Dolphin tattoos are a popular choice for many people. They symbolize friendship, love, and loyalty. Their sleek and beautiful design makes them a great addition to any tattoo collection.

Dolphins are known for their intelligence, curiosity, playfulness and beauty. These traits make them an excellent choice for a tattoo design that reflects the personality of its wearer.

There are many dolphin tattoo designs available for men and women of all ages. Whether you are looking for something small and simple or something more complex and detailed, there is a dolphin tattoo design that will suit your needs perfectly!

1. Small Dolphin Tattoo

A cute mini forearm tattoo such as this one is for those who prefer minimalism, as we as those who want to keep their love visible to the world.

2. Black Ink Shoulder Dolphin Tattoo

Show that you believe in the power of love, life, and balance. Anyone who has been through something rough will know how to combat it and show power with this tattoo.

3. Colorful Dolphin Tattoo

Fun, small and minimalistic, this tattoo shows your creative and youthful side. If you’re still a child at heart, this will suit you.

4. Small Blue Dolphin Tattoo

Small and sweet, this blue dolphin is for those who enjoy creativity and being close to Mother Nature, as well as all the other elements of the ocean.

5. Funny Dolphin Tattoo

Guys or girls who are still quite young in their hearts will like this print. It symbolizes youth and your forever young and playful side.

6. Fish Small Dolphin Tattoos

Women who enjoy smaller tattoos and those who like cute ideas will enjoy this design. Show that you’re always ready to have fun and that you’re all about little and minimalistic ideas.

7. Forearm Dolphin Tattoo

This cute little dolphin tattoo will show that you’re ready to grow at your own pace.

8. Mysterious Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphins can be seen as mysterious and elegant creatures. If you have a secret that you wish to keep deep in you and you want to show that you’re quiet and low-key, this is for you.

9. Calf Dolphin Tattoo

Two dolphins together can symbolize you and your loved one. If you are going through something in your life and if you’re proud of your journey, why not get this tattoo?

10. Matching Dolphin Tattoo

You and your loved one can both get these cute matching tattoos. The end result symbolizes someone who is devoted and truly dedicated to what they have.

11. Foot Dolphin Tattoo

This foot tattoo can be quite painful to go for. If you enjoy secretive and hidden ideas, this will suit you so well.

12. Collarbone Dolphin Tattoo

Chest tattoos may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Are they yours? This beauty will look so good on most women. Want to give it a go?

13. Fun Vibrant Dolphin Tattoo

If you want something unique and different, this tattoo is for you! It symbolizes someone who likes to have fun in their life in their own way.

14. Small Blue Dolphin Tattoo

This cute little blue piece is for those who love nature, as well as all its beauties. If you are a creative soul, this is for you.

15. Bicep Dolphin Tattoo

Cool forearm tattoo such as this one is for those who love black ink and cool nail art. Show that you’re ready for a family and all the joys that it could bring with this design.

16. Back Neck Dolphin Tattoo

This neck tattoo is for women who enjoy bright art. If you’re a fan of loud and vibrant tattoos, this one is for you.

17. Cute Duo Dolphin Tattoo

The cute little dolphin and whale duo will show that you’re all about connecting with your closest ones and showing them affection at all times.

18. Colorful Dolphin Tattoo Ink

If you’re a creative and naturally driven person who likes to have fun just know that this vibrant and loud tattoo will show it.

19. Heart And Dolphin Tattoo

Try out this cute little heart and dolphin duo and show that you’re open to life and all that it can bring.

20. Black Ink Dolphin Tattoo

A realistic dolphin tattoo such as this one will suit most guys and girls. If you believe that life is a fun journey worth exploring, why not try this print out?

21. Black Back Dolphin Tattoo

Cute, small, and super fun to do, this back tattoo is for those who want something that is not too painful to go for.

22. Blue Dolphin Tattoo On Back

Big, vibrant, and super creative, you’ll let the world see your fun and playful side with this vibrant dolphin tattoo.

23. Sweet Dolphin Tattoo

If you love sunsets and sea creatures as well as animals why not give this gorgeous and elegant tattoo a go? It will symbolize your fun and loving character.

24. Cool Vibrant Dolphin Tattoo

Try out this shoulder tattoo and show the world that you’re a creative guy or girl who likes to enjoy every moment that’s given.

25. Two Dolphins Tattoo

Two dolphins hugging together around one heart will symbolize your closeness to the other person. If you are naturally gravitating in life towards one person show it off with this cute idea.

26. Artsy Geometrical Dolphin Tattoo

A cool geometrical dolphin tattoo such as this one will suit anyone who is an artsy soul. If you prefer cute pieces and you enjoy art, this is for you.

27. Bubble Dolphin Tattoo

A dolphin within a bubble is a tattoo that will showcase your strong side and an open mind to the world. This light blue shade will show that you’re an optimist, always chasing fun and positive things in this life.

28. Cute Cartoon Dolphin Tattoo

Cute and retro, this little dolphin duo is for those who love cartoons and characters. If you’re still a child at heart, this design will suit you.

29. Simple Dolphin Tattoo

Some people may prefer realistic tattoos a tad bit more than others. This simple and clean black ink artwork is for those who enjoy being straightforward with their designs.

30. Blue Leg Dolphin Tattoo

Cool ankle tattoo such as this one is for those who want a pop of color. The meaning behind this design is for those who are close to the sea world and love everything that it has to offer.

31. Orange Dolphin Tattoo

Go for a pop of orange and fully embrace this little dolphin tattoo. If there’s a child within you (as it is in all of us), this creation will show it.

32. Funny Dolphin Tattoo

Who says that you have to take life too seriously? This funny and creative donut tattoo shows a person who is ready to have a good laugh and the time of his or her life!

33. Cute Blue Dolphin Tattoo Design

This shoulder tattoo will suit men who work out the best. If you’re a fan of cool and defined lines and you trust your tattoo artist this will look so good on you.

34. Cool Dolphin Tattoo Idea

Lastly, if you’re a spiritual person and someone who believes in signs, as well as the power of good and evil, this tattoo will shut you!

Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning in Different Cultures

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on Earth, and they have a rich history of symbolism and meaning in many different cultures. The ancient Greeks believed that dolphins were messengers from the gods, and often used them as oracles in their temples.

In modern times, dolphins have been featured prominently in movies such as Free Willy and TV shows like Flipper. Here’s a look at some of the different ways that dolphins have been used throughout history:

Ancient Greece: Dolphins are mentioned several times in Homer’s Odyssey, where Odysseus encounters them while sailing home after the Trojan War. He finds himself caught in a storm and calls upon Poseidon for help; Poseidon sends an army of dolphins to guide him safely through the storm.

Ancient Rome: Dolphins were also held in high esteem by Ancient Romans, who often used them as symbols of their military might. In particular, dolphins are said to have helped Julius Caesar win his famous battle against Pharnaces II at Zela in 47 BC; as the story goes, Caesar’s forces were outnumbered by two to one, but the dolphins jumped into the water and scared away all of Pharnaces’ ships.

In Hinduism, dolphins are associated with Ganesha—the god who removes obstacles and helps people overcome their problems—and they’re often depicted as part of his image in statues or paintings. The dolphin is also associated with Vishnu, another Hindu deity known as the preserver or protector. Many Hindus believe that when they die they will be reincarnated as dolphins because they’re so peaceful and happy with their lives on Earth.

The Egyptians had an interesting belief about dolphins: they believed that these animals were reincarnated as humans when they died. They also thought that dolphins were able to transform into human form at will–and many ancient Egyptian paintings depict dolphins walking on land with legs instead of swimming through water with fins! This belief led the Egyptians to believe that dolphins had special powers that could help them get through life.

That’s it! Hope you have enough reasons to get a dolphin tattoo. Don’t forget to share what you are planning to get in the comments area!

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