Rib tattoos are a great way to make a bold statement with your ink. The ribcage provides a large canvas for intricate designs, making it a perfect spot for a tattoo that is both meaningful and visually striking. These tattoos can be easily hidden under clothing for a more subtle look, or proudly displayed when you’re ready to show them off. The placement of a rib tattoo also makes it a great spot for a larger piece that can be easily incorporated into a larger tattoo sleeve.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a collection of 30 rib tattoos for men that showcase the versatility of this tattoo placement. From traditional tribal designs to modern minimalist pieces, you’ll find a wide variety of styles and designs to inspire your next tattoo. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful symbol, a pop of color, or a bold black and white piece, this post has something for everyone. Additionally, we’ve included a variety of images to showcase how different designs look on different body types, to help you get a better idea of how the tattoo will look on you before getting it inked.

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We hope that this collection of rib tattoos for men will inspire you to create a unique and meaningful piece of art on your body. Remember, a tattoo is a permanent decision, so take your time to consider the design and the placement before you make your final choice.

1. Clock Rib Tattoo For Men


This clock and owl symbol will show that you’re well aware of time and how it is passing by.

2. Colorful Skull Rib Tattoo


Your next big skull tattoo can look extreme and dramatic. If you’re a fan of colorful pieces that celebrate life in their own unique way – this tattoo is for you.

3. Portrait Rib Tattoo


Try out a portrait design of someone who is important to you and in your life. They’re going to appreciate the thought and effort.

4. Wolf Rib Tattoo For Men


A wolf rib tattoo is a symbol of power and big energy. If you’re a dominant person and someone who likes empowering tattoos – this is for you.

5. Angel Rib Tattoo


Try out an angel tattoo design and show that you believe in faith and destiny, as well as that you have your own guardian angel.

6. Date Number Rib Tattoo


A significant and important number/date design is for those who wish to show true closeness to their most important people in a unique and sentimental way.

7. Eagle Rib Tattoo


An eagle symbol stands for your brave and bold spirit, as well as your will to transform in life and face any challenges that may come your way.

8. Two Birds Rib Tattoo For Men


This cool rib tattoo is for those who want to dedicate their love and show affection to their favorite person with a unique design.

9. Black Portrait Rib Tattoo


Portrait tattoos can hurt quite a lot, and they can be tricky to go for. If you can handle the pain and you trust your tattoo artist – this might be the right pick for you.

10. Simple Rib Tattoo


Sometimes and for some people, less is more! If you enjoy smaller tattoo ideas and you want an effortless design – this is for you (it is also super inexpensive to go for).

11. Sentimental Quote Rib Tattoo


Try out an important quote design and place it on top of your ribs. It can be anything you love – a book, song, movie – you name it!

12. Geometrical Rib Tattoo


Geometrical tattoo such as this one is a true masterpiece. Guys who want an unusual symbol that is fun and different should book this black ink tattoo.

13. Fun Rib Tattoo For Guys


Show that you’re done (or down) with your demons and that you know and understand all the beauties of life. If you have been through something serious and you’ve come out stronger than ever – this tattoo is for you.

14. Eagle Rib Tattoo For Men


An eagle tattoo on your ribs is a symbol of constant growth and power. Show that you know how to live life with this big and bold masterpiece.

15. Creative Rib Tattoo Design


If you’re an artsy person and someone who loves to create (write, act, sing, and play music), this rib design is for you.

16. Bright & Fun Rib Tattoo


Guys who love cartoons still to this day are going to appreciate this bright and colorful design. Show that you fancy vibrant symbols and that you’re all about exploring or experimenting with your new tattoo with this rib design.

17. Moon Rib Tattoo


Moon phases on top of your ribs will show that you appreciate a positive change and that you’re all about embracing new you and challenges that may come your way.

18. Hammer Rib Tattoo


This big hammer tattoo which is placed on top of your ribs symbolizes big strength and shows dominance in every given situation.

19. Shark Rib Tattoo


This cool shark rib tattoo is for those who enjoy wildlife and sea creatures. If you find them to be fascinating, this tattoo is a must-do in your case.

20. Black Ink Rib Tattoo


Such a masterpiece, don’t you agree?! This big and gorgeous rib tattoo is going to suit those who want to look dominant and different. Heads up since this tattoo is quite pricey to go for.

21. Scary Spider Rib Tattoo For Guys


Are you afraid of spiders? If you enjoy their big and scary presence, why not place them on your ribs? It will stand for your renewed spirit, as well as your positive approach toward any field that you may take in your life.

22. Red Wolf Rib Tattoo


A red wolf such as this one will stand for your dominant presence. Show that you’re an attention seeker and someone who likes to rule the world or situation with this rib tattoo.

23. Chinese Letters Rib Tattoo


Chinese lettering is a unique tattoo concept that not everyone will understand. If you want a tattoo that is only known and unique to you – try this out!

24. Girl Portrait Rib Tattoo


A unique portrait design that can look gorgeous over your entire rib and stomach area. If you enjoy big and black tattoo ideas that are dominant and true masterpieces – book this tattoo.

25. Flower Rib Tattoo


Those who love flowers and those who enjoy their softer side will love this Japanese cherry symbol. Show that you’re in tune with your emotions and get this gorgeous piece.

26. Forest Rib Tattoo


A tree tattoo symbolizes your life, renewal, and your current path where life may take you. Show that you’re ambitious and willing to “grow” by getting this cool image.

27. Lizard Rib Tattoo


This cool lizard tattoo is used to describe the new and intriguing path that you may be going through in your life. If you’re adaptable and quick on your feet, why not show it with this small lizard?!

28. Dark Angel Rib Tattoo


If you’re a religious person and you love to follow or practice religion in your one way, this angel symbol is for you.

29. Fun Lion Rib Tattoo For Men


There’s a lion in you, so why not show it to the world?! If you’re a fan of big and bold tattoos and you want to show your teeth to the world, give this cool and edgy print a go.

30. Cool Abstract Rib Tattoo


Lastly, guys who want an abstract tattoo or those who enjoy mysterious symbols are going to fancy this design. The rib placement is also the perfect option for it!

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