If you’re looking for your next above-the-knee tattoo, this is exactly where you need to be! Guys and girls can try out this specific placement but heads up before you give it a go, as knee tattoos can be quite painful. Book the best tattoo artist you know and only then commit to the process. Meanwhile, here are some tattoo ideas that you may want to try out.

Above The Knee Tattoos For Men

1. Stay Weird Above The Knee Tattoo


Remind yourself that you should always have fun, stay weird, and stay wild! It is such a fun and empowering tattoo to go for.

2. Number Above The Knee Tattoo


Do you have some specific numbers that mean a lot to you? Are you looking for a design that is big and bold? If you want a bold italic font – this is perfect.

3. Scar Above The Knee Tattoo


A scary scar such as this one can show that you’ve been through a struggle at one point in your life. If you’re ready to overcome it and if you feel like a true warrior, this tattoo can show it!

4. Funny Above The Knee Tattoo


Some guys have a unique sense of humor and way of joking about their problems. Does this apply to you? If you’ve ever had a drinking problem and you’re not afraid to show it or joke about it in your own way, this above-the-knee tattoo is for you.

5. Above The Knee Tattoo Snake Print


This cool and quirky little snake tattoo is for those who feel like they’ve escaped something in their life, or for guys who feel like they’ve avoided poison, and have learned their lessons afterward!

6. Animal Above The Knee Tattoo


Show your dominant and bold side with this giant and gorgeous lion design. If you love Greek mythology and ancient tattoo prints – this is for you!

7. Weird & Colorful Above The Knee Tattoo


Do you want a colorful tattoo? How about this gorgeous retro 3-D tattoo pattern? Show that you’re an artsy person and that you’re someone who loves to create new art with this design.

8. Tiger Above The Knee Tattoo


A tiger is often seen as a symbol of strength and renewal. If you want to look and feel reborn and you’re a little rebel yourself – this tattoo is going to suit you so well.

9. Mandala Above The Knee Tattoo


Mandala tattoos and mandala art is a unique way of doing tattoos. Those who enjoy creative and unique patterns are going to appreciate this tattoo above the knee.

10. Pink Flower Above The Knee Tattoo


This cute pink flower design is going to look so artsy and creative. If you enjoy elegant tattoos and you’re in tune with your soft side and your true emotions, this is for you.

11. Quote Above The Knee Tattoo


Show that you can succeed in life against all odds or anything that may be thrown your way.

12. Small Above The Knee Tattoo


If you’re an animal lover or a bird lover, try out this tattoo print. It symbolizes new paths and new experiences that you’re going to have.

13. Pokemon Above The Knee Tattoo


Some guys are Pokémon lovers even to this day. If you enjoy colorful and funny art, this is for you. Snorlax is also a bulletproof design that most people love and connect with.

Above The Knee Tattoos For Women

1. Heart Above The Knee Tattoo


Heart symbols will suit almost all of us! Women who love elegant tattoos will also fancy this cute heart symbol.

2. Colorful Mandala Above The Knee Tattoo


Mandala tattoos usually symbolize precision, definition, and a calm state of mind. If all of this applies to you, why not give this tattoo a go?

3. Black Butterfly Above The Knee Tattoo


Butterfly tattoos are commonly worn by women who love elegant ideas and stunning symbolic prints. If you trust your tattoo artist, why not commit to this cool print?

4. Blue Butterfly Above The Knee Tattoo


This blue butterfly will symbolize your calm side and relaxed approach toward life. If you enjoy feminine ideas and you are also as gentle as a butterfly, this tattoo is for you.

5. Golden Above The Knee Tattoo


This gorgeous masterpiece is going to look amazing above your knee. If you have time and money to get it, why not fully commit to this gorgeous design?

6. Monarch Butterfly Above The Knee Tattoo


Cool and colorful butterfly such as this one will symbolize your new chapter and fun that you can’t wait to have!

7. Black Ink Above The Knee Tattoo


Women who are afraid of needles are going to like this tattoo concept and its practicality (as well as affordability) the most.

8. Above The Knee Tattoo Butterfly


Show that you are ready to enjoy life and that you’re a fan of positive change that may come your way.

9. Above The Knee Tattoo Quotes


Do you have an important person on your mind? Dedicate them this tattoo and write out ”cause of you” to show your true intentions, care & love.

10. Black Ink Butterfly Above The Knee Tattoo


This dramatic & big tattoo will take you 4-5 hours to complete. If you fancy bigger tattoo ideas, this might suit you.

11. Abstract Art Above The Knee Tattoo


Your tattoo can have its own meaning and unique representation. If you want something that is unique to you and that only you can interpret, why not this?

12. Bug Above The Knee Tattoo


A lot of women are afraid of bugs and spiders. If you’re not or if you’ve overcome your fear, this print will show it to the world!

13. Rabbit Above The Knee Tattoo


This playful tattoo shows your love and closeness to someone who is important in your life. It is a gorgeous print that will symbolize your affection and your tight bond.

Ready for your new fierce tattoo?!

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