Bitcoin has become a cultural phenomenon and symbol of digital freedom and innovation in recent years. Getting a bitcoin tattoo represents being part of the cryptocurrency revolution and investing in the future of decentralized finance. The classic bitcoin logo, with the bold B and vertical lines, makes for a simple yet recognizable tattoo design. This can be placed anywhere on the body, but common spots include the forearm, wrist, or back of the shoulder.

With its minimalist look, a bitcoin tattoo can be made any size to fit the body placement. As a purely line-based image, this can be easily inked in black or shaded with colors like orange and grey to stand out. The average cost of a bitcoin tattoo can range from $50 for a small wrist piece to $200 for a more detailed full back shoulder tattoo with color shading and background effects.

I’ve compiled 30 unique bitcoin tattoo designs below, ranging from subtle to bold statements. Scroll through the bitcoin tattoo ideas I’ve shared, with designs featuring clever spins on the logo, bitcoin symbols blended with other images, and creative takes on displaying the digital currency. There are smaller bitcoin tattoos perfect for hands, wrists, and fingers. For those looking for a bigger display, check out the full back and half sleeve bitcoin tattoos. I’ve also included some minimalist options and cool effects like DOT work and geometric patterns with the classic bitcoin logo integrated.

1. Bitcoin Man

A man with a coin head is a common sight among Bitcoin tattoos. A black-and-white tattoo design fits best, but it doesn’t have to be strictly black, it can be of your choice, depending on what you like best and what looks best on you. The most suitable place for this drawing is your bicep or at the wrist.

2. B Tattoo

Money makes people happy so you can show your happiness through this bitcoin on your skin. The characteristic yellow of the letter B, which stands for your happiness, is the most common occurrence among such tattoos. With this type of tattoo, it is ideal to add a quote.

3. Money Pool

Scrooge McDuck can sometimes represent us all when it comes to money. It can be a representation of you who like to “swim” in a pool of money. We all once wanted to live like this rich duck.

4. Black B

Draw attention with your big black tattoo, if you don’t like the classic yellow color of that letter. A tattoo like this is not easy to hide at all, but in any case, we think this tattoo is very cool.

5. Golden B

The 3D letter B in a small size on your bicep will be a beautiful decoration for your other tattoos. This tattoo color goes well with all other colors, especially if you are a colorful person who likes to experiment with colors and who is not inclined to match colors according to any rule. A tattoo this small is ideal because it can be tattooed anywhere on your body.

6. B Eyes

This rich duck is well known to everyone, so you will see it in our next photos because it is the most common representation of wealth and Bitcoin tattoos.

7. B

This is not only a men’s tattoo but it can also be ideal for women. If you want to express your power and wealth as a woman, you can do it through tattoos like these, which are simple, yet impressive.

8. Chest

Have you recently become very wealthy or are you just planning to become a wealthy person? Let this coffin be your happiness, if you have not yet achieved your goal, and let it be an indicator of your wealth if you have become a rich person. The strong colors of this chest represent your search or finding of a hidden treasure chest.

9. Red B

Small neck tattoos with striking colors will always be something to wear and tattoo. You will not go wrong if you opt for such a small red tattoo. Money tattoos are quite popular these days. It can also be called a designer tattoo. There is a high demand for banknote tattoos among both male and female enthusiasts.

10. B In Space

Although the universe is not colorful, you can present it as if it were. Send some of your wealth into space in the form of this interplanetary rocket. The best place for this kind of tattoo is the arm, above the wrist.

11. Melting Coin

A perfect assembly of colors on your hand in the form of a melting coin, from which the green mass flows. You can use this tattoo to attract attention.

12. Bitcoin Fish

Your goldfish, but in a slightly different version. Reddish in color surrounded by coins, maybe this is the right sign for you to get something like this tattoo because you never know what kind of luck it might bring you.

13. Finger Tattoo

Black simple finger tattoos are a good way to decorate the look of your hand. It will always be in fashion and it will always be something that your people will often remember and recognise.

14. Locked B

Lock down your letter B with a few more items you love in the form of chains and stars and keep them forever with you. The design of the tattoo is not too demanding and it can fit perfectly if you have several tattoos, but it can also stand alone without any additional decorations.

15. Super Bitcoin Mario

An adorable and very creative way to tattoo something symbolic of Bitcoin. You can never go wrong with Super Mario. Super Mario is the good old game that takes us back to the old days with its appearance.

16. La Casa De Papel

A picture that says more than words. If you have watched the well-known series La Casa De Papel, then you will take this as a good sign and a good example for your next tattoo.

17. Running Bitcoin

A simple black line tattoo. You can’t go wrong with the simplicity of this tattoo. It’s classic, yet conveys a good message to the world.

18. Las Vegas

The home of wealth and money is right in Las Vegas. Carry a piece of this city with you always. This type of tattoo is recommended for fanatics of huge tattoos that occupy the entire arm. This is otherwise called a sleeve tattoo because it gives the impression of a sleeve.

19. Poker

Similar to the previous photo, with this one you can also take a piece of Las Vegas and good poker and money with you. Red lip color breaks the monotony of black color.

2o. Drinks & Coins

What goes better with money than a drink? Bring a piece of the atmosphere from the famous casinos with you on your skin. This also gives us an impression of Marlon Brando from The Godfather.

21. Duck

As we mentioned earlier, you see the rich duck again. Simple – this tattoo will never get boring. If you are a fan of Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales, this tattoo design can be customized for you. He is kinda cute, isn’t he?

22. Strong B

Bring your Bitcoin B to life. Add these adorable hands and feet to it and give it meaning. Blue and gold work fabulously together, don’t they? Somehow they are two colors that shine.

23. Simple Tattoo

This tattoo gives us the impression of a minimalist design. The geometric boxes behind it add to the look. It doesn’t have to be a box, it can be any geometric shape that would fit perfectly. They can be triangles or circles.

24. Anonymus Coin

Behind every pile of money and wealth is a man in a suit. You won’t go wrong with this choice of tattoo.

25. Eagle Coin

It is well known to everyone that eagles are birds of prey and that they grab their prey tightly to survive. If you feel like an eagle with your wealth, this is a good way to show yourself in the form of a tattoo.

26. Lucky Jar

A jar full of money and lucky clover. If you cannot find a real four-leaf clover in reality, nothing prevents you from creating it and carrying it with you all the time thereby summoning good luck.

27. Bear B

This bear man may look a little scary, but it is a good example for anyone who likes tattoos with a little stronger meaning and look. The black color of this tattoo is striking, and because of its size, you will not go unnoticed.

28. Neck Tattoo

A black letter B on the back of your neck. Keep it simple and classic. Black color carries many meanings. It can mean power, elegance, and formality, but at the same time, it can be mysterious, fear and something you are hiding in the past. But in any case, a black tattoo will always be a pure classic that you can’t go wrong with.

29. World B

For some people, money rules the world. Whether it’s wrong or not, we’ll keep to ourselves, and for you, we have this photo as inspiration for your potential next tattoo.

30. Mickey Mouse

Our adorable friend Mickey Mouse as a rich mouse on your skin, why not? Awaken your creativity and turn your favorite cartoon character into a rich hero.

31. Cool Otter

Be cool and relaxed like this otter. Otters are adorable animals and they rest all the time. They can represent you while you are resting and the money is constantly in the account. 😉

A bitcoin tattoo is the perfect way to display your passion for cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. With creative designs from subtle to bold, you can find bitcoin body art to match your personal taste and interests. Look through these bitcoin tattoo ideas and start envisioning your own unique crypto ink!

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