Welcome, tattoo lovers, to a showstopper post brimming with more than thirty epic tattoos inspired by April’s birth flowers – the daisy and the sweet pea.

April babies, you’ve got double luck! Your birth flowers couldn’t be cooler. First up, we have the daisy. This cheerful little bloom isn’t just pretty; it’s packed full of meaning. Known for its pure white petals and golden heart, daisies are all about innocence, true love, and fresh starts. They’re the perfect ink for anyone wanting to carry a piece of springtime sunshine with them all year round.

Then we have the sweet pea. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill garden flower. Sweet peas are all about saying goodbye and the bittersweet pleasure that comes with it. Their delicate petals are a favorite for those looking for something a little more sentimental and poetic to etch onto their skin.

In this post, you’ll find a jaw-dropping mix of both. Each tattoo tells a story, weaving the bright optimism of daisies with the poignant beauty of sweet peas. Whether you’re into minimalistic line work or detailed color-filled designs, there’s something for everyone.

So, get ready to dive into this sea of inked petals and leaves, where the everyday meets the extraordinary. Let’s celebrate the beauty and symbolism of the daisy and sweet pea, one tattoo at a time. So kick back, scroll down, and find your next tattoo inspiration from these April birth flowers. Enjoy!

1. A Bunch of April Birth Flowers Tattoo


Wanna have a tattoo that involves a collection of daisies and sweet peas. Pink sweet peas and one white daisy are gathered by using a red ribbon. This inner arm tattoo is quite feminine. Give it a shot.

2. Black April Birth Flowers Tattoo on the Ear


Here is a tattoo on the ear which is a unique and stylish choice for those born in April. Only black ink is used but it doesn’t mean that this tattoo is still beautiful. It feels like the flowers surround the ear. Also, the leaves connect the flowers together.

3. April Birth Flower Tattoo on Inner Arm


Look at this inner arm which is like a canvas for various designs. In this design, we see a line art with bold inks. A daisy stands in front of the sweet peas and creates a gorgeous view. Give it a go.

4. Daisy Flowers Tattoo on Forearm


Being one of the April birth flowers, daisy flowers are often associated with qualities such as innocence, purity, and new beginnings. With the triple daisy above, you can symbolize one of your new beginnings and add the date of it. Maybe your wedding date or your child’s birthday?

5. Colorful April Birth Flower Tattoo


If you say that flowers are nothing if they are black and white, this colorful tattoo is for you. By bringing your vision to life, get a big and yellow daisy tattoo on your arm. To complement it with another April birth flower, ask your tattooist to add several pink sweet peas around it. The color palette is vibrant bold.

6. Black & Grey Daisy Side Rib Tattoo


Those who pay attention to artistic details while getting tattoos will adore this side rib tattoo idea! The elegant representation of the daisy flower is achieved through intricate and shading details. Show the beauty of this amazing flower with this tattoo.

7. Traditional Art April Birth Flowers Tattoo


Create a beautiful tattoo design that represents your birth month and embraces the classic beauty of traditional art. Incorporate the April birth flowers, such as the daisy and sweet pea, with intricate details, bold shading, and a color palette that perfectly complements the traditional tattoo style.

8. Realistic Daisy Flower Tattoo


Realistic tattoos feel pretty real, right? Get a daisy tattoo on your inner arm and symbolize that you look beautiful and were born in April. The shading techniques and color palette used are truly incredible.

9. April Birth Flower Tattoo on Ankle


The ankle is a popular location for tattoos since you can hide them as desired. In this tattoo design, the combination of pink and blue sweet peas and a daisy is seen. They are arranges as if they were a bouquet. Go for this tattoo symbolizing beauty, innocence, and the joy of nature.

10. Lovely Sweet Peas Tattoo 


We know that these pink and purple colored sweet peas are almost real! You may even smell them. Placed on the lower arm, this tattoo covers a portion of the arm. It’s a lovely and artistic way to express yourself through body art!

11. Artistic April Birth Flower Tattoo


Starting from the shoulder and going down to the upper arm, this tattoo boasts intricate details, blending delicate petals, vibrant colors, and perhaps even elements of personal significance. If you adore art and nature, get this tattoo and celebrate the spirit of new beginnings.

12. Daisy Flower Tattoo on  Neck


Placed gracefully on the neck, this tattoo grabs all the attention, showcasing the awesome charm of the daisy and enhancing the wearer’s unique style. With its intricate and realistic design, it truly makes a statement.

13. Quirky Skeleton with Daisy Tattoo


Probably you didn’t expect to see a skeleton holding a daisy bouquet in this list but we like surprises. In this weird but cute tattoo, a skeleton is inside a blue retro car. He pops his eyes out when he sees the bouquet. Give it a shot if you want to have fun with your tattoo!

14. April Birth Flower Chain Tattoo on Ankle


Imagine a small and cute tattoo on your ankle that consists of two flowers: a daisy and a sweet pea. They are linked together like a chain, creating a lovely and decorative design. It’s a pretty and charming tattoo idea for anyone who wants to add a touch of beauty to their ankle.

15. Black and Gray Daisy Tattoo


Now, instead of having the typical leaves that you usually see on a daisy, this particular tattoo design doesn’t include any leaves. It focuses just on the flower itself. Also, the shading details give it a more realistic look, like a photograph.

16. Minimal Daisy Tattoo on Wrist


For a minimalist approach, a single daisy with thin lines can create an elegant and understated tattoo. This design choice allows the daisy’s natural beauty to shine through while maintaining a sense of simplicity. Give it a shot.

17. Aesthetic Sweet Pea Tattoo


That color is insane! Don’t the sweet peas and roses on a branch look like a painting? This tattoo celebrates the elegance and charm of these particular flowers, often chosen for their graceful appearance and captivating colors.

18. Sweet Peas Tattoo on the Leg


Here is a cute and colorful design to get inked on your leg. It features beautiful sweet pea flowers, which are known for their vibrant colors and sweet fragrance. It’s like having a little piece of nature and beauty permanently with you, right on your leg.

19. April Birth Flowers Spine Tattoo


Spine tattoos are quite sexy, aren’t they? It’s time to ink April birth flowers on your spine to shine. In this tattoo, black and gray ink is designed to look like daises and sweet peas, representing the month of April. You’ll amaze everyone with it.

20. Watercolor Sweet Peas & Butterflies Tattoo on the Side Rib


This tattoo is designed with watercolor-style pink Sweet Peas, which are lovely flowers, and it also features blue Butterflies. The colors used in the tattoo are soft and blend together like watercolors. When combined with sweet pea flowers, butterflies add an element of magic to the design, amplifying their beauty and symbolism.

21. April Birth Flower with Snake Tattoo


Imagine a tattoo of daisies, which are pretty flowers, on your arm. Behind those daisies, there is a snake. Snakes are long, slithery creatures. So basically, the tattoo shows daisies at the front and a snake right behind them. It’s like having a picture of flowers and a snake together in one design.

22. Dotwork Daisy Flower Tattoo


The dotwork technique lends itself perfectly to the delicate petals and intricate features of a daisy. Each dot meticulously placed, creates a sense of depth, texture, and shading. Plus, it looks great on the back of arm.

23. Basic April Birth Flower Tattoo


The combination of three flowers looks like a work of art. All branches were brought together in a beautiful way. Get this tattoo that looks like a pencil drawing on your inner arm and be ready to look great.

24. Pretty Sweet Peas Tattoo


A tattoo could never be cuter than this! It’s a small and adorable design made up of sweet peas, which are flowers known for their lovely colors like pink and red. The technique used in this tattoo harmonizes with the delicate manner of these flowers due to thin lines.

25. Daisies in Vase Tattoo


In this tattoo, we see an ornamental vase, which is like a fancy pot, and inside the vase, there are daisies. It’s like what you have at home. Get it inked on your arm to show your love for daisies, nature, or simply because you were born in April.

26. Black Ink Daisy Tattoo


That’s literally such a pretty tattoo! This tattoo, consisting of both bloomed and unopened daisies, was applied using black and gray inks. Some flower petals have fallen and are floating downward. If you like big tattoos you should try it.

27. Colorful Sweet Peas Tattoo on the Shoulder


Starting from the shoulder to the collar bone, this tattoo is like a piece of art. It consists of sweet pea flowers in three lovely colors: pink, purple, and blue. The branches and leaves are so delicate and the whole look is quite feminine.

28. Line Art Daisy with Rabbit Tattoo


Those who prefer minimalist tattoos will love this idea! Instead of being a colorful or detailed image, it’s drawn using only lines. It’s like a black and white sketch. A rabbit is holding a branch of daisy and they both look adorable.

29. Sweet Pea Flowers Thigh Tattoo


If you want a permanent design of these lovely sweet pea flowers, get it on your thigh to stand out. Some of them are unopened and others bloomed. The color palette is also amazing and creates a unique vibe.

30. Daisy Tattoo Behind the Ear


These little cute daisies are drawn using only lines, without any colors or shading. This minimalistic style is placed behind the ear, giving a hidden look. No matter if you are a woman or man, this is a great choice .

31. April Birth Flower and Hummingbird Tattoo


The hummingbird is a beautiful creature and goes beautifully with the April birth flower. This tattoo often portrays a hummingbird drinking the nectar from the sweet pea. You can get the tattoo on your legs, or arms.

32. Elegant Sweet Pea Flowers Tattoo


These sweet pea flowers that are pink and purple in color are truly gorgeous! With brown branches, these flowers will symbolize your birth month in a great way. Go for this arm tattoo that will take your look to a different level.

33. Sweet Peas with a Sweet Rabbit Tattoo


Imagine a cute and grey rabbit that is coming out of a hole. The shading details and mix of different colors make the rabbit look super real. What makes the tattoo amazing is definitely those colorful sweet peas, though.

To wrap up, whether you’re an April baby, a tattoo enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the symbolism of these incredible flowers, there’s something in this collection for you. Explore, get inspired, and celebrate the unique blend of joy and nostalgia that daisies and sweet peas bring to the world of tattoo art. Enjoy this vibrant journey through petals and ink, where each design is as unique as the person wearing it. Happy browsing!

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