Witchy tattoos are a popular trend in the tattoo community, featuring symbols and imagery that are associated with witchcraft and the occult. These designs can be a powerful way to express one’s spiritual beliefs or interests, and can also serve as a form of self-expression and self-empowerment.

Many witchy tattoos feature traditional symbols such as the pentagram, crescent moon, and the Triple Moon Goddess symbol. These symbols have been used for centuries in witchcraft and Wiccan practices, and are believed to represent the connection between the natural world and the divine.

In addition to traditional symbols, many witchy tattoos also feature images of goddesses, animals, and other natural elements. These designs are often meant to evoke a sense of connection to the earth and the natural world, and can serve as a reminder of the power of nature and the cycles of life.

People get witchy tattoos for different reasons. Some individuals may choose to get a witchy tattoo as a way to express their spiritual beliefs and connect with their spiritual practice. Others may choose to get a witchy tattoo as a form of self-expression or to celebrate their unique identity. Regardless of the reason, witchy tattoos can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express oneself and one’s beliefs.

Do you feel like you’re a witch? Do you enjoy witchy tattoos and scary little symbols? If you believe in magic or dark magic, this article is for you! Show that you believe in crystals, higher spirits, and good or bad energy with your new tattoo. Keep on reading and find your next tattoo down below with one of these cool options.

1. Cool Witchy Tattoo


This small and cool witch tattoo is going to look so creative and artsy. Do you enjoy stylish art? If so, this tattoo is the right pick for you.

2. Creative Witchy Tattoo


Beauty is sometimes in the eyes of the wearer of the tattoo! This black ink design is so cool and different, often worn by those who enjoy expressing themselves through tattoos.

3. Hat Witchy Tattoo


A hat witch tattoo such as this one is for any bad witch who wants to feel and look bad and boujee! It is also a quick and easy tattoo for you to explore and try.

4. Fun Cat Witchy Tattoo Design


If you’re a fan of cats and furry pals, this scary witchy tattoo is for you. Show that you love your little kitty with this creative artwork.

5. Two Cats Witchy Tattoo Design


Two cats together are a fun design, especially when you add this pixie element to them. If you love fairies and you want a creative design, this is for you!

6. Scary Witchy Tattoo


This scary witch tattoo with a pop of red is going to look so artsy! It is also a dominant tattoo that most young women and men can pull off, especially those who enjoy colorful art.

7. Potion Witchy Tattoo


This potion tattoo and this caldron design is something that you’re going to like if you enjoy looking dominant and scary. Show that you know how to handle any situation by mixing your own concoction into it!

8. Magical Potion Witchy Tattoo


If you love cool and magical designs, this is for you! Add a pop of color to your favorite print and make this message in a bottle truly sentimental and unique to you! This color combo is going to look amazing on those who enjoy artsy pieces.

9. Elf Witchy Tattoo


This retro and scary elf tattoo shows your love for old stories and cartoons. If you believe that there are little creatures surrounding us and you want to show your love and admiration for them – this is how you can do it.

10. Witchy Tattoo Candle Symbol


Summon the spirits and connect with your true deeper self! This candle design is going to show that you’re all about dark magic and showing off your character in your own little way.

11. Tarot Witchy Tattoo


Do you like tarot cards? If so, this print is for you! Show that you believe in magic and all things surrounding us, but also show that you’re deeply connected with your emotions. The final result is going to look so good when done in this color combo.

12. Cool Witch Tattoo


This witch tattoo is the perfect design for those who enjoy cute and retro ideas. If you’re a fan of stylish art and you want a mini cute witch on your body, this ink is for you! Give it a go if you fancy creativity.

13. Fun Mushroom Witchy Tattoo


If you’re a fan of crazy mushrooms and you think that they’re a good indicator of someone who can have fun – this tattoo is for you. Not all drugs are actual drugs, you know?

14. Ghost Design Witchy Tattoo


A ghost tattoo such as this one is going to look both cute and scary. If you enjoy smaller tattoos and creative black-and-white ink, this is for you. Show your fierce little personality and your love for cool ghost stories with this design.

15. Triangle Witchy Tattoo


A triangle tattoo such as this one will symbolize your fierce and witchy side. It is used by those who like dark magic, as well as by those who believe that life is filled with good and bad moments that surround us and shape us one way or the other.

16. Zombie Witchy Tattoo


This zombie witchy tattoo is very fun and creative. If you enjoy new designs and you love to watch horror movies, this tattoo is for you. Show that you love zombie moments and that you’re not afraid of them in any way.

17. Amethyst Witchy Tattoo


This amethyst tattoo is a symbol of power and bright fortune. If you’re someone who enjoys predicting the future and playing around with crystals in real life, this cool tattoo is for you!

18. Adam’s Family Witchy Tattoo


Have you enjoyed watching Adams Family?! This cool tattoo shows your love for Wednesday, as well as your love for this quirky character. Show that you’re a fan of mysterious creatures and that you love bold women characters.

19. Colorful Ghost Witchy Tattoo


This small ghost tattoo is for those who want a unique touch to their scary and spooky design. Show that you’re not afraid of things surrounding you and that you’re ready for something new that life may bring you.

20. Gemstones Witchy Tattoo


Gemstone tattoo with the phrase “happily ever after” shows that you’re ready to conquer the world and that you believe that faith may solve issues in its own way. This cool design is going to look amazing on guys and girls.

21. Fun Witchy Tattoo Design


Do you want to predict the future in your own little way? Do you believe in big or small signs that may be surrounding you in every corner? This Ouija board witchy tattoo is going to look so cool on true witchcraft masters.

22. Witchy Tattoo Scary Witch


Show that you’re a little mysterious creature by getting this design. When done in black simple ink, this tattoo shows your love for revolution and change, as well as accepting your path.

23. Cool Pixie Witchy Tattoo


This small pixie witchy tattoo is a common design by those who enjoy creative and artsy pieces. Heads up since this giant thigh tattoo may take some time for you to get. The end result will take you 4-6 hours to complete.

24. Blue Witch Witchy Tattoo


If you like realistic tattoos and witchy designs, why not get this symbol? It shows your love for change, determination, and setting people in place with your dominant presence.

25. Little Demon Witchy Tattoo


This cool and quirky demon tattoo shows your scary and mysterious side. If you’re a fan of smaller tattoos and you want something fun and different, this is truly it!

26. Snake Witchy Tattoo


Snakes are a popular symbol when it comes to witchcraft and magic. They’re also a symbol of eternal life and power, so why wouldn’t you want to get a tattoo that is as powerful?

27. Cool Star Witchy Tattoo Design


A star symbol can symbolize a lot of things, depending on its size and color. This design says that you’re someone who believes in the power of dark magic and witchcraft. Do you like that?

28. Cards Witchy Tattoo


Show that you love cards and tarot magic with this symbol. It is a gorgeous design that will take you 3 hours to get. Go for a symbol that has a deeper meaning that you really enjoy and that is important to you.

29. Pumpkin Witchy Tattoo


If Halloween is your favorite holiday, this tattoo is for you! Show your spooky character and your love for pumpkins with this retro design. It is also quite easy to tattoo.

30. Mouse Witchy Tattoo


A funny small mouse wearing a witch hat is a retro tattoo to go for. It symbolizes your small soul, yet willingness to approach magic in your own crafty way. It is also an amazing conversation starter as a trendy tattoo!

31. Mushrooms Witchy Tattoo


Magical mushrooms are such a fun tattoo concept to explore. If you enjoy magical shrooms and you love creative prints, this is for you. The end result is mystical and empowering in its own little way.

32. Symbols Witchy Tattoo


Cool chest tattoo such as this one is going to look amazing on most women. If you prefer mysterious symbols and you trust your tattoo artist + you want a design that no one can read – this is for you!

33. Big Colorful Thigh Witchy Tattoo


This giant colorful thigh tattoo is a masterpiece! It is a creative design that will take you 3 hours to get. Make sure that you fully trust your tattoo artist and that you’re committed to the design before you give it a go.

34. Book Of Magic Witchy Tattoo


A magical book such as this one is a creative design that most people will like. It symbolizes your spiritual side and your love for magic and magical spells. If you watched Charmed – this is a must-do for you.

35. Black Ink Skull Witchy Tattoo


Lastly, why not try out this skull design? It is a creative print that most guys are going to enjoy. This tattoo is very dominant and bold, a must-do by those who wish to attract a ton of attention and comments about their designs.

New Tattoo
Which “witch” do you enjoy the most?! Are you a fan of smaller or bigger tattoo art? Let us know what you plan on doing sometime soon and in the near future, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new!

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