Archangel Michael is a well-known figure from religious stories. He’s often seen as a strong warrior, standing up against evil, and is respected as a protector. These qualities make him a popular choice for tattoos. Getting a tattoo of Archangel Michael isn’t just about the cool design. For many people, it’s a way to show their beliefs or to remember the battles they have fought in their own lives.

This kind of tattoo can have a lot of meanings. Some people get it to show their faith, to mark a tough time they’ve been through, or to remind themselves that they are strong and protected. Archangel Michael tattoos can also stand for courage, honesty, and fairness – all things that Archangel Michael is known for.

There are so many ways to do an Archangel Michael tattoo. From simple black and white designs to colorful, detailed art pieces, the options are endless. And each design can show a different side of Archangel Michael – from calm and peaceful to strong and fighting.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’re in the right place. We have more than 30 different designs of Archangel Michael tattoos for you to check out. Maybe you’ll find one that really speaks to you. Have fun looking through them all!

1. Statue Archangel Michael Shoulder Tattoo

This really cool tattoo of an Archangel Michael starts from the shoulder and covers the upper arm. It’s like a sculpture on your skin! The tattoo artist added a big red line on top of its head, which makes the gray tattoo stand out even more. And here’s the really awesome part: the angel’s wings extend towards the chest and back, giving it a majestic look.

2. Archangel Michael Half Sleeve Tattoo

Looking for a half sleeve tattoo? This might be for you. It covers your forearm and is beautifully done with lots of intricate details and shading. At the back of Michael, there’s a sun created with fine lines. It sounds like a stunning and meaningful piece of art!

3. Big Archangel Michael Back Tattoo

Here is an Archangel Michael tattoo that covers your back. The tattoo artist used a technique called cross-hatching to create the details on Michael’s body. It involves drawing lots of tiny lines close together to create shading and texture. And for the wings, thin lines were drawn to give them a delicate and intricate appearance. Overall, it is a stunning and meaningful tattoo!

4. Fine Line Archangel Michael Chest Tattoo

If you desire a striking and commanding tattoo design, the St. Michael design is an excellent choice.

5. Cartoon Archangel Michael Tattoo

This tattoo is drawn in an anime style, just like a character from a cartoon. The detail of the colorful fire rising above his head looks amazing! And we love how the green color on his cloak and the blue flames coming out of the tip of his sword look fantastic too. It’s a really stunning and impressive tattoo design!

6. Archangel Michael Tattoo

Archangel Michael is known for wearing a suit of armor, and in this tattoo, he is seen carrying a cross-shaped shield, symbolizing his protective nature. Also, he appears to be trying to crush a snake beneath him, representing his power over evil forces.

7. Watercolor Sketch Archangel Michael Tattoo

In this tattoo, Michael is drawn in a sketch style. The sketch has been colored using watercolors, giving it a vibrant look. Also, it is placed on the back of arm, and to add some artistic flair, black splatters have been applied to the background of the tattoo. Go for it.

8. Archangel Michael and Stained Glass Tattoo

Imagine a beautiful tattoo made on the lower leg using colorful stained glass. Inside this glass, there is a depiction of Archangel Michael, a powerful and brave angel. In the tattoo, Archangel Michael is shown wielding his sword and bravely slaying a dragon. Give it a shot to show the strength of good over evil.

9. Artistic Archangel Michael Tattoo

Wanna turn your upper arm into a piece of art? Here is what you need. The colors of the Archangel Michael tattoo are soft and give it a look as if it’s a painting by an artist from the medieval times. Give it a try.

10. Archangel Michael Full Back Tattoo

If you like sketching techniques in tattoos, you’ll love this tattoo idea! The tattoo artist used this technique to create the design and added shading details to make it look more realistic. In the tattoo, Michael is shown pulling out his sword. Such a powerful image!

11. Cool Archangel Michael Tattoo

In this particular tattoo, Archangel Michael is shown holding a scale in his hand, symbolizing justice and balance. However, there seems to be a unique twist to this design. The person who got the tattoo decided to portray the figure of a person underneath the scale being “crushed” or “squeezed” in some way, suggesting that justice can sometimes be harsh or overwhelming.

12. Archangel Michael and Scale Tattoo

Archangel Michael is depicted like a sculpture in this inner arm tattoo. He is also shown holding a sword and wearing armor. On the head part of the tattoo, there is a balance scale symbol, which extends towards the shoulders. Get a tattoo of this strong warrior!

13. Archangel Michael Sketch Tattoo

The overall design of this tattoo appears quite intricate and complex, with the body lines of the archangel not fully defined. This gives it a somewhat abstract and mysterious look. The tattoo would be particularly appealing to those who appreciate dark and intricate tattoo designs.

14. Blackwork Archangel Michael Tattoo

Archangel Michael is depicted in this black tattoo. In the tattoo, it appears as if Michael is challenging the devil, who is depicted on the ground, with his sword and shield in hand. This arm tattoo showcases the powerful and courageous nature of Archangel Michael, symbolizing his role as a protector and defender against evil forces.

15. Colorful Archangel Michael and Demon Tattoo

Archangel Michael is a popular figure depicted in art and tattoos. The colors used in this tattoo are vibrant and eye-catching, which adds to its appeal. In the drawing, Archangel Michael is shown with a sword, ready to strike the devil in a fierce manner. Also, he is depicted holding a balance in one hand.

16. Archangel Michael Chest Tattoo

Here’s a really cool tattoo of Archangel Michael drawn on the chest. It’s not just any ordinary tattoo; it’s designed to look like a statue, so it appears very realistic. The way the artist played with shading and shadows makes it look absolutely amazing! It’s as if a beautiful sculpture of Archangel Michael has been brought to life on their skin.

17. Archangel Michael Upper Arm Tattoo

So, in a nutshell, there’s this cool artwork of Archangel Michael drawn on the upper arm. The colors used are soft and beautiful, giving the whole thing a really nice vibe. It looks like a lovely and artistic design!

18. Gorgeous Archangel Michael Back Tattoo

Wanna cover all you back with Archangel Michael? Here is a great tattoo. The artist used shades of gray for the inks, giving it a neat look. Archangel Michael is shown with a long sword and big wings, heroically defeating a devil or demon. In the background, there’s a geometric circle adding some artistic flair to the whole piece. It’s a captivating and powerful design, don’t you think?

19. Archangel Michael Half Sleeve Tattoo

In this beautiful piece of art, the focus is on the upper and the front of arm. In this Archangel Michael artwork, the drawing style used to create this artwork is pencil drawing and it makes it look quite adorable. Give it a shot.

20. Archangel Michael Thigh Tattoo

You can look sexy with this tattoo! On the thigh, there’s a drawing of Archangel Michael. He looks really majestic with his beautiful and magnificent wings, almost like he’s gracefully gliding in the air. The artist used fine lines to create this artwork, which gives it a delicate look.

21. Archangel Michael Lower Arm Tattoo

Check out this amazing artwork of Michael in action! He fearlessly stands up for what’s right and helps those in need. As the guardian of the Church, he’s renowned for defeating Satan. The level of detail in this design is truly special – it brings the image to life on your skin with depth and dimension. Plus, it covers all of the lower arm!

22. Dark Archangel Michael Warrior Tattoo

It’s time to make your inner arm shine out with Archangel Michael! You know, he’s one of those powerful and awesome angelic beings! In the drawing, he has long hair, which makes him look like a fierce warrior ready for battle. And guess what? He’s dressed up in cool warrior clothes too! It’s like he’s all set to protect and fight for good!

23. Archangel Michael and Snakes Tattoo

Archangel Michael is often associated with being a powerful and protective figure in various religious and mythological beliefs. But in this artwork, he’s not shown defeating demons or evil creatures like you might expect. Instead, he’s seen crushing snakes! Get it on your inner arm and stand out.

24. Archangel Michael Back Shoulder Tattoo

Imagine a beautiful tattoo of Archangel Michael on your back shoulder. The artist used black and gray ink to create this masterpiece. And let me tell you, they did an amazing job! The colors are so vivid and lively that the tattoo looks like a real work of art!

25. Dark Archangel Michael Tattoo

A tattoo of Archangel Michael on your shoulder sounds exciting! The design also extends down your upper arm. The reason it looks dark is because it’s done using gray ink, covering your entire arm with its unique shade. Tattoos like this can really stand out and make a bold statement. Keep rocking that awesome artwork.

26. Neo Traditional Archangel Michael Tattoo

Let  tell you about this amazing portrait of Archangel Michael! It’s drawn from a side view, which gives it a unique perspective. The artist used a cool technique called “neo-traditional” to create this masterpiece. And guess what? The main colors that really pop out are vibrant orange and golden yellow. They give the portrait a majestic and powerful feel.

27. White Archangel Michael Tattoo

The Archangel Michael tattoo is drawn using black lines, and the cool thing is that the insides are left empty, creating a unique look. To make the tattoo stand out even more, a shadow effect is added around its edges. This combination of techniques gives the impression that the tattoo is as bright as white, right?

28. Masculine Archangel Michael Tattoo

It’s all about a dark and grandiose atmosphere, creating a captivating visual. Archangel Michael is portrayed in a mighty pose, just like a true warrior. You can almost feel the intensity as he’s crushing the devil beneath him, taking a stand against evil.

29. Archangel Michael Sketch Tattoo

You can choose this tattoo because you admire the qualities associated with Michael, such as bravery, strength, and guidance. The technique used in this tattoo is sketch, which means it’s a preliminary drawing or outline of the tattoo design.

30. Archangel Michael Thigh Tattoo

This Archangel Michael tattoo on the thigh is a fantastic choice for religious individuals. It looks very artistic and represents the powerful Archangel Michael. This tattoo carries deep symbolism and is highly admired by those who value their faith.

31. Archangel Michael and Stairs Tattoo

Those who wanna get a cool tattoo on their forearm will adore this Archangel Michael tattoo! Below the tattoo, there’s a ladder. Behind Michael, there’s a background that looks like a mandala. It looks like a unique and interesting design!

32. Black and Grey Archangel Michael Watercolor Tattoo

This tattoo will blow your mind because it is a beautiful and artistic design that incorporates elements of both black and grey shading techniques, as well as watercolor-inspired effects. Placed on the upper arm, it rocks.

33. Classy and Realistic Archangel Michael Tattoo

The legendary angelic warrior is best seen in this tattoo. In the design, he’s wielding a long sword and bravely standing tall. At the tip of his mighty sword, there’s a cross shining brightly. And, as a display of his strength, he’s gently defeating a man beneath him.

So, why wait? Dive right in! Take a stroll through these captivating Archangel Michael tattoos. There’s a lot to see, a story in each design. Who knows, maybe your next tattoo is waiting for you in this collection!

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