If you’re not ready to commit to a full-sleeve tattoo you can always consider half-sleeve designs. These are the best tattoos to consider if you’re naturally a shy person or someone who is not in the mood for bold and giant designs. This way, you can test some waters and see how you feel about the concept of sleeve tattoos and only then fully commit to the process. Intrigued in giving them a go? If that is the case keep on reading and find your next half sleeve print down below!

What Are Half Sleeve Tattoos?

A half sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that is done on one part of your hand. It is either done from your wrist to your elbow or from your elbow up to your shoulder. It is an amazing guideline for getting started with a sleeve tattoo concept. It is also a concept that can be done in 1-to 2 days, which makes it a lot more convenient for those who need a tattoo that is not too complex or complicated to go for.

How Pricey Are Half Sleeve Tattoos?

The truth is that half-sleeve tattoos can be very pricey. Usually, you’re looking at a price of $300-$600, depending on your chosen tattoo concept, color combo, and the expertise of your artist. In the end, you should know that colorful tattoos are a bit pricier to go for than black and white tattoos.

Black Half Sleeve Tattoos

1. Giant Black Half Sleeve Tattoo


This tribal half-sleeve is a must-have for guys who enjoy bigger and flashier designs. It will also look great on those who work out.

2. Mysterious Half Sleeve Tattoo


Show your love for sea creatures and wildlife with this black and white half-sleeve tattoo.

3. Warrior Black Ink Half Sleeve Tattoo


Every guy who is a natural warrior will enjoy this design. Show your fierce design and your dominance with this print.

4. Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoo


Show that you’re a natural fighter and a survivor with this tiger eye. If you’re an animal lover you’re going to like this tattoo.

5. Black Ink Palm Half Sleeve Tattoo


If you’re a nature lover or a sea lover these cute palms will suit you! Perfect for those who like summer and the sun.

6. Buddha Half Sleeve Tattoo


Show off your spiritual side with a cute Buddha half-sleeve print. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get in tune with their deep emotions.

7. Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo


Any Disney fans out there? If so, give it a go with this black and white half-sleeve lion tattoo! Perfect for both genders.

8. Owl Half Sleeve Tattoo


Owls symbolize peace and a calm mindset. Does that sound like something that describes you?

9. Tribal Black Ink Half Sleeve Tattoo


Cool tribal tattoo that will symbolize your inner power. If you’re a natural warrior and someone confident or stubborn, this will suit you.

10. Half Sleeve Tattoo Lion Print


Half-sleeve lion tattoo will show your inner dominance and power. Perfect for most guys.

11. Dog Half Sleeve Tattoo


Dedicate your half-sleeve tattoo to your pet, it is a gorgeous concept to consider!

12. Turtle Black Ink Half Sleeve Tattoo


This black ink tattoo with a turtle will look amazing on guys or girls who love the wildlife.

13. Floral & Dog Half Sleeve Tattoo


Cute and feminine, this tattoo design is for women who wish to show their soft and sensual side.

14. 3D Half Sleeve Tattoo


Make sure that you book a tattoo artist who is skilled enough since this design is tricky to go for.

Colorful Half Sleeve Tattoos

1. Floral Half Sleeve Tattoo


Bright orange half-sleeve that you’re going to like if you’re a fan of nature and flowers. Show that you’re perky and cheerful with this concept.

2. Goku Half Sleeve Tattoo


Dragon Ball used to be your favorite cartoon? If that is the case give it a go with this colorful half-sleeve.

3. Colorful Tribal Half Sleeve Tattoo


This tribal tattoo will symbolize your inner energy, patience, and persistence.

4. Red Skull Half Sleeve Tattoo


Giant red tattoo, a must-have for guys or girls who like dominance and manga! Are you a fan of anime yourself?

5. Devil Half Sleeve Tattoo


Show that there is a little devil within you with this bright arm tattoo. Perfect for most individuals.

6. Floral Half Sleeve Tattoo


Show your energy with this pink arm tattoo. It will suit romantic women the best.

7. Native American Half Sleeve Tattoo


If you’re a true American consider this patriotic design. It will suit both genders.

8. Unique Half Sleeve Tattoo


A gorgeous half-sleeve with a butterfly print symbolizes time and personal growth.

9. Poison Half Sleeve Tattoo


Retro and witty, this poison tattoo shows your creativity and imaginative side.

10. Artsy Anime Half Sleeve Tattoo


If you like to watch cartoons and anime this is for you. Heads up since it is a time-consuming print.

11. Colorful Flowers Half Sleeve Tattoo


Women who like bright and colorful tattoos, as well as flowers, this is for you! Show your love for feminine and scented flowers.

12. Art Half Sleeve Tattoo


If you’re a fan of unusual pieces this is for you. A must-do for guys or girls who like Sci-Fi.

13. Feminine Half Sleeve Tattoo For Women


This half sleeve tattoo symbolizes pure intentions and your creativity.

14. Wolf & Flowers Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea


Show that you’re both feminine and thick-skinned with this wolf print and flower duo.

15. Chinese Half Sleeve Tattoo


If you’re a spiritual person this will suit you!

16. Buddhism Half Sleeve Tattoo


Gorgeous half-sleeve tattoo that will symbolize your explosive and creative side.
Want To Try A Half Sleeve Tattoo?
So, want to stand out without investing a ton of money or time into your next print? If that is the case let us know which tattoo you want to have! We know that you’re going to adore some of these options.

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