Are you a true American? If you’re from the US chances are that you might be intrigued by getting a tattoo that truly shows your intentions and your heritage. On the other end, those who simply love American culture and those who want to experiment with cool, bright, and different designs will also fancy this article. Here, we bring you some of the coolest and trendiest, as well as colorful black-and-white options that will intrigue you. Keep on reading and find your top pick!

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What Does An American Flag Tattoo Symbolize?
An American flag tattoo stands for positivity and bravery. It is a tattoo that represents freedom and justice, as well as your love for the country. This is a common tattoo for people who have fought or died serving America during the war. If you know of someone who is a hero, this print will suit you.

1. American Flag Tattoo On Back

Big, dominant, and colorful, this flag tattoo will look the best on guys who work out. If you enjoy shoulder or back tattoos and you want something new and different, this is it! The final print shows a person wanting to break out and break free, wanting to show their skin and true colors to the world.

2. American Flag Shoulder Tattoo

This giant arm or shoulder tattoo is for guys who love big and flashy pieces. If you work out and you’re a fan of attention-seeking designs that have their own story to tell, this is it! Make sure that you have a couple of hours to spare when it comes to this big and dominant piece.

3. Big & Colorful American Flag Tattoo

The colors of this tattoo are so bright and vibrant, don’t you agree? If you’re a fan of big and loud ideas and you fully trust your tattoo artist, why not go all out with this design? This shoulder half-sleeve concept will look the best on men with broad shoulders. Heads up since this is a pricey tattoo, not that easy to pull off if you’re on a budget. The final design shows a person who knows how to get what they deserve in life, just like true Americans do.

4. Skull American Flag Tattoo

You can go for a different route when it comes to your next tattoo. This American flag and skull duo is for those who feel a little bit devilish and for those who enjoy tattoos that can have dual meanings. This print will look amazing on your calf, and it can suit both men and women.

5. Eagle American Flag Tattoo

An eagle is a true and typical American symbol, often used by a lot of people who want to say they’re American without showing it or showcasing it in an obvious way. If you’re an animal lover (or a bird lover in particular) and you enjoy colorful and wild ideas, this concept will suit you. Go for a pair of eyes on top of the blue and red canvas to showcase your true American stand!

6. Small Chest American Flag Tattoo

A simple American flag such as this one is going to look the best on guys who fancy big and masculine ideas. If you work out and you’re a fan of your chest + intriguing art and attention to detail speak to you in the loudest way possible – this is the one!

7. Cool Bat American Flag Tattoo

Bat wings and this cool artsy back design is for those who love cartoons and are still somewhat childish in their hearts. If you love different and unique ideas + you’re looking for a tattoo that can represent your love for Batman and the US – this duo has it all. Show it off knowing that it is a masterpiece.

8. Blue Eagle American Flag Tattoo Design

If your favorite color is blue your chosen American flag can have mostly blue tint on top. Why stick to the old-school way of doing your design, right? Well, this tattoo might look the best on true Americans who don’t mind sharing their stands and their options with people around them.

9. Ripped American Flag Tattoo

This red and blue American flag is very realistic-looking. Make sure that you consider this split and ripped detail if you enjoy details and properly shaded tattoos. Those who trust their tattoo artist and want their inner personality to show through and come through will enjoy this arm design. It will take you 3-4 hours to get it done.

10. Skull American Flag Tattoo On Calf

Those who love artsy and original tattoos will fancy this style. If you’re someone who has a lot to say but prefers to do it in your own way, this tattoo will suit you. Show your teeth where needed and just know that you’re going to be one of a few with this American flag concept in mind.

11. American Flag Tattoo For Guys

A skull wrapped around the flag shows a person who has been through a lot and has fought for his or her country. If you want a dominant, bold, and unique design, this will speak to you! Make sure that you want to express where you truly stand with your tattoo before doing it in such giant and bold formats.

12. American Flag Tattoo Thin Chest Design

Subtle, small, and simple, this American flag chest tattoo is for those who prefer minimalism over other big and bold tattoos. If you are someone who loves the US but you don’t need the whole world to know it or see it, this tattoo and its placement will suit you. No reason to show off the design, you know what and how much it means to you.

13. Minimalism American Flag Tattoo

Small, cute, and simple, this American flag tattoo is for those who want a cute design that doesn’t demand a lot of attention or even space to work with. Most women will enjoy this tattoo since it is so cute and simple, making it a must-do for those who are on a budget or simply those who are so secretive when it comes to their next design and beliefs.

14. Rose American Flag Tattoo

Cute and bold, this US flag and rose tattoo duo is for men or women who are sensitive and they have deeper emotions toward their country or personal beliefs. If you want a trendy tattoo that is also chic and quite different, this rose is the one!

15. Bold American Flag Tattoo

Did you know that the flag’s 13 alternating red and white stripes represent the 13 original colonies? Such a fun piece of information that you can share when talking about your tattoo.

16. American Flag Tattoo On Back

Try out this gorgeous back tattoo if you love masculine pieces and if you want a fun design that others aren’t going to have.

17. Freedom Isn’t Free American Flag Tattoo

Let the world know that your American flag tattoo is all about expressing and enjoying freedom in its purest and fullest form!

18. We The People American Flag Tattoo

‘We The People’ is the most famous and popular quote which you can (and should) pair along with your American flag tattoo.

19. American Flag Tattoo Bicep Design

When you take a close look at the US flag, you will spot 50 stars. These fifty white stars on a blue field represent the 50 states that America has.

20. Eagle American Flag Tattoo

Did you know that an eagle symbolizes the strength and freedom of America? It is the most common go-to design that people love to pair with their patriotic flag.

21. Ripped American Flag Tattoo

If you are or if you were a soldier for the US Army, this tattoo is perfect for you! Show how you fought and how your skin and all of its layers are made of red, white, and blue!

22. Big Shoulder American Flag Tattoo

Guys who love their arms and those who work out are going to enjoy this big bicep tattoo.

23. Cool Neck American Flag Tattoo

Heads up as neck tattoos can be a bit tricky to do, as well as painful. Only commit to this tattoo if your job allows you to wear flashy pieces.

24. Big Detailed American Flag Tattoo

Go for the American flag design and a bird duo. Bald eagles symbolize equilibrium and stability, which is what you as a proud American should be all about.

25. American Flag Tattoo On Leg

This is a cool leg tattoo that is not too pricey or hard to do. If you enjoy mysterious and mystical tattoos – we can vouch for this beauty.

26. Red And Blue American Flag Tattoo

Let the colors melt together and try out this gorgeous red and blue duo. Anyone who loves bright art will fancy this tattoo.

27. American Flag Tattoo We The People Quote

“We the People” is the opening phrase of the Preamble to the United States Constitution, which is what makes it an appealing and popular tattoo to explore. If you are a true American, this is for you!

28. American Flag Tattoo American Eagle

Did you know that the American flag has stood as a symbol of freedom and justice for over 225 years? If you are a history lover and fanatic, this tattoo is for you!

29. Big Shoulder American Flag Tattoo For Guys

If you are a religious person and a patriot, we recommend that you book this tattoo and place it all over your shoulder.

30. American Flag Tattoo Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a symbol of strength and resilience. Show that you know how powerful your country is, and that you feel safe where you live!

31. American Flag Tattoo Heart Design

This gorgeous pair of wings is an amazing tattoo for anyone who is in love or is considering getting a matching tattoo with their closest ones.

32. Dramatic American Flag Tattoo

You should book a skilled tattoo artist when it comes to this 3D tattoo art. It is a tricky tattoo, yet something worth exploring.

33. American Flag Tattoo On Chest

Go for this chest and bicep duo if you prefer big and dramatic tattoos. The final result will show your love for the USA.

34. Sleeve American Flag Tattoo Design

This gorgeous sleeve tattoo is going to take hours and hours to complete. You’re looking at 20+ hours of consistent work.

35. Funny American Flag Tattoo

If Mickey Mouse was your favorite cartoon while growing up, why not get this tattoo? It is going to show your love for your country but with a humoristic twist.

36. Black And White American Flag Tattoo

For those who are into simplicity and more affordable designs, this shoulder tattoo is the one! It is not too hard to do either.

37. Baseball American Flag Tattoo

Show that you love the USA, baseball, as well as everything that your country has to offer! This tattoo is going to look amazing on guys who work out.

38. US Navy American Flag Tattoo

Guys who were in the military are going to like this tattoo the most. It is fun and quirky, while still being done in a true American spirit.

39. Bird And American Flag Tattoo

Let your eagle come through the US flag to show your stubbornness and resilience as a true American!

40. Bicep American Flag Tattoo Design

Guys who love bigger tattoos and guys who work out are going to fall in love with this ripped design.

41. US Eagle American Flag Tattoo

Men who are in their forties might gravitate the most toward this design.

42. Marine American Flag Tattoo

Let the world know that family comes first and that you are a proud US citizen who believes in the greater good!

43. American Flag Tattoo On Chest

Lastly, try out this ”We The People” tattoo and stick to black monochrome ink. The message will still come out very clearly and loudly.

Time For A New Tattoo
Are you ready to rock your new and favorite design? Are you interested in big or small tattoos? We have it all! Let us know which one is your top pick, we can’t wait to see what you fancy.

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