Money tattoos can be a common tattoo and are often worn by guys and girls who wish to set their intentions straight from the get-go. If you’re a money lover and if you believe that it can be a sign of status, a funny design to get, or if it holds a deeper meaning in your case, why not get it as a tattoo? Here, we’re going to bring you some of the coolest and cutest looks that will suit both genders. Keep on reading to find your next money-inspired tattoo.

What Does A Money Tattoo Symbolize?

Money tattoos can have different meanings, depending on your chosen design, its size & color. Money tattoos are often seen as motivational pieces, often done by a business-oriented person who has plans on how to make money. Money is a symbol of power, lust, and success. It can bring you both happiness and sadness, depending on the context of your life and the story itself.

1. Stacked Money Tattoo

Cool and quite edgy looking, this money-burning tattoo is for those who wish to set a statement. Let the world know that you don’t believe in materialism and that you’re satisfied with what you have.

2. Black Ink Sleeve Money Tattoo

Some people love to do sleeve tattoos. Are you one of those people yourself? If you enjoy big and flashy tattoos and if you fully trust your tattoo artist, why not commit to this design? It is a bold and money-driven piece that will show what you’re trying to attract in this lifetime, in your own way.

3. Dollar Bills Money Tattoo

This gorgeous and giant black money tattoo is for anyone who likes precision and dominance. If you’re a fan of fine art and you fully want to go all out, this is the way to do it! This tattoo will suit guys a bit better than girls. Interested in trying it out?

4. Small Money Tattoo

Your tattoos don’t have to be too crazy and wild. If you’re a fan of minimalism yet tattoos that have a clear message, this will suit you. Show that sometimes money does run the world, but that less is more.

5. Money Bag Tattoo

Who doesn’t want to get their bag secured?! Nowadays, the internet is all about these straightforward and obvious messages. If you’re hustling and you’re on your grind, you can show it with this money bag symbol.

6. Colorful Money Tattoo

If Mickey Mouse was one of your favorite cartoons while growing up, this colorful and vibrant tattoo is the right one for you. Show that you love your childhood and money in this sarcastic yet unique way.

7. Small Money Bag Tattoo

If you’re a hardworking person and someone who believes that hustle is worth it, this tattoo will show that! You can easily add it anywhere you want and it will round up your blank space, no matter the concept that you’ve been aiming for.

8. Forearm Money Tattoo

Go for this historical tattoo and combine different black elements and straightforward prints. You’re going to like this tattoo with sharp and defined ink, as well as the fact that it is a unique piece that others probably won’t have.

9. Cool Neck Money Tattoo

Neck tattoos may not be for everyone. If your job allows you to wear visible designs and you wish to look trendy and a bit risky, this is for you! It will make you look like a dominant person, that’s for sure.

10. Money Tattoo Dollar Bills

Several money bills all tied up in one are a sign of power. If you’ve been trying to collect yourself and you’ve been making big moves, this tattoo will show your true power and intentions.

11. Thigh Money Tattoo Dagger Symbol

Go for a dagger symbol and money pieces to show that money can’t buy it all! If you have had a bad experience and something unpleasant has happened to you in relation to money, this scary yet fun tattoo will suit you.

12. Big & Colorful Money Tattoo

This sexy little money symbol paired with a red Devil will say that you’re a troublemaker. If you’re always ready to have fun and you don’t mind making a bit of a mess in your life from time to time, this tattoo will represent you.

13. Unique Artsy Money Tattoo

How about you give it a go with a foreign money bill tattoo?! You don’t have to stick to classics, and you can have your own take on your chosen design. Simply show that you’ve traveled the world, and share some of your favorite memories from that trip in a form of a tattoo.

14. Green Money Tattoo

Cool money tattoo such as this one symbolizes that you believe that there is always hope in life, despite how rough or bad your path might look. Cool and edgy-looking, this tattoo will suit both genders just as well.

15. Monopoly Money Tattoo

The monopoly guy is a good candidate for your next money tattoo. If you love to play games and if you’re a fan of black detailed artsy ideas, this is for you. The end result will look brave and fun while symbolizing your will to conquer and try out new things.

16. Pokemon Money Tattoo

Small money tattoo combined with this Pokémon detail is for guys and girls who love Pokémon even to this day. If you enjoy smaller tattoos and you want something that will symbolize your innocence, this is how to do it.

17. Feminine Money Tattoo

Sweet, small, and minimalistic, this money and rose tattoo is for women who fancy elegant and cute prints. If you are a gentle soul and someone who loves to explore new things in life, this is for you. Light, cute and elegant, who can say no to it?

18. Money In Mouth Tattoo

Cool and edgy looking, this money print tattoo with lips design will showcase your hungry and money-driven side. If you’re someone who loves to try out new things and you’re always on the grind, this tattoo will show it.

19. Small & Simple Money Tattoo

Small, cute, and minimalistic, this forearm tattoo will take you one hour to do. If you dislike the pain and you want something quick and easy, this is for you!

20. Money Tattoo On Calf

Guys who work out may prefer this calf tattoo a tad bit more. You’re going to enjoy the space you’re offered, along with its creativity factor. The end result shows a person who is always trying and learning, even if failing.

21. Angel Money Tattoo

Money is calling, baby! Do you tend to make big moves quite often? Are you a fan of chasing success? If you believe that there is a guardian angel for you who is keeping good care of your wealth, show it with this retro tattoo.

22. Black Money Tattoo On Face

Face tattoos can be quite tricky to do, and they can be painful. Do you enjoy showy and visible art? If you can handle the tattooing process, why not give this one a go?

23. Money Running Away Tattoo

Show how you can make money and run away with it. If you’ve been chasing your dreams for so long now, maybe it is time to succeed in life and get the most that you can of it, right?

24. Pink Ghetto Money Tattoo

This is a cool and funny money tattoo that has a pop of pink to it. If you’re a fan of cool art and you enjoy unique tattoos just know that this is something that others won’t have.

25. Big Sleeve Money Tattoo

A gorgeous sleeve tattoo such as this one is for those who enjoy bigger and showy pieces. If you’re someone who enjoys cool art and you fully trust your tattoo artist, why not commit to this tattoo and show off its full glory?

26. Skull Money Tattoo

Go for a money-piece tattoo and a skull symbol as well. Combine these two elements if you’re a fan of cool and quirky ideas. The end result shows a person who is fully committed to everything that happens in his or her life.

27. Burning Money Tattoo

A devilish tattoo such as this one is for guys or girls who know that money can be evil and bad for them. Not everything in life we do has to be good for us, right?

28. Dagger Through Money Tattoo

A dagger and money tattoo combo is for those who have been through it all! If money has brought you some type of evil and if you’re aware that it is not always rainbows and butterflies, this tattoo will show it.

29. Colorful Thigh Money Tattoo

Try out this side piece and place it on your thighs. If you like wild, colorful, and unique tattoo ideas, this is for you. Heads up since it can be time-consuming, as well as a pricey piece to go for.

30. Yellow Bag Money Tattoo

Show that you value money and that you think of it as gold. If you’re often saving a ton of money and you’re all about collecting as much of it as possible, this tattoo is for you.

31. Cool Calf Money Tattoo

Subtle elements and indicators of wealth can be shown through this tattoo. If you’re a low-key person and someone who doesn’t want to let the world know that you’re making a ton, this is a subtle way how you can show it.

32. Donald Duck Money Tattoo

This cool tattoo is for those who love cartoons, as well as those who are all about taking advantage of every situation. If you want to make a lot of it and if you want the world to see your success, this is how you can do it!

33. Daffy Duck Money Tattoo

Remind yourself that you can always make money. This tattoo is quite funny and goofy, which is why this tattoo is for those who like to joke around and don’t want to take life too seriously.

34. Forearm Money Tattoo

Try out this half-sleeve tattoo and show it off knowing that it is a masterpiece. If you’re someone who likes bold and fun art and you’re all about making a statement you can easily do it with this print.

35. Statue of Liberty Money Tattoo

A cool black and white tattoo such as this one is for those who enjoy elegant pieces. If you enjoy cool art and you have an amazing tattoo artist in mind, why not try this out?

36. Funny Money Tattoo

Somewhat funny and unique, this artsy black ink tattoo is for those who love funny moments and comedies. Show that you like Ted and money with this outgoing piece.

37. Slot Money Tattoo

Sometimes money can come to you in a form of a gambling machine. If you love to play slots both online and in person, this tattoo is for you. Show that you’re a big gambler at heart by getting this cool design.

38. Wrist Money Tattoo

A small wrist tattoo such as this one will take you around one hour to do. If you like colorful pieces and if you’re a fan of artsy designs, this will look amazing on you. It will suit both genders just as well.

39. Black Ink Money Tattoo

Several money pieces all put together can show that you’re hustling and trying to make the most out of life. If you’re a hardworking person, this will show it.

40. Big Shoulder Money Tattoo

Lastly, why not go big, bold, and large? Guys who love sleeve tattoos will like this design. It will take you around 3 hours to get it, while the piece itself is perfect.

Time For Your Money Tattoo!
Are you ready to rock these dollar dollar bills y’all?! Money tattoos such as these will look gorgeous and will have their own story to tell. What’s yours? Let us know down below!

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