Are you looking for your next cool arm tattoo? If you’re a guy who wants to stand out with his chosen design, this article is for you! Guys prefer arm tattoos quite often since they’re visible and quite easy to pull off + they look so good when done the right way.

You’ll probably get a lot of compliments on your chosen tattoo + everyone will want to know the meaning behind it. If you want to browse through some gorgeous options and you want to find your next tattoo inspiration, keep on reading!

1. Black Butterfly Arm Tattoo

This black monarch butterfly tattoo is a symbol of constant power and dominance. If you’re growing and exploring new things in life + you’re always willing to transform and learn your lesson – this tattoo will symbolize that.

2. Warrior Arm Tattoo For Guys

Show that you’re a warrior and someone who loves to stand out with this gorgeous arm and shoulder design. It is going to look amazing on guys who work out.

3. Weapon Arm Tattoo

If you’re a dominant guy who loves to show his true strength – this tattoo is for you. Show your guns to the world with this cool arm and forearm tattoo. You can also check out AK-47 tattoos we shared previously.

4. Artsy Arm Tattoo For Men

Are you an artsy guy? Do you enjoy elegant tattoos? If you fully trust your tattoo artist and you’re on the lookout for something new and modern (as well as personal), give this a go.

5. Wolf Arm Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are often a sign of power, dominance & mysteriousness. If you are a natural-born leader – this is for you.

6. 3D Arm Tattoo For Guys

Guys who love cool and mysterious tattoos (or even Ancient mythology and Greek mythology), this is for you. Show off this gorgeous black-and-white piece of 3D tattoo art everywhere you go.

7. Sleeve Arm Tattoo For Guys

This giant arm tattoo is for guys who love dominance & creativity. Show that you’re all about definition, bold prints & tattoos that show power!

8. Clown Arm Tattoo

These masks can symbolize your true feelings or how sometimes you may feel lost in life or in the dark. If you believe that you have phases in life – show it with this tattoo.

9. Black Ghost Arm Tattoo

Small, simple, cute & seamless – this ghost tattoo is for those who enjoy cute, quick & easy tattoo ideas. It can also show that you’re a bit lost in life, yet that you know your own path.

10. Geometrical Arm Tattoo

This cool geometrical tattoo will show your love for patterns. Show that you’re all about creativity and try this color combo.

11. Creative Arm Tattoo

Do you enjoy magical tattoos and nature? This colorful & crazy mushroom tattoo shows that you love to connect with your higher self at all times.

12. Geometrical Arm Tattoo

Some guys love geometrical and creative prints. Do you? This tattoo goes to show your love for precision and balance in life.

13. Fun Dog Arm Tattoo For Guys

Do you love your furry little pal? If you have a dog that you want to show to the world – this tattoo is for you.

14. Candle Arm Tattoo

This candle tattoo can symbolize that you’re aware of your life & everything surrounding you. Show that you know that time is passing by and that you’re loving every minute of your life with this tattoo.

15. Anime Arm Tattoo For Guys

Do you love Naruto? If you are a fan of anime or cartoons in general, why not go for your favorite character?

16. Colorful Bird Arm Tattoo

A colorful bird tattoo such as this one is going to show your love for mother nature and all the animals, as well as the flowers surrounding you.

17. Naruto Arm Tattoo

Another cool anime tattoo that you can go for. Make sure that you trust your tattoo artist before you commit to this print.

18. Lion Arm Tattoo

A big lion is a sign of power and dominance. Show that you’re the king of the jungle and that you know how to hold things under control with this cool design.

19. Artsy Leaf Arm Tattoo

Do you love big and colorful tattoos? This 3-D print art is for those who love mother nature! You can show patience and personal growth with this cool leaf design.

20. Deer Arm Tattoo

A deer symbolizes simplicity and a calm state in life. If you are a fan of animals and wildlife – this is for you.

21. Spider Arm Tattoo For Guys

Show that you know how to enjoy life and that you are always learning from it. Guys who handle things well and under control will like this stunning tattoo.

22. Black Santa Muerte Arm Tattoo

A big black Santa Muerte tattoo on your arm such as this one can take hours to do. Make sure that you have 6+ hours to spare before you commit to this tattoo.

23. Scorpio Arm Tattoo

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, why not show it to the world? This tattoo is for those who enjoy symbolism and cool dominant art.

24. Fish Arm Tattoo

A fish can symbolize a lot of things. Your calm approach, your life path & simplicity that you want to attract when going against the current. Sounds like you?

25. Cheetah Arm Tattoo

There’s a cheetah in all of us – isn’t there? If you love big and bold tattoos that are all about making a statement, why not get this cool tattoo?

26. Heart Arm Tattoo For Guys

A heart symbol stands for love & peacefulness. Dedicate it to someone special in your life and show them how much they mean to you.

27. Medusa Arm Tattoo

Lastly, if you want a Greek-inspired tattoo – here is a Medusa tattoo you should consider! This gorgeous piece will take you 2 hours to achieve and is a must-do for guys who love historical pieces.

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