving around, this tattoo is for you! Show that it can open up your heart, your mind, and your emotions, and show it off onto your wrists as a meaningful and spiritual design.

6. Meaningful Mental Health Tattoo


Even stars need darkness to shine! This is the exact quote that you can go for if you’re looking for some positivity in your life and on your spiritual journey. Go for the wrist placement to make the design even more mesmerizing and unique.

7. Continue Mental Health Tattoo


Let yourself know that you should continue to live life and that you’re a warrior, no matter what happens! This cool forearm tattoo is going to look amazing on guys and girls since the tattoo knows no gender or preference.

8. Back Mental Health Tattoo


Go for the word “over” and place it across your back. This goes to show you that sometimes, although you may think that your life might be over, it isn’t! Go for black-defined ink and rock this tattoo proudly.

9. Butterfly Mental Health Tattoo


Set yourself free is a fun quote that all of us can go for. Let the world know your true colors and intentions with this design. It is going to look amazing with a pop of color on top.

10. Funny Mental Health Tattoo


Do you have supportive friends in life and in your family? If so, this tattoo can show it! Let the world know that everyone is rooting for you and that you’ve managed to take over a battle with this positive spirit, thanks to the closeness of your truest ones.

11. Warrior Mental Health Tattoo


If you’re strong as a warrior and you’re a determined individual, this tattoo is for you. Show that you’ve always managed to fight through anything negative and that you’re a determined individual who never stops to fight and exploring!

12. Band Aid Mental Health Tattoo


This small and colorful little bandaid is a cool tattoo that can cover your scars! If you’ve suffered a lot and you’re ready to overcome everything in your life, this is for you and your positive spirit.

13. Creative Mental Health Tattoo


Go for this cool twisted font idea and try out this print on top of your forearm. Guys or girls who wish to look thick-skinned are going to like this concept. If you’re an artsy creative person, this is for you!

14. Wrist Mental Health Tattoo


A wrist tattoo such as this one is going to remind you that you are still alive and that you should never stop fighting. The wrist placement is ideal if you have had issues with wrist cutting and severe depression.

15. Wrist Mental Health Tattoo Design


Remind yourself that you should always trust the process and that your spirit is all about staying positive in negative situations. The end result can look good on both genders.

16. Artsy Piece Mental Health Tattoo


This artsy tattoo is a fun piece to go for. It symbolizes your imagination and how the storm can change you, as well as anything good or bad that may come your way.

17. Black Cool Ink Mental Health Tattoo


Try out this cool arm tattoo and this forearm design. This cool black ink tattoo is going to take you 2-3 hours to achieve + it symbolizes a person who has had an interesting life and a fun story to tell.

18. Small Minimalism Mental Health Tattoo


Sometimes and in your life, it is all about understanding or changing your perception and your perspective. This cool font is going to look so good when done with the right ink and way of tattooing. It is also a minimalist tattoo that you may enjoy.

19. Scars Mental Health Tattoo


Let yourself know that you’re so much more than your scars. This way of doing tattoos is also fun and practical for those who wish to hide their scars and the parts of their past.

20. Creative Mental Health Tattoo Design


Let yourself know that you should continue your life and your lifestyle. Fighting through depression or anxiety might take a while, but at least you’re on the right path as of now! This is a gorgeous portrait tattoo that you’re going to fancy on your arm or your forearm.

21. Breathe Mental Health Tattoo


Let yourself remember and know that you should always breathe. This small mini tattoo on your palm symbolizes a person who is ready to overcome anything. Go for the word “breathe” and know that this tattoo will take you less than an hour to do!

22. Funny Ghost Mental Health Tattoo


This funny ghost tattoo is used to describe your silly side and your way of joking about personal issues or mental issues. Although you may be dead on the inside, you’re still ready to enjoy the life that you will have quite soon.

23. Puzzle Piece Mental Health Tattoo


Puzzle tattoos and puzzle pieces are used to describe your personality and how sometimes you wish to connect the dots. If you’re creative and naturally curious, this design is for you. It is going to show that you have a ton of layers, as well as an interesting story to tell.

24. Unstable Mental Health Tattoo


Do you feel like you’re unstable? Sometimes in life, we all feel this way. Go for this black ink paint and cool font and place it on your forearm for the best results and a dominant statement that you can make with such a defined word.

25. Feminine Mental Health Tattoo


A feminine tattoo such as this one is going to look the best on most women. If you enjoy feminine artsy pieces and you want a cool design on your arm, this is for you! It is going to look good on most women with skinnier arms.

26. Serotonin Mental Health Tattoo


How funny and cool is this tattoo?! Let the world know that your brain is sick, but that you’re managing just fine! If you love chemistry symbols and cool defined ideas, as well as sentimental pieces, this is for you!

27. Medicine Mental Health Tattoo


No shame in the medicine game, right?! Show that you’re ready to talk about your mental or health issues with all the people surrounding you. This colorful print and pill symbol is going to make a bold statement, so make sure that you’re ready to talk about it with your people.

28. Small Quote Mental Health Tattoo On Wrist


Never lose hope and never let yourself doubt yourself in any way. This sentence can have such a powerful meaning, and it is going to suit both genders who wish to come off as strong individuals.

29. Mental Health Tattoo For Women


Show that in life it is important to act and react accordingly. This gorgeous shoulder tattoo is going to take you 3 hours to achieve and it is going to suit both genders. Do you want to try it out?

30. Moon Mental Health Tattoo


Lastly, show that you’re all about embracing life and its positive changes. This symbol and design will show that you’re powerful and a natural warrior, as well as someone who loves to live life to its fullest capacity.

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