The number 13 has long been associated with both good and bad luck. For some, it’s considered an unlucky number that should be avoided. But for others, 13 is seen as their lucky number. This duality has made 13 a popular tattoo choice, especially as a ‘lucky 13’ tattoo.

The symbolism behind lucky 13 tattoos can vary. For some it represents overcoming adversity and bad luck. The number 13 has an unjust bad reputation, so wearing it proudly as a tattoo can be a sign of reclaiming it as your own lucky number. For others it may represent a birth date or other special date with 13 in it. A 13 tattoo can also signify belonging to a group or gang that uses 13 as their identifying number.

When it comes to placement, lucky 13 tattoos work great just about anywhere. Small and simple 13 tattoos look good on the wrist, finger, behind the ear or side of the neck. Large, stylized 13 tattoos make an impactful back, chest, shoulder or thigh tattoo. Costs run the gamut as well based on size, detail and tattoo artist rates. A small minimalist 13 tattoo can cost $50-100, while a large elaborate design with color and shading can be $300+.

Now let’s look at 30 awesome lucky 13 tattoo ideas and designs! Scroll down to see small, medium and large tattoos in a variety of styles from minimalist to realistic.

1. Traditional Art Lucky 13 Cat Tattoo

A traditional tattoo theme, the Lucky 13 tattoo is designed with a sweet black cat featuring the number 13 on its collar. The combination of the black cat and the number 13 is a classic choice, often symbolizing good luck and protection.

2. White & Red Ink Lucky 13 Arm Tattoo

This Lucky 13 tattoo, created using white and red ink, will add a splash of color to your arm! White and red ink creates a striking design on the arm.

3. Minimal Back of Arm Lucky 13 Tattoo

Give this minimal lucky 13 tattoo a try, it could be a fantastic option for those who prefer small tattoos over big ones! This tattoo idea is perfect for people who appreciate simplicity in their body art.

4. Ace Lucky 13 Thigh Tattoo

Show that in life, both luck and misfortune coexist with the combination of the Ace of Spades and the number 13. It’s like this thigh tattoo reminds us that life is a blend of good and bad fortune.

5. Starfish Lucky 13  Tattoo

If you’re fascinated by marine life, this starfish tattoo with the number 13 on it could be just for you! It is placed on the shoulder and it is sure to shine out.

6. Lighter Lucky 13 Arm Tattoo

This Lucky 13 tattoo on the arm features a blue flower and flame details beside a Zippo lighter! The combination of bright colors and unique inks makes this tattoo stand out and look kinda traditional.

7. Four-Leaf Clover Luıcky 13 Calf Tattoo

This calf tattoo is done by using the dotwork technique and it blends the themes of luck and misfortune! Such a contrast, huh?

8. Lucky 13 Cat Tatttoo with Dices

Spice up your Lucky 13 tattoo with a superstitious black cat and fortune determiner dices! Incorporating a black cat, often seen as a symbol of superstition, along with fortune determiner dice, can add a playful twist to your colorful tattoo!

9. Postcard Lucky 13 Thigh Tattoo

Styled like a vacation postcard, this thigh tattoo features a green clover and a horseshoe for that extra touch of luck! Go for it to double your luck.

10. Lucky 13 Neck Tattoo

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo in a prominent area like your neck, this number 13 tattoo might be a great choice for you! Placing number 13 tattoo on a visible spot like your neck can be a bold and stylish statement.

11. Lucky 13 and Barbed Wires Hand Tattoo

This Lucky 13 tattoo, encircled with barbed wires, is inked on the hand for an edgy look! It may be painful to get it but you’ll stand out with it, four sure. Plus, the yellow outline around the number is amazing.

12. Lucky 13 and Skull Tattoo

For those who prefer a spooky vibe, consider a Lucky 13 tattoo featuring a skull! On the skull’s forehead, our lucky number 13 is inked. Looks fun, right?

13. Artistic Lucky 13 Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo with an artistic touch, give the Lucky 13 tattoo a shot! The Lucky 13 design, when executed with an artistic approach, can become a captivating piece of body art.

14. Cherry Lucky 13 Tattoo

Created for those who adore the taste and appearance of cherries, this Lucky 13 tattoo is a perfect pick. If you’re a fan of cherries, you need to get it. Can you spot the numbers by the way? Look closer!

15. USA Flag Lucky 13 Tattoo

Feeling lucky to be blessed and to be an American? Let’s show your luck with this back of arm tattoo. There is a banner in which “lucky to be blessed” is written and the American flag on the right side. Finally, number 13 is inked on the left.

16. Old-School Lucky 13 Skull Tattoo

For those who appreciate the old-school vibe, check out this Lucky 13 tattoo with a spooky skull twist! It’s time to make your arm to meet with classic charm of old-school tattoo.

17. Spider Web Lucky 13 Tattoo

Add a Gothic touch with a detailed Lucky 13 tattoo featuring intricate spider webs! This tattoo design combines the mysterious allure of Gothic style with the symbolism of luck in the Lucky 13.

18. Red and Black Lucky 13 Tattoo

This simple and minimal Lucky 13 tattoo shows the transition from black to red! It is placed on the back of arm and a classic font is used to create the numbers.

19. Dices and Cards Lucky 13 Tattoo

For a diverse tattoo featuring dice and playing cards, this Lucky 13 ink, accompanied by a black cat, will look fantastic on your leg! It’s a great choice for your leg, offering a canvas for more intricate and detailed artwork.

20. Horseshoe Lucky 13 Forearm Tattoo

On the forearm, there’s an upward-facing horseshoe drawn, bringing good luck! And right in the middle, we’ve got another lucky charm – the number 13 is written.

21. Simple Lucky 13 Back Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo on the back ankle looks amazing! The number 13, written in a basic font, will make you feel extra lucky. Go for it!

22. Minimal Spider Lucky 13 Tattoo on the Wrist

Your wrist would be a fantastic place for a minimal Lucky 13 tattoo with a small spider detail! The wrist is a prime location for a delicate and meaningful tattoo.

23. Dotwork Lucky 13 Inner Arm Tattoo

Cats are everywhere! Did you know black cats can bring good luck? This adorable kitty standing on the number 13 with its fur standing on end looks so cute. The dotwork technique used is amazing. And hey, there’s a “good luck” message at the top of the tattoo!

24. Funny Lucky 13 Tattoo

A funny-looking black cat with green eyes and a lucky 13 tattoo make a fantastic and cute duo on your knee! Go for this cute combo.

25. Ace Lucky 13 Tattoo on Ankle

Here is a tattoo featuring the Ace and Lucky 13, done using only black ink! This design, created solely with black ink, represents simplicity and elegance.

26. Colorful Cute Cat Lucky 13 Tattoo

How about colorful inks? This cute arm tattoo features an adorable black cat, which is placed on top of number 13. The use of vibrant colors and the charming cat design make this tattoo both appealing and delightful.

27. Black and White Lucky 13 Tattoo

This lucky 13 tattoo, transitioning from black to gray, is an inspirational piece for those who prefer small tattoos! Get it done on your calf and get ready to shine.

28. Dalmatian Lucky 13 Tattoo

Add some dotted patterns to your 13 tattoo and create a Dalmatian-inspired piece! These spots on the arm remind a Dalmatian dog, right?

29. Spooky Lucky 13 Tattoo

Get a tattoo specially themed for Halloween with this spooky-looking Lucky 13 tattoo featuring a menacing skull! The combination of the menacing skull and the Lucky 13 theme is perfect for those who want to embrace the Halloween spirit with a bold and tattoo.

30. Fun Lucky 13 Calf Tattoo

There is lucky 13 tattoo in the calf area, all rocking a classic font, and guess who’s stealing the show? Felix the Cat! This cool kitty is juggling and spinning four skulls like a pro.

31. Lucky 13 Kewpie Clown Arm Tattoo

There’s a cute kewpie clown tattooed on the back of the arm. You can only see its portrait, and guess what’s on its hat? Our lucky number ’13’!

32. Heart-Shaped Lucky 13 Calf Tattoo

Embrace the love and luck vibes with this adorable heart-shaped lucky 13 tattoo! Express your belief in good fortune and capture matters of the heart in a sweet and creative way.

33. Lucky Number 13 in Roman Numerals Tattoo

Get a unique Lucky 13 tattoo featuring Roman numerals for a distinctive twist! It’s a creative way to express your belief in luck and make your ink stand out.

After checking out these diverse and creative lucky 13 tattoos, you can see how this complex number lends itself to many artistic interpretations. From minimalist to realistic, monochrome to colorful, the options are endless for putting your own spin on the number 13 in tattoo form. Hopefully these lucky 13 tattoo ideas have sparked inspiration for how you can make 13 your lucky number! Now it’s time to find an artist, finalize your design, and get ready to display your lucky 13 tat with pride.

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