444 tattoos are spiritual tattoos that can have meaningful and deeper symbolism. They are often seen and thought of being angel numbers, as well as designs that can bring great wealth, health, and positivity to the wearer. These are not as popular, meaning that you’re going to be one of a few to have them. If you’re looking for some cool tattoos and if you want to explore your options, keep on reading and find the next best design below.

1. 444 Tattoo On Arm


Cute, simple, and straightforward, this tattoo is going to look amazing on your forearm. If you enjoy black tattoos and straightforward pieces, this is for you.

2. Small 444 Tattoo


A 444 tattoo such as this one is going to suit those who are true minimalists, as well as those who are afraid of the tattooing process. If you like and prefer simpler tattoos and if you’re a fan of quick and easy-to-do tattoos, this is for you.

3. Feminine 444 Tattoo


A 444 tattoo such as this one might suit women quite well. If you like feminine pieces and you also have one more tattoo that you want to pair along with it, this is for you.

4. 444 Tattoo On Neck


Try out this gorgeous and lovely 444 tattoo on your neck. It is a big piece, yet a tattoo worth exploring if you enjoy showy pieces. Guys who enjoy dramatic and big designs, as well as those who can rock a fierce tattoo even at their jobs, should give this a go.

5. 444 Tattoo On Ribs


Small rib tattoo such as this one is for women who like sexy pieces. If you are not afraid of the needle and the tattooing process, and if your pain tolerance level is quite high, this is for you!

6. Under Boob 444 Tattoo


Under-boob tattoos are quite sexy. This design is for those women who enjoy attention, as well as women who live for sexy pieces. Not everyone has to see your tattoo, which is another beauty of it all.

7. Chest 444 Tattoo


Why not spice up your tattoo with bold and bright red ink? This design is very fun and bold, as well as sexy. Make sure that you can handle the tattooing process since this design is very painful, along with its placement.

8. Red 444 Tattoo


Show that you’re a firm believer in big and important signs with this neck tattoo. If you have 2 hours to spare you’re going to enjoy this design and its overall look.

9. Leg 444 Tattoo


A leg tattoo such as this one is very dominant and bold. It is also straightforward and it represents your feisty and bold side. If you’re a natural warrior and someone who believes in power-embracing symbols, why not give this a go?

10. Thigh 444 Tattoo


A big and giant thigh tattoo such as this one is perfect for guys who work out. If you enjoy big and flashy tattoo ideas and if you’re a fan of fierce tattoos, this is for you.

11. Butterfly 444 Tattoo


A soft butterfly tattoo such as this one will symbolize your inner peace and elegance. If you’re a fan of life itself and renewal and you love to show it to the world, show it with this tattoo!

12. Cute Red 444 Tattoo


Cute, feminine, and playful, this tattoo is for women who enjoy minimalism tattoos. It will take you less than an hour to achieve this gorgeous print. Do you want to give it a go?

13. Simple 444 Tattoo Design


A forearm tattoo such as this one is going to suit both men and women. If you enjoy smaller ideas and if you love hidden tattoos this little upper arm gem will suit you.

14. Palm 444 Tattoo


Palm tattoos can be quite tricky to do since they’re quite painful. If you can handle the tattooing process and you want something that will attract a lot of attention, this is for you!

15. Black Ink 444 Tattoo


Thick black ink and this giant tattoo are for those who want to stand out with their chosen design. If you enjoy big and bold tattoos and if you fully trust your tattoo artist, why not give this a go?

16. Elegant 444 Tattoo


Pair a butterfly tattoo with your 444 design and show off the beauty everywhere you go. If you enjoy elegant tattoos and if you’re a fan of deeper meanings this creation will suit you.

17. 444 Tattoo Red Ink


This cute red forearm tattoo is for women who enjoy elegance and sexy ideas. If you’re a fan of subtle colors and you like to experiment with your tattoos, why not book this design? It won’t take you too much time to do and it isn’t too pricey either.

18. 444 Tattoo For Women


This cute tattoo on your forearm is going to look amazing on both genders. It is a subtle idea that will take you around 2 hours to do.

19. Black Tattoo 444 Design


Black, bold and elegant, this 444 tattoo is for men or women who like defined lines. If you want a cool forearm tattoo, we highly recommend this beauty!

20. Collarbone 444 Tattoo


Lastly, this gorgeous and hidden sexy piece is for women who enjoy cute tattoos. If you’re a fan of somewhat hidden tattoos and you want something that others don’t have, this is it!

444 symbolism and meaning

There are many meanings and symbolism associated with the number 4 in different cultures.

In numerology, four is considered the number of balance in your life. It symbolizes honesty, hard work and self-discipline. The number four also represents birth, beginnings and endings. So 444 is associated with stability and is considered a solid foundation. It also represents practicality, earthiness and common sense. It symbolizes the four elements of the universe: fire, water, air and earth.

Angel number 444 is often seen as a sign of guidance and protection. This is because it’s easy to interpret the number 4 as standing for the word ‘for’ and the number 4 as standing for ‘the’. When you add those two numbers together, you get 444 (for+the), which means “for the”. This could mean that your guardian angels are guiding you towards something specific, or that they are protecting you from something.

Another way you can interpret 444 is by looking at its components: 4 + 4 + 4 = 12. There are 12 months in a year, so this could mean that your guardian angels are watching over you every month of the year!

You may also see 444 on clocks or watches when you look at them quickly, especially if they have been running slow or fast recently. This can indicate that your guardian angel is present with you at all times – even when they aren’t physically visible!

In Chinese culture, the number four is considered unlucky. In ancient Egypt, it was thought to be a sacred number and associated with life after death. The Hindus believe that four is a holy number and that it represents the creation of the world.

There are many other meanings and symbols associated with this number, but they all relate back to the idea that 4 is an important number in many cultures around the world.

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