Valknut tattoo designs are some fierce, brave, and tribal-like tattoos that will suit those who like to look attention-seeking and dominant, as well as authentic. Have you ever seen a Valknut tattoo before? If not, now is the right time to give them a go! Valknut tattoo options can be placed on different parts of your body, while most people stick to and prefer the chest, back, and arms placements. Keep on reading and let us know what you fancy the most out of these 30+ Valknut tattoo ideas.

What Is A Valknut?

The Valknut is a symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles. It was used for different archaeological reasons in ancient times among Germanic people. Valknut tattoo meaning stands for the fact that you are showing honor for someone who has deceased. If your friend or lover has passed away especially in a battle or a war you will show respect and homage with this tattoo idea.

Who Should Go For A Valknut Tattoo?

You can go for this design if you can relate to the meaning and saying. Have you lost someone special recently and in the past? Valknut tattoos are often worn by men and are done in bigger ink. Your Valknut tattoo placement can vary, while you should also know that the Valknut tattoo pattern can be a fun one to go for. Expect to spend anywhere from $100-$500 on your tattoo, depending on the experience of your tattoo artist.

30+ Valknut Tattoos

Big Valknut Tattoos

1. Shoulder Valknut Tattoo

This giant shoulder tattoo is for men who like to work out, as well as guys who like flashy and bigger designs. If you have a lot to show, why not consider the placement and the pattern?

2. Black Neck Valknut Tattoo

This neck tattoo symbolizes a warrior, as well as someone who has been through thick and thin. It is a good choice for big and dominant ideas.

3. Unique Valknut Tattoo Design

Combine your Valknut tattoo with some other tribal mystical elements, such as a giant pair of wings! This will make your tattoo a lot more masculine and bold.

4. Black & White Valknut Tattoo On Shoulder

Valknut tattoo on shoulder such as this one shows that you’re morning the loss of someone important. You’re also not afraid to show it since you know how close the two of you were.

5. Three Triangles Locked

These three triangles interlocking is just what the Valknut meaning is all about! You will show your closeness with their “tight” presence.

6. Palm Valknut Tattoo

An all-black tattoo such as this one shows your closeness and determination. It is also a must-do if you like monochrome art.

7. Valknut Tattoo On Calf

Calf tattoos are very popular among guys who work out. If you like to show off your skin and you’re in the mood for something masculine this will speak to you in plenty of different ways!

8. Tribal Valknut Tattoo Print

Super mystical, fun, and different, this tattoo will look good on men who like that retro tribal vibe on their skin, especially their legs.

9. Valknut Tattoo On Back

Not everyone dares to go this big, but do you? This giant back tattoo is done so precisely and has a lot of cool ink and elements. If you prefer back tattoos and drama, this will suit you. Make sure that you pick out the best tattoo artist when it comes to this giant back print.

10. Thigh Valknut Tattoo & Wolf Print

Decorate your thigh area with a Valknut print and a wolf image. This combination will look attractive on all guys, perfect for those who like masculine and bigger tattoos.

11. Back Print Valknut Tattoo

Go for a Valknut print over your back and opt for this round shape. Those who enjoy geometry, elegance, and precision will naturally gravitate toward this option.

12. Shoulder Design Valknut Tattoos

Another massive and impressive arm tattoo that you can try out. This print will take 3-6 hours to do, so book the best tattoo artist that you know of.

13. Tribal Valknut Tattoos

Valknut tattoo such as this one will show that you’re still close to someone you lost. You are dedicated and loyal, as well as not afraid of showing love in your own way.

Small Valknut Tattoos

1. Small & Simple Arm Tattoo

Heads up when it comes to your arm or fist tattoos since they can be pretty painful and uncomfortable to go for.

2. Minimalism Valknut Tattoo

Place the three triangles above your knee and rock this design in its minimalistic approach, as well as low-key yet appealing aesthetic.

3. Bicep Valknut Tattoo Design

Bicep tattoos will look the best on guys who work out yet want to consider a small and seamless print.

4. Valknut Tattoo Over Neck

If you want a small neck tattoo this will look good on you. Not too time-consuming yet pretty straightforward!

5. Side Stomach Rib Valknut Tattoo

Side stomach or rib tattoos can be uncomfortable and painful to go for. If you’re a fan of secretive placements and you enjoy hidden tattoos with private meanings, this is it!

6. Tribal Bracelet Valknut Tattoo

Valknut bracelet tattoos are for those who like to wear mystical and scary tribal tattoos in a visible way. Show this off knowing that it is a rare piece.

7. Valknut Tattoo Small Print

So precise, simple, and well-done, this tattoo with intertwined triangles will suit perfections and men or women who like black ink simplicity.

8. Pretty Valknut Tattoo Black Ink

A forearm tattoo such as this one will take 1-2 hours to do. It is a quick and easy solution that one can opt for.

9. Leg Tattoo Valknut Print

This stone-like breaking tattoo has some rustic elements to it. If you’re a hard worker yourself and you enjoy the brutality and mesmerizing color use, this tattoo is for you!

Colorful Valknut Tattoos

1. Bright Red Valknut Tattoo

If red is your favorite color consider doing this print and showing off these triangles in a bold red way.

2. Forearm Blue Valknut Tattoo Design

Blue is a color of mystery and hope. Show that you’re still a hopeful person with this Valknut tattoo design.

3. Leg Valknut Tattoo Print

Your tattoo can tell a unique and fun story. Consider going for this print if you’re into big and noticeable ideas.

4. Arm Tattoo Valknut Print

Arm or palm tattoos are only for those who dare to wear them and who can withstand the tattooing process.

5. Realistic Valknut Tattoos

A realistic Valknut tattoo print that you’re going to like if you enjoy tribal and Nordic stories or history.

6. Big Blue Shoulder Valknut Tattoo

Such a magnificent tattoo that will take 3-5 hours to finish. Show off your creative side with this giant colorful print.

7. Valknut Tattoo Artsy Design

This arm tattoo shows that you’re brave, bold, and always ready for action. If you’re a warrior yourself this design will suit you and it will look amazing on your fist.

8. Big Detailed Valknut Tattoo

Let your tattoo tell a fun and unique story. Show this one off if you are someone who works out and is fair, is all about justice and equality.

9. Colorful & Artsy Valknut Tattoo

A forearm tattoo such as this one will look good on both genders. Show it off if you’re a fan of color and motivational art.

10. Blue & Red Valknut Tattoo On Chest

Chest tattoos usually look good on men who work out. This color combo shows someone who is a brave warrior, often ready to attack and protect everything that he believes in.

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