Looking for something new that has that historical or mythological meaning? If that is the case, make sure that you read our article all the way through! We have the best Fenrir tattoos down below that will suit powerful, energetic, as well as strong individuals!

What Does Fenrir Tattoo Symbolize?

A Fenrir is a wolf, which was linked and thought to be evil in Norse mythology. Getting this tattoo done will symbolize your strength, ferocity, destiny, character, as well as powerful immortal side.

Can Anyone Go For A Fenrir Tattoo?

Anyone can go for a Fenrir tattoo, but the thing is that guys prefer these types of tattoos a lot more. If you are interested in something giant, dominant & kind-of manly-looking, you can give it a go. Also, if you are a fan of wolves or animals in general you can go for this tattoo.

What Is The Best Placement For This Tattoo?

Most people usually prefer to place this tattoo over their legs, arms, chest, or back. Since the tattoo itself is quite dominant, bold & attention-seeking, it is best to place it over a larger area to really show off its beauty.

Black & White Fenrir Tattos

1. Black & White Scary Fenrir Tattoo


The perfect black and white masterpiece for those who want a seamless design.

2. Mystical Fenrir Tattoo


Your chosen tattoo can show power and dominance.

3. Abstract Fenrir Tattoo


If you’re a fan of precision and you like a hint of geometry to your tattoos, go for this Fenrir tattoo concept.

4. Big Shoulder Fenrir Tattoo


Shoulder or sleeve tattoos are for those who like to show off and wear big and bold ideas.

5. Head-piece Fenrir Tattoo


If you like to wear dramatic tattoos and you’re a fan of “risky” placements, give it a go with this headpiece wolf tattoo.

6. Arm Detailed Fenrir Tattoo


Pay close attention to the lines and give it a go with this fancy wolf tattoo.

7. Shoulder Black Ink Fenrir Tattoo


A must-have shoulder tattoo for men who work out and those who want to assert dominance.

8. Cartoon & Playful Fenrir Tattoo


If you’re into cartoon-like tattoos and you prefer to find inspiration in some cool and powerful ink, this is it.

9. Black Dramatic Fenrir Tattoo


This giant shoulder tattoo is just the beginning of a fancy sleeve!

10. Small & Little Fenrir Tattoo


Do you watch a lot of cartoons? You can customize your tattoo if that’s the case with a Fenrir symbol.

11. Big Thigh Fenrir Tattoo


How about a giant Celtic-inspired design?

12. Fist Fenrir Tattoo


This black and white tattoo won’t take too much of your time or money.

13. Detailed Fenrir Tattoo Fist Design


If you’re into fist tattoos try out this design.

14. Giant Celtic Inspired Fenrir Tattoo


This giant shoulder tattoo is for guys who work out and enjoy dramatic tattoos.

15. Forearm Small Ink Fenrir Tattoo


This forearm tattoo is for anyone who likes a few retro elements and elegance.

16. Chest Fenrir Tattoo Ink


Go for this chest tattoo if you’re into mystical yet large creatures.

17. Black Outline Fenrir Tattoo


Let your Fenrir tattoo look mysterious and powerful if you’re into larger tattoos.

18. Giant Shoulder & Arm Fenrir Tattoo


Show off this shoulder or chest tattoo with full confidence if you’re someone who likes large animals.

19. Side Stomach Fenrir Tattoo


Side stomach tattoo could end up being painful, so heads up.

20. Myth-inspired Fenrir Tattoo


Go for that mystical and mythical approach with your dominant and large shoulder tattoo.

21. Scary Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


If you are a true warrior you can express your character through a wolf tattoo.

22. Warrior Chest Design Fenrir Tattoo


Show off your dominant chest and wear this wolf tattoo!

23. Small Black Captured Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


If you’re a fan of minimalism and you enjoy smaller tattoos try out this print.

Colorful Fenrir Tattoos

1. Colorful Fenrir Tattoo


Add a pop of red color to your tattoo to make it more scary-looking.

2. Bright Blue Fenrir Tattoo


Blue wolf tattoo will symbolize your elegance and royalty through this print.

3. Blue & Red Fenrir Tattoo


Make a statement everywhere you go with this colorful wolf tattoo.

4. Giant Shoulder Colorful Fenrir Tattoo


Your newly chosen tattoo can tell a fun story in its own way!

5. Colorful Head Fenrir Tattoo


If you dare to wear head designs and noticeable tattoos try out this print.

6. Arm Placement Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


Let your wolf show how dominant and powerful you are!

7. Scary & Colorful Fenrir Tattoo


Some art and a pop of color will make your tattoo unusual and truly different.

8. Red Colored Fenrir Tattoo


If red is your favorite color you’re going to want this print!

9. Black Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


Get different colored eyes and make your Fenrir even more scary-looking.

10. Giant Sleeve Fenrir Tattoo Colored Ink


A bright blue sleeve is for anyone craving a showy tattoo.

11. Shoulder Colorful Sleeve Fenrir Tattoo


If you like manga-like tattoos and you’re a fan of drama this will speak to you!

12. Bright Green Fenrir Tattoo


If green is your favorite color try out this concept.

13. Forearm Celtic Fenrir Tattoo


Go for something as intriguing and mystical, representative of the legend.

14. Blue Leg Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


Blue is a must-have for those who wish to stand out.

15. Tied-up Fenrir Tattoo


A tied-up wolf can show your loss persona and the destiny that you’re building.

16. Colorful Chest Fenrir Tattoo


Go for all there’s to the wolves scene and rock this image proudly.

17. Wilf Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


Heads up since this tattoo will take you around 5-7 hours to achieve.

18. Detailed Arm Fenrir Tattoo


This forearm tattoo will look intriguing and artsy on every individual.

19. Scary Red Wolf Fenrir Tattoo


Get red pops of color and wear this tattoo in a flashy way

20. Blue Dominant Fenrir Tattoo


Expect to spend around 8 hours at a tattoo shop when achieving this design.

Time For Something New?

Are you ready for that new tattoo, and a customized wolf solution? Let us know your top pick when it comes to these Fenrir wolf images, as well as their deeper meanings & representation. What do they mean to you?

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