There are a lot of unique places you can get a tattoo, but a hand tattoo rank ups there with least uncommon. Some people like to cover their tattoos for a variety of different reasons and with a hand tattoo, you don’t really have that option. Hand tattoos can also be pretty painful, and the ink might not last as long as other tattoos.

If your still down for a hand tattoo, here are some amazing pieces to help give you inspiration and decide which direction you want to go in with your own piece.

1. Butterflies on Hand

Butterflies are always a popular tattoo and can take up a large space.

2. Flower Design

Your flower tattoo can be unique and special.

3. Lion Tattoo on Hand

Lions on hands just look plain cool.

4. Mandala Hand Tattoo

A mandala fits perfect on your hand.

5. Blue-Eyed Skull on Hand

Let your skull piece creep down onto your hand for a cool finished look.

6. Patch Design Hand Tattoo

If you like the idea of a patch look, go for it.

7. Rose Hand Tattoo

A rose on the hand is a popular tattoo and we can see why.

8. Medusa Hand Tattoo

You can create an amazing piece for just your hand.

9. Blackout Hand Tattoo

Blackout tattoos take a lot of work nut the result is cool.

10. Predator Animals

Any animal you want can be tattooed on your hand.

11. Mixer Hand Tattoo

Your favorite hobbies can easily be tattooed on you.

12. Sun and Moon Hand Tattoo

Let your imagination have fun with your tattoo idea.

13. Japanese Style Hand Tattoo

A Japanese style tattoo on the hand is a beautiful design.

14. Fish Tattoo on Hand

Add your favorite little friend on your hand.

15. Bird Hand Tattoo

A bird is a great tattoo to place on your hand.

16. Cat

Your cat tattoo doesn’t have to be what you think.

17. Bat Hand Tattoo

Just because others might not like doesn’t mean its nor a cool tattoo.

18. Crown Hand Tattoo

If you think your royalty let it show.

19. Nature Design

This nature piece is beautiful.

20. Portrait Tattoo on Hand

Your portrait tattoo can be different.

21. Mythological Hand Tattoo

You can use your tattoo to continue on from a sleeve.

22. Minimal Hand Tattoo

Your new hand tattoo can be minimal.

23. Greek God Design on Hand

Add whatever God you believe in on your hand.

24. Hearts

Hearts can make lovely hand pieces.

25. Nordic Hand Tattoo

Norse symbols are beautiful hand tattoos.

26. Jewelry

Your hand tattoos can look like hawkery if you want.

27. Shark Design on Hand

Let a deadly creature ride around with you.

28. Dove Hand Tattoo

Your hand tattoo can be unique and stunning.

29. Cherubs Hand Tattoo

A cherub tattoo might be exactly what you need.

30. Anchor Tattoo on Hand

Anchors are popular tattoos and nicely fit on hands.

31. Snake &  Flower Design on Hand

This mandala flower is stunning.

32. Snack

A unique snack tattoo is calling you.

33. Leaf Design on Hand

A plant twig is a beautiful easy tattoo.

34. Crystals

A crystal tattoo will look amazing on your hand.

35. Sandglass Tattoo on Hand

Always have the time on your with this tattoo.

36. Dotwork Rose Tattoo on Hand

A black rose tattoo that covers up your hand is one of the classics.

37. Neo-Traditional Tattoo on Hand

Having more complex color palettes, neo-traditional tattoo with an animal is super cool.

38. Sparkles Designs on Hand

Those who feel like a star will adore this sparkle tattoo which is full of shiny sparkles.

39. Thunder Hand Tattoo

Do you want to show your strength and ability to overcome obstacles? A thunder tattoo is for you then.

40. Cute Dog Hand Tattoo

Go for a cute dog tattoo that is a creative one since a different perspective is used with a glass of wine.

41. Colorful Tiger Hand Tattoo

Wanna have a hand tattoo which will be a reminder of your inner strength and power? A tiger tattoo is for you.

42. Scorpion Hand Tattoo

A scorpion, king of the desert, is ready to protect you from evil spirits.

43. Ornamental Hand Tattoo

A butterfly which is a symbol of freedom to fly away is a great tattoo idea. Plus, ornamental design makes it look greater.

44. Red Ink Flower Hand Tattoo

Why would go for a black ink tattoo if you want to be different? Red inked flowers will give you a unique look.

45. Pink Panther Hand Tattoo

Having a pink panther tattoo means that you are proud to be both feminine and strong.

46. Old School Dragon Design on Hand

If you’re a fierce protector of your family and friends, and you’re not afraid of anything, get this dragon tattoo.

47. Traditional Snake Hand Tattoo

If you’re getting a snake tattoo as a reminder of something you went through or to show your growth, it’s a great one.

48. Simple Rose Tattoo on Hand

A single rose tattoo is all you need to show your love for someone else or you can just get it because you like roses.

49. Cheshire Cat Hand Tattoo

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is a mysterious character. Why not getting it as a tattoo?

50. Woman Warrior Hand Tattoo

If you are a woman who has the ability to fight for what you believe in, go for a woman warrior tattoo.

51. Ornamental Tattoo on Hand

Ornamental designs will make your hand stand out easily. Let’s show your good taste to everyone.

52. Anchor & Cards Hand Tattoo

These traditional tattoos of an anchor and game cards are gorgeous with their color palettes.

53. Foo Dog Hand Tattoo

Here is a common symbol in Chinese culture: Foo dog. It also symbolizes protection. With its unique design, you will look amazing.

54. Grave Lion Tattoo on Hand

Lion tattoos are quite popular but how about getting a grave lion tattoo? It will show you strong you are.

55. Butterflies on Hand

Butterflies symbolize change and birth. Let a group of them fly on your hand!

56. Quirky Hand Tattoo

If you are unsure about which tattoo design to get, make a combo of two different things like a rose and spider.

57. Gypsy Hand Tattoo

Gypsies were free spirits and they did as they pleased. Thanks to your gypsy tattoo, you can show your free spirit.

58. Dotwork Mandala Tattoo on Hand

If you are into meditation, spiritual healing, and self-reflection, go for a mandala tattoo.

59. Hand Tattoo for Gamers

Are you a gamer? If your answer is yes, this colorful tattoo is definitely for you.

60. Floral Skull Tattoo on Hand

The flower, which is often in bloom, represents the beauty of life. The skull, on the other hand, represents the inevitability of death.

61. Bug Tattoo on Hand

Did you know that bug is a sign of luck and fortune? Let’s go and get it inked on your hand.

62. Barbed Wire Hand Tattoo

A barbed wire is used as a symbol of protection. Plus, it represents the wearer’s strength in overcoming adversity.

63. Savage Foo Dog Design on Hand

Here is an another foo dog tattoo design. The savage look is for those who want to show their wild side.

64. Chrysanthemum Hand Tattoo

Being one of the most popular fall flowers, chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and well-being.

65. A Skull with a Crown Tattoo

The person wearing this tattoo will show that he or she is a king or queen.

Hand tattoos are stunning and although they might be a lot to sit through, the end results is always beautiful and something you will never regret.

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