Forearm tattoos are a common placement and a common go-to choice when it comes to your tattoos. Both men and women like this placement, but in today’s article, we’re going to focus on women’s tattoo ideas. Keep on reading and discover some cute and fierce ideas that will intrigue you.

Which Tattoo To Go For Over Your Forearm?

Your forearm tattoo can be anything and everything that you imagine! You should aim for something that is personal and fully catered to your character and your preference. A lot of women prefer to go with butterflies, meaningful quotes, as well as colorful animals, or their favorite cartoon characters. The end result and choice are entirely up to you and your preference or style.

How Pricey Are Forearm Tattoos?

Expect to spend around 2-5 hours when getting a forearm tattoo. Most experts will bill around $100 for smaller black and white tattoos, while bigger and more colorful ideas can go for $300.

Top 30 Forearm Tattoos For Women

Black & White Tattoos

1. Forearm Dog Tattoo

Perfect and sweet without being too dramatic or overpowering, wouldn’t you want this type of tattoo?

2. Mandala Forearm Tattoo

Go for this black and white tattoo if you’re someone who enjoys precision and mandala prints when it comes to your designs.

3. Elephant Forearm Tattoo

Do you like elephants? These magical and magnificent creatures are a common tattoo for women who like animals and love a good and visible arm tattoo.

4. Feather Eye Forearm Tattoo

Go for a feather print and make this design truly artsy. Those who have someone special in mind will like this tattoo and will like their eye as a print of true love and commitment.

5. Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Butterflies work so well as a tattoo choice for young women. If you want to look really feminine, gentle, and cute, consider this black and white butterfly idea.

6. Bird Design On Forearm

If you want to feel free and be driven like a bird, consider this tattoo. A bird is a symbol of new beginnings and freedom, do you want that to characterize you?

7. Flower Forearm Tattoo

A lot of women enjoy these conceptual and spiritual tattoos. Are you one of those women? Go for this print and enjoy the black and white concept!

8. Black Ink Matching Tattoos

You can go for some duo-matching tattoos over your forearm that tell a unique story, online known to you.

9. Koi Fish Forearm Tattoo

Try out these geometrical prints and show how you like to wear unique sets or tattoo designs. Women who like art, precision, and elegance will enjoy this concept.

10. Three Butterflies Forearm Tattoo

A cute little matching set of butterflies will show and express your playful and flirty personality.

11. Retro Flowers Forearm Tattoos

This bigger forearm tattoo is for women who can’t make up their like when it comes to their new tattoo. Go for all of your favorite flowers and make a statement.

12. Quote Tattoo

Smaller forearm tattoos and placing the name of a person that you love will always look stunning! Show your love and connection in this way.

Colorful Forearm Tattoos

1. Colorful Mountain Forearm Tattoo

Colorful and romantic, perfect for women who like modern tattoos.

2. Cute Color Flower Forearm Tattoo

Go with this giant floral bouquet and show that you’re a giving person through this tattoo.

3. Purple Flowers & Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Big, colorful, and stunning, this print is for every girl who likes to shine bright as a flower.

4. Seahorse Forearm Tattoo

Seahorse tattoos are a popular choice with a lot of women, believe it or not.

5. Tulip Pink Forearm Tattoo

Try out this tulip flower tattoo if you’re ready to look cute and colorful!

6. Wave Heart Forearm Tattoo

This small wave forearm tattoo will let everyone know that you are ready to enjoy and have a good time, always!

7. Koi Fish Forearm Tattoo

Orange fish tattoo is for those who like a pop of color, as well as animals. Go with this design if you’re a truly caring soul.

8. Time Ticking Funky Tattoo

This forearm tattoo will remind you that time is always slowly ticking.

9. Mom Dedicated Forearm Tattoo

Dedicate a tattoo to your mom or someone that has passed away by placing it on this visible part.

10. Small Tulip Forearm Tattoo

Tulip tattoos will look excellent when placed over your forearm.

11. Floral Rose Arm Tattoo

The bright red rose will suit those who like sexy red pieces!

12. Blue Koi Fish Forearm Tattoo

Try out this koi fish and show off its mysterious elements with this approach.

13. Cute Elephant Forearm Tattoo

Such a cute little elephant tattoo that talks about the closeness of best friends.

14. Pretty Flowers On The Forearm

Add blue and orange to show that these two colors can look so lovely on your forearm.

15. Unusual Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Not all butterflies have to be ”basic”. Consider this scary tattoo if you like to look and wear different prints.

16. Dino Cool Tattoo

If you like cartoons this bright purple dino is for you!

17. Simple Red Rose Tattoo

Roses symbolize love and endless connection. Have someone special in mind and dedicate this tattoo to them.

18. Colorful Pokemon Tattoo

Who doesn’t love Pokemon? This cutie is a must-do for women with style.

New Cool Tattoo Time

Let us know if you’re ready to wear any of these mean-looking tattoos! They are perfect for women who like to express their gentle and feminine side. Do you prefer color or more so black and white tattoos? We have covered it all, so let us know what you fancy when it comes to these recommended ideas.

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