Crafting stories on skin has long been a way for humans to express and navigate the complexities of existence. In this realm, the scythe has carved its own special niche. This traditional tool, initially associated with agriculture and harvest, has morphed into a multifaceted symbol, currently trending in the tattoo world for its versatility and profound implications.

The scythe tattoo, an inked statement of depth and thought, reflects more than meets the eye. It’s a mark of life’s continuous ebb and flow, serving as a personal reminder of one’s capacity to brave the odds and adapt to changes. People gravitate towards the scythe design as a metaphorical representation of their ability to sever ties with the past, move forward, and make way for the new. Alternatively, it can denote an acceptance of life’s inevitable cycles – a silent tribute to life, death, and eventual rebirth.

So, if you’re in search of something extraordinary to etch into your skin or just curious about the myriad interpretations of the age-old scythe, look no further. We’ve handpicked a selection of over 30 distinctive scythe tattoos, each showcasing a unique blend of artistry and symbolism. So sit back, absorb the intricate beauty of these designs, and let your creativity unfold. Who knows, your perfect tattoo might just be a few scrolls away.

1. Traditional Art Scythe Tattoo

Go for a timeless symbolism of the scythe with a traditional art-inspired tattoo design. The bloody scythe is placed on the arm and a yellow flower with big leaves. Rooted in folklore and mythology, the scythe is often associated with the concept of mortality, the passage of time, and the cycle of life.

2. Scythe and Frog Chest Tattoo

Do you like mysterious and dark vibes in tattoos? This one above features a sharp scythe, like the one used for harvesting, and it adds an intriguing touch to the design. To make it even more unique, there’s a spooky little frog perched on top of the scythe, giving it an extra twist.

3. Floral Scythe Arm Tattoo

This design weaves together the symbolism of the scythe and the delicate allure of floral elements, as well as wheats. Done by using delicate lines, the tattoo looks so realistic. The contrast between the sharpness of the scythe and the softness of the flowers creates a visually compelling design on arm.

4. Panter & Scythe Calf Tattoo

Especially being a perfect calf tattoo idea for men, this panther and scythe tattoo creates a harmonious fusion of contrasting elements, representing both primal instincts and the transient nature of life. The panther has a deep connection to the wild, so make a combo with a scythe and show how wild you are.

5. Scythe Tattoo Design with Red Grim Reaper

Wow, that back shoulder tattoo looks awesome! It features a scary red grim reaper holding a big scythe. The design is captivating and the colors really stand out. It adds a touch of mystery and strength to the wearer’s shoulder. Great choice!

6. Scythe and Eye Leg Tattoo

We love how this creepy tattoo is placed on the leg near the ankle. The design featuring a realistic eye and a scythe inside sounds quite intriguing. Plus, the incorporation of black blood drops adds a touch darkness to the overall design. Show your unique style with it.

7. Dotwork Scythe Tattoo with a Skull

In this tattoo design, the meticulous dotwork technique brings the scythe and skull to life, with each dot forming a mesmerizing pattern that adds depth. It is placed on the thigh and the scythe is drawn in a way that it is inside the bones. Quite creepy but looks amazing at the same time.

8. Colorful Grim Reaper Tattoo with Scythe

Wanna get a tattoo of a big grim reaper on your upper arm, extending from your shoulder all the way down to your upper arm, and wielding a golden scythe? It looks quite awesome! The color palette is vibrant and red, black and gold colors stand out.

9. Cat Grim Reaper and Scythe Tattoo

Isn’t it really cute that cats are adapted to every tattoo? This leg tattoo, which especially cat lovers will love, features the grim reaper angry by showing his teeth. Only the upper part of his body is visible, and with the scythe next to it, it creates a frightening look. Also, the colors are great.

10. Scythe and Raccoon Arm Tattoo

In this tattoo design, the powerful imagery of a scythe is accompanied by the playful and curious raccoon, symbolizing the delicate balance between life and death, and highlighting the clever and adaptable qualities of the raccoon as it navigates the ever-changing world. It is placed on the inner arm, so you can hide it easily.

11. Cool Scythe Tattoo Behind the Ear

This unconventional placement looks surprising, right? Being a tattoo just for the ones who are super brave, this behind the ear tattoo features a big size scythe and it stretches to head. It is better for you to shave that side of your hair to make the tattoo stand out.

12. Scythe & Rose Tattoo Design

Roses play an important role in any type of tattoo design and they never go out of style! That’s why, get ready to turn your thigh into a piece of art with an elegant scythe and rose near it. It’s an all-time favorite for followers of gothic style fashion.

13. Scythe Tattoo Design with Raven

This upper leg tattoo featuring a scythe and a raven perched on the grip looks absolutely incredible! The raven perched on the grip brings a sense of mystery and wisdom to the whole composition while the blood drops over it adds a dark touch. Give it a shot.

14. Grim Reaper with Scythe Tattoo

When a scythe and grim reaper are brought together, it serves as a powerful reminder of the transient nature of existence. Let this leg tattoo design, which consists of black splashes, become a profound expression of your fascination with the cycle of life and death.

15. Blackwork Scythe Leg Tattoo

Blackwork, known for its bold and intricate use of black ink, allows the scythe to take center stage with its stark and striking design. The scythe, with its curved blade and long handle, represents the passage of time and the harvest of souls. Get it on your leg near the ankle and show your inner wild side.

16. Minimal Scythe Tattoo with Traditional Art Design

Here is a traditional scythe with two vibrant red flowers and delicate webs entwined around it, and we must say it’s truly captivating! Also, the blood drops are brown colored and it contributes to the traditional vibe of the tattoo. Give it a try!

17. Scythe with Coffin Tattoo

A deadly combo of coffin and scythe is amazing. What does this scythe and coffin tattoo on the calf mean? It delves into the depths of symbolism, as the scythe represents the passage of time and the inevitable end, while the coffin serves as a vessel for the departed, symbolizing the solemnity and finality of death.

18. Fog and Scythe Tattoo Design

We have to say, it’s quite a unique concept! A frog sitting on a scythe that doubles as a flying broomstick? That’s some serious imagination at play. This fun tattoo is placed on the back of arm and it is definitely for those who likes having fun with their tattoos.

19. Scythe and Blood Moon Shoulder Tattoo

Wanna make your beautiful shoulder stand out? This tattoo featuring a scythe stretching to your upper arm, accompanied by a crescent blood moon is for you! The crimson hue of the moon also adds a touch of intensity, infusing the tattoo with a hint of mystique and drama.

20. Colorful Scythe Tattoo with a Quote

The combination of elements like a scythe with mushrooms, blood, and orange flowers truly makes for an intriguing visual concept. The incorporation of the quote “reap what you sow” over the mushrooms adds a layer of depth and symbolism to the design.

21. Funny Grim Reaper and Scythe Tattoo

If you want to have fun with your leg tattoo, this idea is for you. It features a funny grim reaper chilling on a beach, and we have to say, it’s absolutely delightful! The sunglasses add a touch of coolness, while the shirt adorned with flowers gives a cute look. And let’s not forget the cocktail in one hand and the scythe casually resting on the shoulder.

22. Scythe & Snake BacTattoo

Let your traditional scythe design permanently etched onto the skin, specifically on the back shoulder! A snake is seen swirling around the grip of the scythe, forming a visually striking composition. The snake’s body is composed of yellow and green circles, adding a vibrant and dynamic element to the tattoo.

23. Scythe and Flames Face Tattoo

Wanna get an eye-catching tattoo? Look no further. The scythe itself is beautifully detailed on the cheek, and the addition of blood drops dripping from the blade creates a sense of intensity and drama. It definitely makes a bold statement! The flames on the grip bring both power and passion to the imagery.

24. Scythe and Spider Web Foot Tattoo

The combination of a scythe and a spider web on the foot is such a unique and interesting choice. We love how Neo-traditional tattoos blend traditional imagery with modern style. The scythe symbolizing the passage of time and the spider web representing craftsmanship make for a powerful design.

25. Scythe Tattoo with Leaves and a Skull

This leg tattoo rocks! The use of leaves surrounding the grip gives the whole scythe tattoo a touch of organic beauty. The placement of the skull adds a slightly mysterious vibe to the overall composition. The shading and the lines are just perfect.

26. Scythe and Hourglass Arm Tattoo

The scythe is often associated with the passage of time and the inevitability of death. In this tattoo, the hourglass, with its sand running through, represents the fleeting nature of time and the importance of making the most of each moment. Plus, the skull at the bottom is a reminder of our own mortality.

27. Gothic Alice and Scythe Tattoo Design

A gothic rendition of Alice? It sounds exciting! In this shoulder tattoo, Alice is taken to a whole different level with the combination of her long black hair and that prominent pink scythe she’s holding. It’s like stepping into a dark, whimsical Wonderland!

28. Grim Reaper and Scythe Tattoo on Forearm

It’s time to make your forearm stand out with a blackwork tattoo! In this tattoo, there is an image of a grim reaper holding a candle lamp in one hand and a scythe in the other. It suggests that even in the face of darkness, there’s always a glimmer of light and hope.

29. Scythe and Moon Back Shoulder Tattoo

The combination of a colorful orange moon and a scythe on top of it is truly unique. The vibrant orange shade adds a warm and lively touch, making the moon stand out even more. Place this combo on your back shoulder and get ready to get a lot of compliments.

30. Floral Scythe Arm Tattoo

No one would imagine that a scythe tattoo could be this beautiful! We just came across a stunning arm tattoo featuring a floral scythe surrounded by a variety of exquisite flowers, and couldn’t help but be captivated by its beauty. The way the scythe gracefully blends with the different types of flowers on the inner arm is truly remarkable.

31. Skeleton and Scythe Side Rib Tattoo

For a larger and more dynamic composition, side rib is perfect. In this side rib tattoo, there is a skeleton in a rush and it is wielding a scythe which is made up of wood. He is holding a piece of bush in his mouth, too. We love how the skeleton represents the transient nature of life and the scythe adds an air of mystery and intrigue.

32. Cute and Tiny Scythe Tattoo

If you’re a fan of gothic fashion and believe in keeping things simple, then this option is perfect for you! It’s a small scythe design that represents death in a clear and understated way with a cute little girl. This girl is wearing a kind  of helmet involving a pink little skull in the middle. It’s the ultimate choice for a simple yet striking tattoo design for your upcoming Halloween party.

33. Bloody Scythe Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos are not the choice of many, of course, but it is a fact that they look great. This hand tattoo features a scythe created with colorful and shaded details. The blood dripping down the scythe gives a dark feeling.

As you venture into the captivating world of scythe tattoos, remember that each design tells its own tale. From strength and resilience to life’s inevitable cycles, these symbols pack powerful messages. So take a peek at our compilation of 30+ breathtaking scythe tattoos, and who knows? The tattoo of your dreams might be just a scroll away.

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