Hand tattoos – once a bold expression primarily found amongst select subcultures, they have now asserted their presence in mainstream fashion and self-expression, becoming a hot trend amongst both men and women. Hand tattoos have found ardent followers not just among the populace but also in the star-studded world of celebrities. From Ariana Grande’s delicate finger ink to Post Malone’s iconic collections of intricate designs, these prominent figures are raising the profile of hand tattoos, inspiring millions to embrace this form of body art.

As for popular designs, the latest trends cover a broad spectrum that caters to different tastes. They range from minimalistic symbols and script tattoos to intricate mandala designs, ornate floral patterns, and even wildly creative graphical representations. Some prefer to keep it subtle and personal, with small symbols or initials, while others choose to make a bold statement with full-hand tattoos.

This blog post has compiled a collection of more than 70 hand tattoos, each with a unique story and aesthetic, that exemplify the diversity of this art form. Whether you’re considering your first tattoo or looking to add to your collection, let these hand-picked designs inspire your next ink adventure.

1. Hand Tattoo Sun Design


The elegance and beauty of this tattoo is in its simplicity. It isn’t complex but it speaks volumes. Why go for it? Because the sun is the universal symbol of life and its eternal beauty and shine!

2. Geometrical Hand Tattoo


The eagle symbolizes freedom and the dream catcher behind it also tells people you are a spiritual person. For people that want to convey this kind of message to others, it is the perfect tattoo!

3. Quote Hand Tattoo


With this simple tattoo, people can conclude two things about you. The first one – you have been through a lot and you don’t let past traumas weigh you down. The second thing – it shows that you are a positive person with a positive mindset for everything in life.

4. Small Hand Tattoo


A simple and elegant design for people that are nature lovers. An easy to carry tattoo for people no matter their age.

5. Detailed Black Small Hand Tattoo


A complex tattoo such as this one might take some time to complete and fully enjoy. Make sure that you commit to the tattooing process to enjoy the outcome.

6. Numb Hand Tattoo


A perfect tattoo for Linkin Park lovers! Does that sound like you?

7. Hand Tattoos And Finger Tattoos


A simple tattoo to catch the eye of people and an easy one to carry throughout your life. The best part about it? The meaning and representation are left for others to decipher.

8. Black Bird Sparrow Hand Tattoo


All birds represent freedom and the sparrow also shows your goodhearted and mild nature. Perfect for the gentle giants of our community.

9. Portrait Hand Tattoo


Go for a quirky portrait if you are an art lover and show how sometimes things in life might not look as they seem. If you are a Gemini you might love this tattoo the most.

10. Red Cat Hand Tattoo


This red and scary-looking cat is for those who love feisty designs, as well as retro tattoos. It can be pricey to go for, so heads up before you commit to it.

11. Small Feminine Hand Tattoo


Remind yourself that the sun will always shine and rise again with this gorgeous little black symbol.

12. Red Soulmate Hand Tattoo


If you have found your soulmate by now, why not let the world see it and know it?! This is the perfect tattoo for true love birds and young couples.

13. Bird Hand Tattoo


Three little birds can symbolize your freedom, as well as different stages in your life. Use them to show your growth and your adaptation, no matter the situation.

14. Moon Phase Hand Tattoo


Guys and girls who love the galaxy, zodiac, as well as spiritual symbols will fall in love with this handpiece.

15. Red Bird Tattoo On Hand


Complete your sleeve tattoo with a bird design on your hand or your palm. Birds are used to symbolize new beginnings and your will to survive, move around and conquer new places.

16. Palm Hand Tattoo


This gorgeous gypsy woman tattoo on your palm is going to suit guys who love dominant ideas. It is an uncomfortable and painful tattoo to go for, so heads up before you book it with your tattoo artist.

17. I Have A Dream Hand Tattoo


Remind yourself that you have a dream and that you’re constantly growing, evolving, and making changes with this tattoo.

18. Black Portrait Hand Tattoo


The Greek term eudaimonia means happiness, and it looks so cute when paired with this Greek statue! If you love historical symbols and stories we know that you’re going to fall in love with this design.

19. Red Rose Hand Tattoo Design


Show your true love and passion with this gorgeous red rose. Represent your romance, closeness, and feminine energy with it on your hand.

20. Spider Hand Tattoo


Spiders are used to symbolize a lot of different things, such as balance, creativity, and curiosity. If you have had a lot of personal change and growth recently – this tattoo is perfect for you.

21. Leo Hand Tattoo Print


Show that you are the king or a queen of the jungle with this lion print and proudly rock it on your hand.

22. Super Mario Hand Tattoo


For true gamers and lovers of good old classics, you can never go wrong with Super Mario!

23. Matching Hand Tattoos


Try out this cute Sun and the Moon matching tattoo with someone close and important in your life. Show that they are the ying to your yang!

24. Black Heart Hand Tattoo


If you’ve been heart in life and you have built a wall around you, along with different kinds of boundaries due to past trauma, this tattoo is for you. Let the world know that you can wear your heart out on your sleeve and that you’re not afraid of showing it.

25. Small Floral Hand Tattoo


One little flower can be used to show your sweet and passionate side towards life and others. If you are a flower lover, you will love this simple tattoo!

26. Woman Portrait Hand Tattoo


Go for a portrait of someone close and important to you. This way and style of doing a tattoo can be tricky to pull off, so make sure that you book a skilled tattoo artist.

27. Tiger Print Hand Tattoo


With your tiger or cheetah tattoo, you can symbolize independence and immortality. If you are a tough person with the will to survive and succeed in life, this is for you!

28. Sun Tattoo On Hand


Get a bright yellow sun tattoo to show your positivity and clarity. If you are a cheerful guy or girl who loves to have fun, we can vouch for this design!

29. Hand Tattoo Cat Design


Cat lovers are going to love this little image! It is so creative and worth trying out.

30. Medusa Hand Tattoo


A Medusa symbol is used to protect from and ward off the negative energy that one person may encounter. It is a gorgeous historical design that both guys and girls can enjoy

31. Snake &  Flower Design on Hand


This mandala flower is stunning.

32. Snack


A unique snack tattoo is calling you.

33. Leaf Design on Hand


A plant twig is a beautiful easy tattoo.

34. Crystals


A crystal tattoo will look amazing on your hand.

35. Sandglass Tattoo on Hand


Always have the time on your with this tattoo.

36. Dotwork Rose Tattoo on Hand


A black rose tattoo that covers up your hand is one of the classics.

37. Neo-Traditional Tattoo on Hand


Having more complex color palettes, a neo-traditional tattoo with an animal is super cool.

38. Sparkles Designs on Hand


Those who feel like a star will adore this sparkle tattoo which is full of shiny sparkles.

39. Thunder Hand Tattoo


Do you want to show your strength and ability to overcome obstacles? A thunder tattoo is for you then.

40. Cute Dog Hand Tattoo


Go for a cute dog tattoo that is a creative one since a different perspective is used with a glass of wine.

41. Colorful Tiger Hand Tattoo


Wanna have a hand tattoo that will be a reminder of your inner strength and power? A tiger tattoo is for you.

42. Scorpion Hand Tattoo


A scorpion, king of the desert, is ready to protect you from evil spirits.

43. Ornamental Hand Tattoo


A butterfly which is a symbol of freedom to fly away is a great tattoo idea. Plus, the ornamental design makes it look greater.

44. Red Ink Flower Hand Tattoo


Why would go for a black ink tattoo if you want to be different? Red inked flowers will give you a unique look.

45. Pink Panther Hand Tattoo


Having a pink panther tattoo means that you are proud to be both feminine and strong.

46. Old School Dragon Design on Hand


If you’re a fierce protector of your family and friends, and you’re not afraid of anything, get this dragon tattoo.

47. Traditional Snake Hand Tattoo


If you’re getting a snake tattoo as a reminder of something you went through or to show your growth, it’s a great one.

48. Simple Rose Tattoo on Hand


A single rose tattoo is all you need to show your love for someone else or you can just get it because you like roses.

49. Cheshire Cat Hand Tattoo


In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is a mysterious character. Why not getting it as a tattoo?

50. Woman Warrior Hand Tattoo


If you are a woman who has the ability to fight for what you believe in, go for a woman warrior tattoo.

51. Ornamental Tattoo on Hand


Ornamental designs will make your hand stand out easily. Let’s show your good taste to everyone.

52. Anchor & Cards Hand Tattoo


These traditional tattoos of an anchor and game cards are gorgeous with their color palettes.

53. Foo Dog Hand Tattoo


Here is a common symbol in Chinese culture: Foo dog. It also symbolizes protection. With its unique design, you will look amazing.

54. Grave Lion Tattoo on Hand


Lion tattoos are quite popular but how about getting a grave lion tattoo? It will show you strong you are.

55. Butterflies on Hand


Butterflies symbolize change and birth. Let a group of them fly on your hand!

56. Quirky Hand Tattoo


If you are unsure about which tattoo design to get, make a combo of two different things like a rose and a spider.

57. Gypsy Hand Tattoo


Gypsies were free spirits and they did as they pleased. Thanks to your gypsy tattoo, you can show your free spirit.

58. Dotwork Mandala Tattoo on Hand


If you are into meditation, spiritual healing, and self-reflection, go for a mandala tattoo.

59. Hand Tattoo for Gamers


Are you a gamer? If your answer is yes, this colorful tattoo is definitely for you.

60. Floral Skull Tattoo on Hand


The flower, which is often in bloom, represents the beauty of life. The skull, on the other hand, represents the inevitability of death.

61. Bug Tattoo on Hand


Did you know that bug is a sign of luck and fortune? Let’s go and get it inked on your hand.

62. Barbed Wire Hand Tattoo


Barbed wire is used as a symbol of protection. Plus, it represents the wearer’s strength in overcoming adversity.

63. Savage Foo Dog Design on Hand


Here is another foo dog tattoo design. The savage look is for those who want to show their wild side.

64. Chrysanthemum Hand Tattoo


Being one of the most popular fall flowers, chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and well-being.

65. A Skull with a Crown Tattoo


The person wearing this tattoo will show that he or she is a king or queen.

66. New Hand Tattoo Design


In Greek mythology, gods and mortals intertwine, forging epic tales of heroism, love, and divine destiny. If you feel like embracing your love for history and Greek mythology, consider this beauty.

67. Hand Tattoos For Girls Butterfly Design 


Butterflies, with their delicate wings painted in nature’s most vibrant hues, are living poetry in flight. If you are a feminine lady who loves to show off her inner beauty you can do it with this butterfly.

68. Cartoon Hand Tattoo 


A fun fact about dragons is that these mythical creatures appear in the folklore and legends of cultures around the world, from the Chinese Lung to the European wyvern. Want a small dragon yourself?

69. Black Rose Hand Tattoo For Women


The tradition of giving a single red rose as a symbol of love and passion can be traced back to ancient Roman times, when red roses were associated with the goddess of love, Venus. If you’re full of love this design will suit you.

70. Hand Tattoos Small Design


A fun fact about hand tattoos is that they tend to fade faster than tattoos on other parts of the body due to the frequent exposure of the hands to sunlight and everyday wear and tear. Heads up before you commit to this print.

71. Pokemon Hand Tattoo 


Did you know that Pokémon is a franchise that holds a Guinness World Record for the largest card game tournament? In August 2010, over 1,100 participants gathered in Tokyo, Japan, to compete in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Ready to rock your little Pokemon print?

72. Front Hand Tattoo 


In many societies, hand tattoos were traditionally used to symbolize a person’s rank, occupation, or achievements. This tattoo in particular is going to symbolize your soft approach toward life.

73. Small Stars Hand Tattoo 


A fun fact about small tattoos is that they are often referred to as “micro tattoos” or “mini tattoos.” These tiny works of art have gained popularity in recent years due to their discreet nature and the ability to convey a meaningful message. Want to rock some stars?

74. Black Spider Web Tattoo Idea 


Did you know that spiders are found on every continent on Earth except Antarctica? This cool spider web design is going to tell a fun story about you and your life.

75. Feminine Hand Tattoo With Flowers 


Flowers can represent a wide range of things, such as beauty, growth, love, or a specific memory or person. Choose a flower or design that holds personal significance for you, such as this beauty right here.

New Tattoo Time!
Hand tattoos are stunning and although they might be a lot to sit through, the end result is always beautiful and something you will never regret.

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